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In 2016, HDM was started that would make it easy for businesses to migrate their data.

Our Mission

The Internet has given us great freedom of choice and numerous possibilities. Companies are free to choose among thousands of tools and services.

With our services, we strive to give companies the freedom of choice between help desk software; enable them to easily make the switch without leaving their data behind.


Thousands of businesses in different countries and industries have already used Help Desk Migration Service to transition their support data to a new help desk.

Hear the voices of our customers on Capterra, G2Crowd and Zendesk app market.

Security comes first

We value the trust you put in us and our service. We also believe we have a moral and ethical obligation to safeguard privacy.

Read our Security Policy.


Help Desk Migration from The Day it Was Founded

2016 July

The foundation of Relokia and Help Desk Migration service

2016 August

The first data migration successfully completed

2016 December

Support of 10 help desk platforms

2017 February

The number of supported help desk platforms doubles

2017 March

First ever partnership with Help Scout

2017 May

Migration Wizard now supports 30 help desk platforms

2017 May

Help Desk Migration classified as one of Top 3 apps for Freshdesk

2017 June

Successful partnership with Kayako

2017 July

HDM established partnership with Freshworks

2017 August

Help Desk Migration ranked within TOP3 apps for Zendesk

2017 December

The tool offers the support of 40 help desk platforms

2018 January

Minerva Networks, Inc. successfully transferred their records to TeamSupport

2018 February

The launch of Marketing Department

2018 February

Thule Group migrated a variety of data to Zendesk

2018 April

Petplan, the leading pet insurance company, moved to a cloud-based service using HDM

2018 May

Arkansas Tech University trusted us to transfer their data to a new help desk

2018 May

Help Desk Migration reached the milestone of 50 supported help desk platforms

2018 May

The migration of 10 000 000 records

2018 June

Fifty users left 5-star reviews on Capterra

2018 June

Established partnership with Zendesk

2018 August

The inception of Sales and Support Departments

2019 March

Automattic Inc. had an effortless experience of Zendesk data migration using our service

2019 March

Established partnership with Intercom

2019 April

Cosmos used our service to transfer customer service data to Zendesk

2019 April

HDM received 30 reviews with 5 stars on G2

2019 November

Successful partnership with Hubspot

2020 June

Help Desk Migration listed as ‘The Easiest-to-use app’ on G2 in the Cloud migration category

2020 June

The establishment of partnership with Cherwell

2020 July

Our migration tool named as one of TOP 10 apps for Hubspot

Our core values

These are the principles that guide us forward.
We grow and improve, but our values remain the same.

Be open and honest

In everything you do and with anyone you talk to. We don’t set false expectations because they lead nowhere.

Love your customers

Without happy customers any business is doomed. We look at everything from a customer’s standpoint to provide the best experience/solution.

Play as a team

As the famous phrase goes: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” But other than reaching your dream, collaboration is the key to making a positive change.

Double-check before taking action

Data migration is no easy task. We understand our responsibility for the integrity of your data. Therefore, we double-check everything before offering a solution.

Improve day by day

Continues improvement is what helps us to generate new ideas, look at things from a different perspective and make them outstanding.

We are looking for people who share our point of view.

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