Enterprise Help Desk Migration Made Easy

Forget about putting up with a long data migration process, customer service downtime, tech legwork, or missed business opportunities.

Take advantage of the Help Desk Migration service for enterprises to run a smarter, more secure help desk transfer to the platforms of your choice. Let us do all the heavy lifting and migrate your data automatically and quickly.

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Enterprise Help Desk Migration Made Easy
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Enhanced data migration

You can’t buy time. Every business knows the bitter cost of service time-out and lost deals and opportunities during help desk data migration.

  • Seamless and intuitive onboarding geared at non-tech users
  • Out-of-the-box field mapping of default and custom fields available on, both Source and Target
  • Schedule a convenient date and time for migration to avoid disruptions
  • Ten days for data re-migration in case your requirements change
  • No more duplicates with Delta Migration: newly created or updated records are moved to the Target
Enhanced enterprise data migration
Doing the job for your data safety

Doing the job for your data safety

At Help Desk Migration, we follow the SaaS security standards to safeguard your data.

  • We follow the data retention policy and do not store client passwords
  • Production environment protection covers: public/private key exchange instead of passwords to access servers, two-factor authentication for the admin panel, strict firewall configuration, and so on
  • Our entire infrastructure is located in Germany and hosted by Hetzner Online. We install and manage all data silos within this infrastructure, except for backup copies stored using AWS S3
  • Protection of data in transit and at rest is heavily secured with firewalls, anti-DDoS safeguards, and regular network posture assessments
  • Our extensive portfolio of compliances is constantly updated and expanded. At this point, we adhere to HIPAA, EU GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and PCI DSS

Responsive and qualified customer support

Our customer support team works hard to ensure that your migration experience won’t become a go-with-the-flow roller coaster.

  • We have ready-made and constantly updated data migration checklists and other guides with troubleshooting tips
  • Support reps and account managers are ready to help you out before, during, and after your record migration process
  • Our support reps will give you a list of the most popular customization options for your data switch, so you won’t have to search any further
  • The support team will also be happy to guide you through the best options fitting your requirements
  • Contact our experts for a live guided Demo Migration – and get your records imported in the right way
Responsive and qualified customer support

Custom Services

Migrate Account and Contact custom fields
Migrate additional phone numbers or emails for contacts
Migrate the original Source ticket ID into the subject of the ticket
Assign tickets with “Open” status to group only, not to the agent
Migrate emails of CC users into a text or multi-line custom field, or private comment, or the first private note
Add information to the migrated data (i.e., mark tickets with extra tags, add legacy ticket ID to the ticket subject)
Migrate the information from the integrations (i.e., migrate linked Jira task ID or URL)
Filter help desk data by different criteria (i.e., creation date, tags, custom fields, groups, organizations, assignees)
Change the default migration process (i.e., migrate change and problem objects as tickets, ticket events as private notes, the information related to inactive users)


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What’s Included in the Enterprise Help Desk Migration Service

Dedicated secure local AWS server

Dedicated secure local AWS server

Every country has its specific demands for customer and business data management. Help Desk Migration can provide a dedicated secure AWS server located in your country or state.

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Hippa Iso-iec Eu-gdpr Pci-dss

With our automated service, you don't need coding skills or specific knowledge to migrate your help desk records. Migration Wizard will take you through a few quick steps to set up your data migration.

Migration Wizard preserves the relations between the migrated customer service data. Apart from custom field migration, you can customize your help desk switch and migrate call recordings, event dates, or language versions of your knowledge base content.

Don’t disappoint your clients with customer support downtime. You can transfer your records without service glitches. The data newly created or changed during this time can be updated through Delta Migration.

All business data has to comply with privacy and security regulations. Would you like to leave behind the tickets closed two years ago or some records associated with a particular project or agent? We’ll help you sort your data in line with your requirements before transferring it to a new help desk platform.

Is your source or target help desk platform not on our supported platforms list? No worries — contact our support team to discuss your enterprise data migration between your customer service systems.

Do you have any questions or issues during data migration? Our talented support agents take your requests – by email, live chat, or phone call – as the top priority. Be sure to check out our hours of operations and response times to avoid any misunderstandings.

Setting up your new help desk app is not rocket science but still an essential part of enterprise data migration. The Help Desk Migration team will guide you on every stage to get the process tailored to your needs.

You might need to merge your help desk instances or transfer data from several instances to a new single platform. Help Desk Migration will make the record transfer process fast and secure.

Enterprise help desk migration is easier than you think – if you switch you switch your records with Help Desk Migration. Let’s discuss your migration
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