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Data migration software
built for your business

In 2015, HDM was started
that would make it easy for businesses
to migrate their data.

Our Mission

The Internet has given us great freedom of choice and numerous possibilities. Companies are free to choose among thousands of tools and services.

With our services, we strive to give companies the freedom of choice between help desk software; enable them to easily make the switch without leaving their data behind.

Thousands of businesses in different countries and industries have already used Help Desk Migration Service to transition their support data to a new help desk.

Hear the voices of our customers on Capterra, G2Crowd and Zendesk app market.

Security comes first

We value the trust you put in us and our service. We also believe we have a moral and ethical obligation to safeguard privacy.

Read our Security Policy.


Our core values

These are the principles that guide us forward.
We grow and improve, but our values remain the same.

Be open and honest

In everything you do and with anyone you talk to. We don’t set false expectations because they lead nowhere.

Love your customers

Without happy customers any business is doomed. We look at everything from a customer’s standpoint to provide the best experience/solution.

Play as a team

As the famous phrase goes: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” But other than reaching your dream, collaboration is the key to making a positive change.

Double-check before taking action

Data migration is no easy task. We understand our responsibility for the integrity of your data. Therefore, we double-check everything before offering a solution.

Improve day by day

Continues improvement is what helps us to generate new ideas, look at things from a different perspective and make them outstanding.

We are looking for people who share our point of view.

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