Migrating data as an enterprise can be easy

From large help desk migrations to complex multi-workload projects, Help Desk Migration has you covered.

Enterprise migrations come with a unique set of requirements. Whether you're taking the first step towards a new help desk or combining existing help desk databases, we have the people, process, and technology to ensure your project is a success.

    With the HDM service, you will:

  • Save your team's time
  • Keep up with your normal workflow
  • Have your records transferred by data professionals

Leave all the work, from data migration setup to its qualitative result to the HDM service

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A lot of companies from different corners of the world use
HDM service to migrate their data:

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Experience the power of data masterminds behind you

With more than 4 years of experience, 10,000 satisfied customers, and 600,000,000 migrated records, the HDM service knows exactly how to transform the challenging process of data migration into an effortless and successful experience for you.

Rely on the HDM data masterminds and benefit from the smooth migration of your records from your current help desk to a new one.

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Take advantage of migrating your data with the HDM service

Maintain structure and integrity of your data

  • Preserve your data structure after migrating to a new platform
  • Be sure of the reliability of your data after the transfer
  • Maintain the integrity of your old data on your new help desk

Having a smooth transition from our old CRM to our new ticketing system. Maintaining our old data accessible for our CS agents.

Gauthier Escorbiac
Gauthier Escorbiac Supervisor of Customer Service at Thule group

I was especially concerned about security, HDM described their approach and I was impressed with how well thought out their process was and how respectful they were of their customer's data.

Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson VP Operations at Health, Wellness and Fitness

Keep your records secure

  • Meet compliance needs and regulatory requirements like EU GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Keep your data protected on physical, network, and application security layers
  • Benefit from 2FA and User Activity Monitoring.
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Customize the migration as you wish

  • Customize the data migration process according to your needs
  • Maintain maximum compatibility between the custom fields of your current and new help desk
  • Discuss your specific wishes concerning the peculiarities of data migration

I needed to find a tool that could migrate ~3,000 customers and ~7,000 tickets with comments from a previous CRM/Ticketing system into our existing Zendesk instance. I couldn’t be happier with the support I received, the ease of use with the tool, and the results of the final product.

Brad Harris
Brad Harris Senior Manager and Global Product Support at Red Digital Cinema

Integration with our existing product would be lengthy and time-consuming and push our project out by weeks, maybe months. With the Help Desk Migration team, we were able to accomplish this in under a week!

Leanna N.
Leanna N. Customer Operations and Communications Manager at Consumer Goods

No need to overshadow your work

  • Continue with your natural workflow while your data will be transferred
  • Do not postpone your projects or delay your tasks
  • Leave the whole data migration procedure be done by the HDM team

Save your time and money

  • Save your team’s time and let them continue doing their tasks while the HDM team will work on your data transfer
  • Benefit from the reasonable price for the service
  • Enjoy the cost-effective data migration process

Overall, I found the process to be very fast and effortless.

Nicola Mustone
Nicola Mustone Woo Happiness Engineer at Automattic Inc.

After the test migration, there were no other options. We found the best.

Reinoud van der Hijden
Reinoud van der Hijden Director at Vestatech

The answer to the question "What did I like most about this software?". Everything!! Ease of use: Check! Responsive Support: Check! Responsive Development: Check! Full data migration: Check! Very reasonable cost: Check!

Jonas H.
Jonas H. Director of Customer Service at Computer Software

The overall experience was excellent.

Ionut Birzu
Ionut Birzu Operations Manager for Lenovo Private Cloud Solution

Help Desk Migration awards

Benefit from HDM certified partnerships

Being partners of and recommended by different help and service desk vendors, the HDM service gains not only trust but also unique advantages and knowledge of every tiny detail of the migration process. So, you can get an advantage of the more qualitative result of data migration that derives from the close cooperation with the HDM vendors.

Here’s how it works


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Schedule a meeting with the HDM team to discuss all the details of the data transfer


Let the whole migration process be done for you


Enjoy using your new SaaS platform!

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