Requesting features for Help Desk Migration

If there is something that you wish Help Desk Migration could do, this is your chance to tell us. Maybe the idea just hasn’t our minds. Fill out the form below to request a product feature.


    How we prioritize feature requests

    After receiving a feature request we ask ourselves: ”Where does this fit in the Help Desk Migration product?” It takes some time and effort to turn a text message into a product feature that will please customers and drive sales.
    From the support inbox, your message travels to our product and marketing team. There, it goes through some basic validation. We check our roadmap and ideas backlog and look if this is something that’s often requested, if it adds value to our product, etc.

    From there, ideas are categorized the following way

    Ideas that are fairly easy to implement are put for development;

    Ideas that require more groundwork are put into a long term plan;

    Ideas that were requested for the first time are usually put into backlog to get more votes.

    How we do follow-ups

    Though we don’t always reach out with a personal reply, we read and validate every idea sent by our customers. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep up with product updates. Or reach out to our support team to find out whether your idea was or is going to be implemented.

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