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How Does Kustomer to Gorgias Data Migration Perform?

You can run records import in five simple steps, applying our automated migration app. However, if you have unique requirements or a unique data structure, feel free to choose a custom way.

Step 1. Start by connecting your Kustomer and Gorgias systems

Step 2. Pick the information you want to import from Kustomer to Gorgias or vice versa

Step 3. Ensure the data fields placed and fix up if demanded

Step 4. Initiate a Free Demo Migration to test how the data will look after the export

Step 5. If everything is great, go the Full Data Migration

That’s it! Are you searching to import your customer support data from Kustomer to Gorgias? Go with our automated Migration Wizard to spare time and resources without damaging value.

Step 1. Contact our service team to initiate working on custom migration

Step 2. Let our team of professionals lead you through your personalized data migration

Step 3. Carry out Demo Migration to look at what your data will be after the migration

Step 4. Move ahead Full Data Migration if a new setup is good to you

Does your Kustomer to Gorgias migration case demand a distinct requirements? No worries. Our professional support reps is ready to help you in every stage of the migration.

Help Desk Migration Makes the Kustomer to Gorgias Import and Export Easy and Painless

Don’t greenlight data migration to lead away you from your work

Our automated migration service delivers a productive tool, whether you’re migrating your help desk operations from Kustomer to Gorgias. With just a couple of clicks, your help desk platform will be ready to work on a chosen platform — no need to bear any break!

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Data migration with confidence

Our Migration Wizard ensures your data is safe throughout the migration process. To guarantee the utmost guard of your records whether they are in migration or at rest, we apply established practices. Here is encompassed running frequent security audits, reserving our servers protected, following several commands, and more.

Use the migration service that customers praise

With numerous successful migrations under our belt, Help Desk migration service has earned many service-associated awards and gratifying reviews. And our goal of high quality does not cease there. Since Help Desk Migration's goal is to take in all your data migration requirements, we remain developing our solution and regularly add to it with fresh capabilities.

Mapping fields window

Apply clear mapping to deal with your most complex needs

Our service will spare you from copy-pasting business data or setting absent data types throughout Kustomer to Gorgias migration. So you can map regular and custom ticket fields, or otherwise modify your data migration right in our Migration Wizard. This will preserve the starting system of your data simply on your part.

Choose a convenient time for data migration

Start by the help desk migration anytime it fits into your business processes. Start by moving historical records and continue with move ahead to the Delta opportunity to import your most recently updated records. Then, relax and empower our solution do the rest.

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Contact to our tech-savvy support agents

Are you having difficulties with your Supported Platform migration? Our service team is all set to work with you with any setbacks. With plenty of successful data migration expertise, they can fin a solution to any issue related to your customer support migration or even present help along the entire data migration.

What Kind of Entities Can You Migrate from Kustomer to Gorgias ?

With our Migration Wizard, you can with no bother import or export massive amount of diverse records entities to or from Kustomer to Gorgias. Here’s the details of record types you can migrate applying automated tool by yourself from tech service reps.

Do you need nonstandard Kustomer to Gorgias import needs?

Let's discuss your requirements for a custom data migration.

Kustomer objects Gorgias objects
Help Desk
Users Agents
Customers Customers
Conversations Tickets
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Gorgias data migration

Prepare for Gorgias data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Boost Your Kustomer to Gorgias Move with These Features

Migrate content versions of your help center

Take your multilingual knowledge base to your target help desk system easily! Apply our “Migrate content translations” functionality and transfe translated language versions of each article automatedly.

Bypass attachments

Does your new help desk solution offer limited data storage? Bypass attachments, specially if your current data drop none of its value without them. The migration time will go down greatly.

Choose a extra tag to the imported tickets

Add extra tags to the moved tickets — in such a way, you won’t mistake them with those existing. You may further classify the tickets by adding tags like ‘lost,’ ‘closed,’ or ‘stop replying.’

Migrate inline images as attachments

Export the images embedded into tickets as attachments. The migration time might take more time, but the images will never disappear along with the source a targeted customer service tool.

Test drive our Demo with custom records by moving 20 entities

Avoid any guessing. Make sure you recognize absolutely how the entities will look like at the end of you’ve imported them. Help Desk Migration’s Demo with custom data lets you pick 20 entities for a test transfer.

Transfer newest records first

Choose this castomization to transfer your newest records in a chronological order, from most recent to oldest. This out-of-the-box capability is exclusive to Full Migrations.

How much does Kustomer to Gorgias data migration cost?

How much will you need to invest in the switch from Kustomer to Gorgias? The price will largely build upon the business data volume you need to move, the complexity of your specifications, and the options you’ll use or custom work you’ll inquire. Run a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard performance and figure out how much your migration will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Your Help Desk Data Import or Export is Protected at Each and Every Stage

Help Desk Migration app offers every migration features without damaging on safety. We commit to the fresh standards, make constant advancements, and unfailingly audit all systems.

We apply a stringent 2FA authentication policy

Help Desk Migration Wizard shields your business data from illegal getting access with 2FA authentication. On top of that, users can only export Kustomer data if they ​​possess admin rights. Linked, these safeguards avoid the dangers of data leak.

We use 3-layer

Help Desk Migration comes with three layers of data security. At the physical level, we safeguard our hosting equipment from logical and physical intrusion. At the app layer, we forbid any prohibited entry to your records on our platform. And, finally, on the network level, we protect our networks against cyber attacks.

Compliance with safety fundamentals

We secure your data based on all integral security standards. Help Desk Migration service carries an extended portfolio of compliance, and we keep enlarging it. Nowadays, we meet the demands and requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data security principles.

Feedback inspires us improve our solution: Several thoughts from Help Desk Migration clients

All-packed Kustomer to Gorgias Migration in a Couple Clicks

Migrate your data from Kustomer to Gorgias simply with no disarranging from what actually matters — setting right your customers’ matters. Our Wizard manages all the work behind the scenes while you simply enjoy applying your chosen platform.
Start data migration

More information about data import

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