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How RepairShopr Data Migration Goes

Our automated migration service greenlights you import and export records in a few simple steps. However, if you have distinct requirements or a unique data structure, feel free to go with a custom method.

Step 1. Connect your source help desk systems with your future help desk systems

Step 2. Choose the records you’d want to migrate

Step 3. Ensure whether data fields in both help desk systems fixed. Make the demanded alterations if they don’t

Step 4. Preview the results by starting Free Demo Migration

Step 5. If the migration is fine to you, proceed with Full Data Migration

Congrats, you’ve just completed your RepairShopr data migration. So now you can start running your help desk from a expected solution.

Step 1. Contact our experts for a personalized data migration

Step 2. Let our specialists adjust the data migration to your business data structure

Step 3. Perform Demo Migration to see what your historic records will be after the migration

Step 4. If everything is fine, proceed your Full Data Migration

Congratulations on your successful RepairShopr data migration! Now, you can put to good use the capabilities of your expected solution.

Why Help Desk Migration Is the Great Way for Your RepairShopr Migration

Run RepairShopr import in a quick and secure manner

Our automated migration service delivers a powerful solution, whether you’re importing your help desk operations from or to RepairShopr. With just a few clicks, your help desk system will be ready to perform on a desired solution — no need to suffer any interruption!

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Move your help desk data safely

The Migration Wizard will take care of your data security during all phases of the migration process. We offer maximum business data defence incorporating proven procedures, along with regulatory compliance, accepted server safekeeping, and frequent security checks.

Apply a performant migration solution

With multiple goal-achieved data migrations performed by us, Help Desk migration service has earned many service-related awards and gratifying feedback. And our goal of value does not cease there. Since our mission is to encompass most of your data import inquirements, we keep refining our service and oftentimes increase it with neat features.

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Benefit from extended data mapping capabilities

Help Desk Migration tool will spare you from copypasting business data or adding missing fields at the time of RepairShopr migration. So now you can map standard and custom ticket fields, or otherwise transform your data migration right away our migration service. You get to preserve the structure of your support service data with minor job.

Start migration avoiding time-out

Exclude the promises of abandoning your users forgotten by scheduling your data migration during the least busy hours. Put away downtime altogether with the Delta migration opportunity that migrates customer support data since the latest changes. By migrating customer support data at first and then importing the latest changes, it will let you to run your existing help desk during help desk software import.

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Let Help Desk Migration support pros help you

Are you fighting difficulties with your RepairShopr data migration? Help Desk Migration customer support team is ready to aid you with any obstacles. With multiple familiarity importing data, our representatives are well-skilled to ensure a successful migration of your business data.

What Data Types Can You Import to and from RepairShopr Automatedly?

With Help Desk Migration app, you can with ease import significant amount of various data types to or from RepairShopr. Examine the details of records you can import applying automated tool without any assistance from tech support team.

Do you have peculiar RepairShopr import demands?

Schedule a call and tell us about a customized data import.

Help Desk entities

  • Users
  • Customers
  • Tickets
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for RepairShopr data migration

Prepare for RepairShopr data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

What is the RepairShopr data migration price?

Your RepairShopr data switch cost build upon the following points: data volume, the features you’ll require, customizations you’ll use, and data switch complexity. Run a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard work and figure out how much your data transfer will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

How do we secure your records during RepairShopr import?

We make import fast and simple for you and, at the same time, spotlight business data security by committing to the leading security standards.

2FA access

Eliminate intruders from accessing your records with our 2FA security feature. You’ll get a code on your mobile phone every time you try to log in to Migration Wizard.

3-layer business data protection

Help Desk Migration delivers 3 levels of records protection. At the physical level, we cover our data hosting facilities from any attacks. At the app layer, we forbid any illegal access to your data on our platform. And, finally, on the network layer, we protect our networks from digital attacks.


Help Desk Migration corresponds to top security levels, ensuring maximum protection for your data. We are compliant with HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other crucial data protection levels. And our broad compliance list is getting extended.

Your review inspires the Help Desk Migration team

Complete RepairShopr Migration in a Few Hits

Import your records from or to RepairShopr with ease and without disarranging your highest mission of setting right your customers’ requests.
Start data migration

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