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How Does Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk Data Migration Make It?

You can carry out records migration in a few simple moves, with our automated migration service. If you’re managing a elaborate data structure, feel free to select our tailored way. We’re in place to meet your special demands.

Step 1. Get going by linking your Salesforce Service Cloud and Freshdesk systems

Step 2. Select the data you want to import from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk or vice versa

Step 3. Match your data in Salesforce Service Cloud and Freshdesk and make the demanded alterations if they don’t

Step 4. Check the results by initiating Free Demo Migration

Step 5. If the data migration is fine to you, continue with your Full Data Migration

Ta-da! Are you searching to import your business data from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk? Gain more value from our secure and automated data import solution.

Step 1. Reach out to us to get custom help desk migration

Step 2. Empower our professionals modify on data import that corresponds your distinct data structure

Step 3. Run Demo Migration to check what your data will look like after the export

Step 4. If everything is fine, launch your Full Migration

Enjoy effortless, personalized data import from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk, with professional support service at every stage. Don’t fret. Our professional support service is all set to help you in every stage of the workflow.

Help Desk Migration Is Your Best Service When Moving from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk

Don’t empower data migration to lead away you from your tasks

Whether you’re migrating from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk, make use of our automated migration solution. It will permit you to migrate all your records to a selected help desk in just a few clicks. Thus, you will get your import or export accomplished quickly without putting pivotal works on the shelf.

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Data import and export with security standards

Help Desk Migration Wizard covers your data is secure throughout the import or export process. To ensure the maximal security of your data whether they are in migration or at rest, we implement tried modes. Here is contained running constant security scans, retaining our servers safe, following numerous instructions, and more.

Move ahead with the migration tool that customers praise

With thousands of efficient data exports under our belt, our migration service has obtained a lot of service-connected awards and approving feedback. What’s more, we keep improving. We move ahead to advance our tool and present novel capabilities to take care of we’re meeting most of your data migration requests.

Mapping fields window

Enjoy intuitive mapping to deal with your most complex needs

Our solution will set you free from copy-pasting help desk data or setting missing fields at the time of Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk migration. Our tool permits you map entities and adjust your data import. This will leave unchanged the starting structure of your data simply on your side.

Pick a suitable time for data migration

Get going by the help desk import anytime it fits into your operations. Get going by importing historical data and continue with set up the Delta opportunity to migrate your during migration changed tickets. Then, relax and empower our solution make the rest.

Scheduling window
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Work with a support team you can completely rely on

Don’t worry about experiencing hardships just as performing your Supported Platform data import. Help Desk Migration support pros is all set to work with you with any setbacks. With lots of experience moving data, Help Desk Migration pros are well-prepared to guarantee a successful import of your support data.

What Sorts of Records Can You Migrate from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk ?

With our Migration service, you can painlessly import or export hefty amount of various records types to or from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk. Inspect the list of entities you can migrate incorporating automated tool without extra guidance from tech representatives.

Do you look for certain Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk import needs?

Drop us a line for a unique data import.

Salesforce Service Cloud objectsFreshdesk objects
Top level categoriesCategories
Second level categoriesFolders
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Freshdesk data migration

Prepare for Freshdesk data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Advance Your Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk Migrate with These Opportunities

Transfer knowledge base articles translations

Get your multilingual help center to your target help desk system effortlessly! Apply our “Migrate content translations” opportunity and import translated versions of each article automatedly.

Skip attachments

Does your desired help desk platform enable limited data storage? Bypass attachments, especially if your current support data lose no track of processes without them. The data import time will cut down significantly.

Add a additional tag to the imported tickets

Are you going to use a existing platform during data migration? To lessen disorder, apply tags to the exported tickets to separate them from the existing ones.

Use the attachment option to Migrate inline images

Don’t want to lose images embedded into the tickets? You can export and import them to the new help desk system as attachments.

How much does Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk data migration cost?

How much will you need to invest in the switch from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk? The cost will largely build upon the data volume you require to migrate, the complexity of your requirements, and the features you’ll use or custom work you’ll ask for. Run a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard performance and find out how much your data transfer will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Your Help Desk Data Import and Export is Protected at Each Stage

Applying Help Desk Migration solution, you’ll never have to worry about security of valuable records. We frequently scan all facilities and make updates, so that your business data is protected according to the up-to-date recommendations.

We use a strict 2FA authentication policy

Our Migration Wizard applies 2FA authentication. Additionally, your company representatives can only import from Salesforce Service Cloud records if they got admin rights. Linked, these security measures remove the dangers of information leak.

We employ Three-layer

Help Desk Migration offers 3 layers of data protection. At the physical level, we cover our hosting facilities from any attacks. At the application layer, we block any forbidden log in to your business records on our service. And, last but not least, on the network layer, we protect our networks against cyber harm.

We satisfy security regulations

Help Desk Migration service accomplishes to leading security standards, ensuring maximum protection for your records. We correspond to HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other integral data protection standards. And our broad compliance set continues getting large.

Feedback encourages us level up our solution: Some thoughts from our clients

Full Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk Import in a Couple Clicks

Migrate your business data from Salesforce Service Cloud to Freshdesk without trouble with no disorganizing from what really matters — solving your clients’ matters. Our Wizard makes all the work behind the scenes when you simply enjoy respond to your customer questions your new platform.
Start data migration

Get more helpful insights about data import

Interested to get more? Our knowledge base is packed with information on customer service enhancement and help desk data migration. Explore it today!

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