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How To Export Tickets From Zendesk?

If you ever wondered how to export tickets from Zendesk, then you aren’t the only one. There’s no denying, Zendesk is a great platform that has some of the best ticketing features in the industry. However, what we didn’t expect from the company is that fact that in order to export your data to a new system, you need a higher plan.

This an interesting turn of events for us but since we specialize in migration, we won't go without a fight. And this is precisely what we are going to talk about today. In this article, we will be exploring all possible ways how you can export a ticket from Zendesk. Are you ready? Good, let’s gets started then!

Exporting — The Conventional Way

There is only one way you can export ticket info from views in Zendesk and it requires you to have the Professional or Enterprise tariff plans for you to even start. So, in case you are using the starter plan, you need to upgrade if you want to continue working with that information.

Ok, so in case you have the Professional plan, you first need to enable data export. Assuming you are the administrator, you need to head over to the support section of the tool and send a request using this email support@zendesk.com. Yes, we know its suboptimal but that’s just how Zendesk operates. Once you’ve received the confirmation, you then need to go to the export tab.

Once there, you can pick from three formats such as CSV, JSON, XML respectively. In most cases, the type of format doesn’t really matter but as a rule of thumb, we suggest you export all three of them in case you want to import them in the future. But do keep in mind that you can only perform one export at a time.

Once you have done picking what fields you want to move, its time you hit the export button. This will prompt a process that can take a while to finish but thankfully you will get notified via email once the file is ready. At the end of the “baking” process, you will get a link to the file (it’s available only three days). The file is practically the same as the one you export ticket info from views Zendesk API so no worries here.

Exporting — The Easy Way

Alright, now that you know how to move your stuff the traditional way, it’s time we answer the “how to export tickets from Zendesk the easy way” question. While you still can’t bypass the paywall, you can accelerate the whole process using our wizard. You see, unlike the conventional way, our tool communicates directly with the API system. This results in a significantly faster export process.

Moreover, with our tool, you can even prepare the file to move to the next platform using the preparation feature. And in case you are wondering, yes, with our tool you can move your data to whatever platform you like. Be it Zendesk to Freshdesk or Kayako, you can move things whenever you like. Also as an added bonus, we can do it the other way around. Essentially, you can move your data from an email such as Outlook or Gmail (which doesn’t support exports in CSV by the way) directly to the target platform.

Potential Caveats

Alright, now that we covered all the methods you can use, it’s time you learn about potential issues that might occur during the process. First off, data corruption. This is the plague of the Internet and nobody is secured when it comes to it. Even the most tested, most corrupt-proof system can destroy all your information in an instant.

We suggest you don’t tamper with the file in any way and make multiple backups. And you don’t even need to export them twice, just make a copy of the same file and upload it to some cloud storage. We already stated this but make sure that you export in all possible formats as for instance, you cannot edit CSVs, meaning that you won’t always be able to covert the exact same file into something else.


So that about wraps things up for our Zendesk export guide. As you can see, there are two ways you can move your data from one thing to another. Both tools require you to have an Enterprise level account and its a matter of preference when it comes to how you do it. If you want to poke around on your own then power to you but if that is not your cup of tea, you can give our tool a try. We have a free trial option that will let you test the system beforehand. But for now, that’s all. Good luck with your export endeavors.

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