For Companies Who Love Their Clients

Solution Partner

Help Desk Migration is an ideal partner for companies that love their clients and want to provide outstanding service.
We handle data migration of your projects while you focus on doing what you do best.

  • Use our service-to improve help desk onboarding
  • Maintain client’s data from the source platform
  • Enhance your business processes by delegating data migration to our automated service
  • Fair pricing allows a considerable markup

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Solution Partner

White Label Friendly

You can request no Help Desk Migration branding and use our service as a native feature


Loyalty program

You can get a special - discount for using the Help Desk Migration service

  • 10% - 1 paid migration for the last 6 month
  • 15% - 3 migrations for the last 6 months
  • 20% - total cost for migrations is over 2000 for the last 6 months

Support and training

Schedule a call with one of our agents and get a detailed consultation on how our service works.

Get an assisted Demo with our representative before launching data migration.16 hours of technical support: to get your questions answered or get a consultation about the additional customization.


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