Automated Help Desk Data Migration Solutions

Migrate, import or extract, or merge your customer service data across multiple help desk software, service desk systems, and ITSM platforms efficiently

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Streamline your data migration and get it done automatedly

No coding. No work disruptions. Save your time and focus on your business

Keep your data integrity

Help Desk Migration Wizard ensures the seamless preservation of data relations during the migration process.

To illustrate, if Ticket 1 is currently assigned to John Doe and linked to Contact 1 within Organization 1, after the migration, Ticket 1 will maintain its assignment to the same agent, and both the ticket and contact will retain their original associations.

This ensures that your data on the target platform remains clear and concise, mirroring the structure of the source platform.

Keep your data integrity

Meeting security industry standards

At Help Desk Migration, we prioritize the security of your data throughout the migration cycle. Our approach is tailored to safeguard data integrity, ensuring compliance with global security standards.

We provide AWS infrastructure, data processing agreements, payment security, HIPAA compliance, SLA, SSO, 2FA, RBAC, session management, and more.

Explore our comprehensive security measures on our policy page.

Meeting security industry standards

Rich filtering options

The default data migration process is customizable with our robust filtering options. Tailor your migration by filtering records based on criteria such as creation date, tags, custom fields, groups, organizations, and assignees. Additionally, adjust the mapping process to migrate change and problem objects as tickets, ticket events as private notes, and information related to inactive users. Enhance data transfers by incorporating integration details like task IDs or URLs. Enrich migrated data further by adding extra tags to tickets or including legacy ticket IDs in the subject.

Rich filtering options
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Companies across different industries trust our data migration tool

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Perfect fit for every data migration need


When it comes to enhancing your customer support operations, efficient help desk platform data import is crucial. Our team has developed full-featured help desk import solutions to make the migration process easier.

Great service
Great service, migrated all our data, including contracts and groups, to the new helpdesk in a few hours, allowing us to seamlessly start using our new helpdesk the next morning.
Roland Nowak
Roland Nowak Director at Nova IT Solutions
  • local_offer
    Add a tag to the imported tickets
  • calendar_month
    Schedule the start of Full Migration
  • auto_awesome
    Concierge migration service to take the heavy lifting
  • change_history
    Delta migration to sync source and target platforms
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Maximize efficiency with our automated transfer solution, effortlessly exporting help desk data without coding. Achieve rapid, excellent results. Harness secure, advanced features to streamline your data extraction journey.

I loved it. It was simple and intuitive
We are able to retain our data from another help desk platform. We considered starting fresh with a new help desk—and losing years of history. Fantastic support!
Matt Brayley
Matt Brayley Field Service Manager at Primetals Technologies
  • local_offer
    Add a tag to the imported tickets
  • image
    Move inline images
  • auto_awesome
    Skip attachments to save target storage space
  • import_export
    Interval migration service to stop and resume migration
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Optimizing support service processes demands efficient platform instance data consolidation. Our team has developed an automated merging tool, streamlining the data replication process. With just a few clicks, replicate your platform seamlessly across any help desk system, service desk platforms, PSA or ITSM.

Sit back and relax as HDM takes care of consolidating multiple instances
Consolidating multiple instances into a single branded instance, thereby saving the customer money. We need historical data because legislation in Africa (POPI act) requires any interaction history with a customer to be kept for the lifetime of the relationship and then for 5 years beyond.
Jean Arnall
Jean Arnall Principal Consultant at Illation
  • local_offer
    Add a tag to the imported tickets
  • image
    Move inline images and knowledge base translations
  • auto_awesome
    Skip attachments to save target storage space
  • import_export
    Interval migration service to stop and resume migration
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Painless help desk migration is available with Help Desk Migration

Migrate data in several clicks without coding skill or tech background can be done effortlessly

Connect platforms

Log in and authorize your source and target platforms to the Migration Wizard

Map and match data

Match your agents and groups, and map ticket entity fields between source and target platforms

Test drive migration tool

Run a free demo migration to test your settings and check the results

Full data migration

Start your Full migration at the most suitable time

Everything you were looking for your help desk data migration

Either you want to migrate your help desk, service desk, ITSM, ticketing system, or help center, the Help Desk Migration service takes the heavy lifting of this challenging process.

Choose the pre-built automation options to meet your import needs

  • Add a new tag to the migrated tickets
  • Migrate article translations
  • Import side conversations
  • Skip attachments
  • Move inline images
Pre-built automation

Data filtering available

You have data that can be left behind? Or does your target platform miss some fields? Help Desk migration offers data filtering so you can choose what data to move.

Data filtering available

Uninterrupted business processes

The Delta migration option helps you to keep your data between the source and target platform in sync without the downtime of your customer support process.

Concierge migration service

Streamline the migration of your customer service data effortlessly, even amid your other critical tasks. Entrust the planning, records mapping, and automated data transfer to our expert team.

Extended data storage

In adherence to our SLA policies, your data migration project will retain your data for either 5 or 10 days, depending on your selected support package. Should you require an extended duration, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team to explore and discuss this option further.

Fully customized trial

Our support team can conduct a customizable demo migration tailored to your specific needs, encompassing all the settings you wish to have implemented through our Migration Wizard. Be sure to reach out and discuss this option in detail.

Migrate data between help desk platforms painlessly

Run your data transfer automatedly, quickly, and securely

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