Simple, Hassle-free Retail and eCommerce Help Desk Migration

Stuck with an old or inefficient service platform? Use Help Desk Migration to effortlessly migrate your eCommerce help desk data while staying focused on your customers.

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Simple and No-Hassle Retail and eCommerce Help Desk Migration

Retailers and online stores who have already transformed their customer experience with Help Desk Migration

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Use cases for retail and eCommerce help desk migration


No more shared inboxes

Switching to a help desk and ticketing system can be a game changer if you’re still using shared inboxes for your support services. An eCommerce help desk eliminates the biggest challenges of integrating support with shopping carts and manual request processing.

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A help desk platform that fits your needs

Your support agents are only as efficient as the platform they’re working with. With hundreds of options on the market, you can choose the help desk that best meets your needs and business processes. Help Desk Migration supports 60+ platforms, making it the perfect option for automated and trouble-free customer service data transfer, whatever your setup.

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Transfer data
Keep the integrity

All of your eCommerce support data, zero compliance worries

Storing customer engagement history is a must for retailers and eCommerce businesses. Use custom field importing, inline images, ticket attachments, knowledge base translations, and other features of our Help Desk Migration solution to meet GDPR requirements and preserve your data integrity.

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Account and instance consolidation made easy

When it’s time to consolidate your customer support processes and merge several help desk instances, you have a problem. How can you save customer interaction history for different brands or departments and comply with data protection laws? We’re here to help. Our Migration Wizard is the easiest path to fast and smooth help desk consolidation.

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Merge two help desk accounts
Move from the sunsetting customer service platform

Switch from sunset to a new solution

A software sunset is frustrating for everyone. With our service and help desk migration planning tips, you can seamlessly and automatically migrate data before your current solution is retired. Or you can plan your eCommerce help desk transfer step-by-step, set your requirements, and leave the rest to us with our concierge data migration service.

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Effortless help desk migration between top industry platforms

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Why Help Desk Migration?


Automated migration with fast onboarding

Our easy-to-use Migration Wizard lets you set up your eCommerce help desk data migration in just a few quick steps—no need for extra coding skills or knowledge.


Zero downtime

Help Desk Migration runs in the background, so you can keep addressing your customer queries while migration is in progress. Easily add new records created during data import later with our Delta Migration feature.


Easy field mapping

With Help Desk Migration, you can map your Source and Target data fields in just a few clicks. Missing fields? Instantly create custom fields right in our Migration Wizard.


Tailored migration options to-go

Choose from a variety of out-of-the-box transfer options: add extra tags, move inline images, skip ticket attachments, and migrate call recordings or knowledge base translations. Or request a custom migration feature for the match you need.


Fast, reliable customer support

Not all migration needs are the same. We offer a range of support packages for an exceptional help desk migration experience, whatever your size and process. Take your pick from your required level of customer support, service response time, conditions for re-migration, and Delta Migration availability.


Try before you migrate

Run a demo to check your eCommerce help desk migration before you start the full process. You can run a sample migration with random records or activate our one-time custom demo to test-drive our solution and see 20 hand-picked tickets and articles on your destination platform. Both options are free.


Concierge data migration

No time for migration? Have specific platform needs or a large amount of complex data to migrate? Opt for our concierge data migration service and we’ll do the hard work for you. We will help you to connect Source and Target platforms, map records, do any customization, run Demo and Full MIgration, and explain how to check the results.


Security you can trust

We have a strict security policy that includes routine audits, regular upgrades, and a protected storage center. We’re also constantly monitoring new security trends to keep our expertise top-notch. Rest assured that your help desk data is protected from hacker attacks, leakages, and natural disasters.

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