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How Zendesk to Intercom Data Migration Performs

You can carry out records migration in a few simple actions, using our automated migration app. However, if you have special demands or a non-standard data structure, feel free to go with a custom route.

Step 1. Link your Zendesk and Intercom solutions

Step 2. Select the data you need to export from Zendesk to Intercom or vice versa

Step 3. Map your data in Zendesk and Intercom and do the demanded if they don’t

Step 4. Preview the results by initiating Free Demo Migration

Step 5. If the data export looks superior to you, continue with Full Data Migration

Voila! Ready to import from Zendesk to Intercom? Benefit from our automated and secured data migration solution.

Step 1. Reach out to us to get customized help desk import

Step 2. Empower Help Desk Migration specialists you through your personalized data migration

Step 3. Begin a Demo Migration to see what your data will look like once imported

Step 4. If everything looks superior, launch your Full Data Migration

Enjoy effortless, personalized data export from Zendesk to Intercom, with savvy support at each stage. Worry not. Help Desk Migration savvy support is ready to help you throughout the workflow.

Help Desk Migration Is Your Best Solution When Migrating from Zendesk to Intercom

Don’t greenlight data migration to mislead you from your tasks

Whether you’re migrating from Zendesk to Intercom, use our automated migration solution. It will permit you to migrate all your data to a future platform in just a couple of clicks. Thus, you will be able to have your import or export done in a timely fashion without putting pivotal tasks on the shelf.

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Data import and export meets security standards

The Migration Wizard will includes measure for ensuring your data security during all phases of the migration process. To confirm the maximal protection of your data whether they are in import or at rest, we use tried runthrough. These contain conducting constant security analysis, retaining our servers safe, complying with different regulations, and more.

Go with the migration app that clients recommend

With thousands of outstanding data imports done by our service, Help Desk migration service has earned plenty of service-connected awards and inspiring feedback. Besides, we don’t stop there. We proceed to get better our solution and move forward novel capacity to cover we’re involving most of your import and export inquirements.

Mapping fields window

Enjoy intuitive mapping to handle all your needs

Rescue yourself from the challenging task of adding wanted record types or data entities throughout Zendesk to Intercom migration. Our service greenlights you map fields and modify your data import and export. You sustain the system of your records with minimal effort.

Pick a appropriate time for data import

Pick the most appropriate time to initiate the help desk migration workflow. Start by migrating historical records and then set up the Delta migration option to move your most recently changed tickets. Then, relax and let our platform handle the rest.

Scheduling window
Support illustration

Work with a support team you can fully depend on

Don't fret about trying to cope with hardships just as running your Supported Platform data migration. Our customer service pros is ready to assist you with any issues. With years of accomplished data import and export mastery, they can fix any issue joined with your help desk data import or even offer help throughout the entire migration.

What Entities Can You Import from Zendesk to Intercom ?

With our Migration tool, you can conveniently import and export massive portions of varied records types to or from Zendesk to Intercom. Check out the details of entities you can import or export applying automation by yourself from tech support team.

Do you require distinguishing Zendesk to Intercom import or export requirements?

Let's discuss your requirements for a nonstandard data import.

Zendesk objects Intercom objects
Help Desk
Groups Teams
Agents Admins
Organizations Companies
Customers Users and Leads
Tickets Conversations
Knowledge Base
Categories Collections
Sections Sections
Articles Articles
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Intercom data migration

Prepare for Intercom data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Advance Your Zendesk to Intercom Import with These Options

Transfer knowledge base articles translations

Get your multilingual knowledge base articles to your desired help desk app easily! Take advantage of our “Migrate content translations” opportunity and import translated versions of each article automatedly.

Skip attachments

Does your desired support service platform provide definite data storage? Omit attachments, specially if your current support data loses none of its value without them. The data import time will go down remarkably.

Add a additional tag to the exported tickets

Are you going to work a current help desk tool during data export? To exclude mess, add extra tags to the imported tickets to identify them from the existing ones.

Import inline images as attachments

Import the images fixed into tickets as attachments. The data migration time might take more time, but the images will never disappear along with the current a destination help desk system.

Take a look our Demo with custom records by copying 20 entities

If you require to check how particular entities look like in the desired support service platform, schedule this free custom Demo and pick 20 entities for a test.

Migrate newest records first

Choose this feature to transfer your most recent records in a chronological flow, from most recent to oldest. This custom capability is applicable to Full Migrations.

Migrate side conversations

Transfer effortlessly your ticket side conversations while moving from Zendesk. During the data migration, these conversations will be imported as private comments into your new helpdesk.

Migrate call recordings

You may need support service call recordings for teaching your customer service reps. Our tool allows you import or export them to the expected support service platform as attachments.

How much does Zendesk to Intercom data migration cost?

How much will you need to invest in the switch from Zendesk to Intercom? The price will mostly lean on the business data volume you need to move, the complexity of your requirements, and the features you’ll choose or customizations you’ll request. Set a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard work and find out how much your data switch will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Your Help Desk Data Import or Export is the Whole Way Long

Help Desk Migration service provides endless import features with no compromising on safety. We regularly check all servers and make advancements, so that your business data is safe according to the fresh standards.

We use a rigid two-factor access policy

Help Desk Migration Wizard shields your information from unwanted getting access with two-factor access. What’s more, only your company representatives with admin rights can import your Zendesk records. United, these security measures prevent the dangers of information leak.

Three-layer business data security

We ensure 3 levels of records security: physical (we take care of our data hosting facilities against physical and logical intrusion), network (we protect our networks against digital attacks), and app (we secure your business data within our data migration service against prohibited log in).

We follow protection principles

Help Desk Migration service fulfills to upmost security principles, providing utmost greatest security for your records. We are compliant with HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other key data safety principles. And our extended compliance set is getting expanded.

Feedback motivates us upgrade our tool: Several words from our clients

Full Zendesk to Intercom Migration in Several Clicks

Export your business records from Zendesk to Intercom painlessly without confusing from what truly matters — working out your clients’ concerns. Help Desk Migration solution takes on all the work behind the scenes when you simply enjoy working with your selected platform.
Start data migration

Get more tips and tricks about data import and export

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Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare your Zendesk account for migration, take the time to assess and refine your data. Once ready, schedule the migration, create a checklist for configuring settings, disable the source tool, and set up Intercom to match your requirements. From there, kickstart the data transfer and ensure smooth migration by verifying IDs along the way.

Before making the move to Intercom, there are a couple of things to take care of. Start by creating your teammates and teams on Intercom, just like you did on Zendesk. Additionally, don't forget to disable notifications and set up custom fields for conversations. Following these steps will guarantee a seamless transition to Intercom. Check the Intercom Data Migration Checklist for more information.

The duration of the migration from Zendesk to Intercom may vary based on factors such as the volume of data and attachments being transferred and the API limits set for your Zendesk and Intercom accounts. It's worth noting that higher API limits can lead to a speedier migration.

While migrating from Zendesk to Intercom, a few specific data elements can't be transferred. These include inline images, knowledge base attachments, CC in tickets, and "Created at" dates for tickets and comments. However, aside from these limitations, you have the freedom to transfer as much help desk and knowledge base data as you need to Intercom. So, rest assured, you can smoothly transition most of your valuable information.

Help Desk Migration has an amazing Free Demo Migration that brings immense value. With this feature, you can effortlessly test the migration and get a sneak peek of the results beforehand. During the demo, our Migration Wizard smoothly transfers a sample of 20 random conversations and articles to Intercom. But wait, there's more! You also have the option to go for a Custom Demo, where you can specify the exact conversation and article IDs you want to migrate.

Your Zendesk data remains completely intact even after a successful migration to Intercom. Rest assured, the migration won't make any changes or deletions to your valuable Zendesk account data. It stays exactly as it is!

The Migration Wizard keeps you in the loop with live progress updates, ensuring you stay informed about the number of imported records. On top of that, rest assured that email notifications will be sent your way once your Free Demo or Full Data Migration wraps up.

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