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What Sorts of Records Can You Migrate from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice ?

With Help Desk Migration tool, you can efficiently migrate solid amount of differing records types to or from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice. Take a look the set of records you can migrate incorporating automation without extra assistance from tech pros.

Do you look for distinguishing Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice migration requirements?

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How Does Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice Data Migration Make It?

Our automated migration service empowers you export and import records in five simple steps. However, if you have specific demands or a unique data structure, feel free to go with a custom way.

Connect platforms

Connect your source and target platforms

Map and match data

Specify how your data should be transferred


Start a Demo to access the replication tool and its results

Full Data Migration

Start or plan your data transition

Elevate Your Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice Import with These Functions

  • Omit attachments

    Does your future support service platform deliver definite data storage? Bypass attachments, especially if your historical data lose no track of processes without them. The data import and export time will decrease greatly.

  • Create a additional tag to the migrated tickets

    Choose more tags to the migrated tickets — just like that, you won’t mess them with those remaining. You may further categorize the tickets by adding tags like ‘lost,’ ‘closed,’ or ‘stop replying.’

  • Apply the attachment option to Migrate inline images

    Don’t want to lose images added into the tickets? You can import them to the expected platform as attachments.

  • Demo with custom data: Choose 20 entities for export

    If you want to see how certain entities look like in the targeted help desk platform, run this free custom Demo and pick 20 entities for a migration.

  • Import newest records first

    Opt for this feature to transfer your newest records in a chronological order, from most recent to oldest. The capability applies only to Full Migration.

Your Help Desk Data Migration is Secured at Each Step

Applying Help Desk Migration app, you’ll never have to worry about safety of valuable records. We regularly scan all facilities and make improvements, so that your business data is safe according to the fresh standards.

We enforce a rigid 2FA access policy

Our Migration Wizard shields your business data from unwanted getting access with 2FA authentication. On top of that, users can only migrate Salesforce Service Cloud data if they got admin access. With these safety measures in order, you don't worry about data leakage.

We employ 3-layer

We enable 3 layers of business records protection: physical (we take care of our data hosting equipment against physical and logical intrusion), network (we protect our networks against cyber abuse), and application (we secure your records within our importing and exporting platform against prohibited log in).

Meet industry-standard fundamentals

Help Desk Migration service fulfills to highest security principles, providing maximum protection for your records. We correspond to HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other critical data safety levels. And our extensive compliance portfolio is getting large.

What is the cost of your Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice data migration?

And now to the burning question. How much will it cost to switch from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice? The price will largely depend on the business data volume you need to migrate, the complexity of your requirements, and the features you’ll select or custom work you’ll ask for. Run a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and find out how much your data transfer will cost.

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Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Freshservice data migration

Prepare for Freshservice data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare your Freshservice account and plan your migration date before moving from Salesforce Service Cloud. Make a checklist to turn off Salesforce features and set up Freshservice. Start the Free Demo and compare Source and Target IDs after migration. Find more guidance in the Freshservice Data Migration Checklist.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, Help Desk Migration offers three support packages: Standard, Premium, and Signature. The Standard package provides support from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, through phone, chat, and email, with a response time of up to 24 hours. The Premium package offers daily support via email, chat, and phone. With our top-tier offering, the Signature package, you receive daily support through email, chat, and phone, with an impressive response time of 2 hours for urgent matters. For a detailed overview, please refer to our Service Level Agreement.

The duration of the migration from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice varies based on factors like the quantity of records and attachments being migrated, as well as the API limits in your accounts. We recommend increasing your API limits to facilitate a more efficient process.

Before starting the transition to Freshservice, it is essential to complete a series of preliminary actions:

  • Generate an API key to link Freshservice with the Migration Wizard tool.
  • Set up custom fields in Freshservice to match the fields that already exist in Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • Disable ticket email notifications in Freshservice.
  • Deactivate the Priority Matrix feature in Freshservice.
  • Turn off workflow, scenarios, automations, and closure rules in Freshservice.

Once you have prepared Freshservice, commence the migration process. To finalize the migration, gather the access credentials for both Salesforce Service Cloud and Freshservice, including the email and password for Salesforce, and the URL and API key for Freshservice. With these credentials at hand, you can establish a connection between both help desk tools using the Migration Wizard.

For a more comprehensive guide, check out the Freshservice Data Migration Checklist.

No, you can migrate all your data from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice. However, the duration of the process will be influenced by the size of the attachments and the volume of records. To speed up the process, consider skipping attachments and thoroughly checking your Source data before initiating the migration.

Yes, Migration Wizard ensures that your historical ticket data from Salesforce Service Cloud is transferred accurately to Freshservice, preserving important customer support records. But note that our tool only transferred the data you’ve chosen to transfer.

Complete Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice Migration in a Few Clicks

Migrate your business data from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshservice without difficulty and without disarranging your ultimate mission of setting right your customers’ matters.

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