21 Best Freshdesk Apps to Supercharge Your Support

More often the customer-comes-first mentality becomes a part of business strategies. A sound understanding of customers is key to outstanding customer service and returning, loyal patrons.
Yet your company Freshdesk top features seem to be not enough. The challenge of innovations is developing a deeper understanding of customers rather than just asking them about what they want. So you need additional functionality, and it doesn’t mean to switch your solution. It is wiser to look through a marketplace for integration options.

Let’s check the extra possibilities you can get for your Freshdesk and satisfy the unmet needs of new customers. How about enlisting the best Freshdesk applications for four categories: ‘helpers’, productivity apps, support extensions, and surveys.

Disclaimer: The appearance of apps in the post is random and doesn’t show any specific preferences.

How extensions will help your Freshdesk

If you look for extensions or apps for your platform in the Freshdesk marketplace, you are going to get about 300 various options to choose from. There are quite different apps, but they may facilitate your customer support team routine substantially. Roughly speaking you can get 'helpers' with tickets and chats. So, let’s get to the point and review them.

'Helpers' to improve your experience with tickets

#1 Cx MOMENTS AI app enhances ticket tagging and routing. The whole process is automated and based on the NLP analytics (for tagging) and the Observer rules (for routing or sending a self-service reply). The tags created by AI also can be used as filters in your Freshdesk reports. The app helps to detect the common customer issues, weak spots in support team performance, and prioritize self-service content. The costs start at $200/month​.

CX App Screenshot

Example of  Cx MOMENTS AI Application's Interface


#2 Auto Ticket Merger. You can guess what this app does. It automatically merges the tickets of the same customer within a short period. The next tickets will be merged to the first and marked as “closed”. Yet the app uses an email ID, so if the ticket is raised from a social media account, it won’t be merged. This solution isn’t compatible with Freshdesk's old look so we suggest that you seek a free trial to see how it fits in your design language.

Auto Ticket Meger App Screenshot

Example of  Auto Ticket Merger Application's Interface


The following two apps will deliver you updates on the tickets you are assigned to in #3 Google Hangouts Chat or #4 Microsoft Teams. Being one of the best Freshdesk apps will let you know about any updates, responses, and notes on your ticket while you work with your colleagues on Google Hangouts chat or Team in real-time.

Google Hangouts App Screenshot

Example of Google Hangouts Chat Application's Interface


Screenshot of Microsoft Teams App

Example of Microsoft Teams Application's Interface


Apps that enhance your conversations with customers

#5 AmplifyReach chatbot for sales and CRM uses sophisticated AI techniques to carry on human-like interactions. You don’t need coding skills but use an intuitive conversation builder to create and test your conversations. The app can be applied to mobile, web, and social media channels.

AmplifyReach App Screenshot

Example of  AmplifyReach Application's Interface


Also, AmplifyReach offers #6 a chatbot that answers FAQs. The app automates conversations for sales, marketing, and customer support teams. For figuring out the price, you need to connect with the AmplifyReach Catalyst Platform.

Chatbot that answers FAQs App Screenshot

Example of  AmplifyReach Chatbot Application's Interface


Another app to enhance your conversations with customers is #7 Freshsales Conversations. This free Freshsales-Freshdesk integration collects relevant customer information, gathered by sales representatives on Freshsales through different communication channels, and lets you view the same in Freshdesk.

Freshsales App Screenshot

Example of  Freshsales Conversations Application's Interface


How to become more productive

The most generalized concept of productivity states that it is the output divided by the input. Thus, there are a lot more factors that affect the productivity of your performance: product or customer service itself, available equipment, and automation. Also, there are such human factors as motivation, training, work methods, and management style.

Among the best Freshdesk marketplace apps, these 'helpers' will improve your performance in ticket resolution, team weak spots tracking, and make interactions with customers more vivid.

#8 Email Tracking for Freshdesk. With its help, you will know for sure if the client opened your email or not. Since the app tags the tickets as seen or unseen, you can then create views and take further actions.

Email Tracking App Screenshot

Example of  Email Tracking for Freshdesk Application's Interface


#9 Emailbot. This app will take care of your inquiries in Freshdesk automatically. It can not only understand inbound emails but also classify them and extract relevant information for automatic processing. Furthermore, the Emailbot app can dispatch mail to human agents by creating a ticket in Freshdesk.

Emailbot App Screenshot

Example of  Emailbot Application's Interface


The following plugin will boost the productivity of your team. With the #10 Chargebee, your agents will be able to view all the details of a customer’s subscription in the support ticket. The fact that this plugin is free of charge is a cherry on top.

Chargebee App Screenshot

Example of  Chargebee Application's Interface


#11 Miuros Assist is one more extension that will help you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your work with Freshdesk. It runs autonomously across the text-based communication channels and is compatible with various languages. The extension provides you with the automatic categorization of tickets, canned response recommendations, and other smart features.

Miuros App Screenshot

Example of  Miuros Assist Application's Interface


How to improve the work of your support team

It is also essential to pay attention to the effectiveness of the work of your support team. The following four tools will take care of the issues that your support team might have and, therefore, save your support team time on routine tasks.

Analyze in real-time the effectiveness of your support teams with #12 Botanalytics Assistant. The AI detects the looping conversations and topics that get positive or negative sentiment from customers. It collects customer satisfaction statistics, analyses team performance, and delivers insights in weekly reports.

Botanalytics App Screenshot

Example of  Botanalytics Assistant Application's Interface


Make your support team more instructive with video and images. #13 CloudApp for Freshdesk allows you to add video, GIFs, and screenshot annotations to answer customer questions. Besides, you can create screen records for bugs, GIFs that serve as product explainers, give feedback with screen annotations as well as blur sensitive data, or point out something important, and even embed video walkthroughs in your documentation.

CloudApp Screenshot

Example of  Cloud App Application's Interface


#14 YellowAnt is one of the best Freshdesk apps based on AI. It comes as a support agent assistant that views your performance and helps to take quick actions. You can manage your workplace apps and get updates with simple text commands. YellowAnt also integrates with Slack, Skype, and Cisco Spark so you can create, edit, and comment on Freshdesk tickets from these apps.

Yellow Ant App Screenshot

Example of  YellowAnt Application's Interface


If you use project management tool #15 Trello, then you will appreciate its integration with Freshdesk. Why? It will enhance team collaboration and improve the customer experience. Support agents can create help desk tickets and update status from Trello cards, as well as create new cards from the tickets.

Trello App Screenshot

Example of  Trello Application's Interface


How to make survey discreet and decent

The true customer opinion and evaluation of your work can make a difference and give scope for improvement. There are various methodologies of measuring client satisfaction: CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), NPS (Net Promoter Score), and CES (Customer Effort Score) per agent, team, or company-wide. But they all go down to delivering a simple survey. Here are the four best Freshdesk apps for running smooth surveys.

Surveys to understand your customers better

#16 Callexa Feedback helps you to run one-click automated NPS surveys when the ticket is resolved. It suggests your customer to choose several stars to measure their willingness to recommend your product or customer service to friends or colleagues. Also, you can adapt the survey with custom text blocks (including follow-up questions for detailed feedback), company logo, and personalize its salutation.

Callexa App Screenshot

Example of  Callexa Feedback Application's Interface


#17 CustomerGauge will collect for your NPS survey and create tickets in Freshdesk on their results. Once customer issues are directed into the tickets, your team will get the opportunity to retain and grow satisfied customers number.

CustomerGaude App Screenshot

Example of  CustomerGauge Application's Interface


#18 Nicereply comes out as one of the best Freshdesk apps that were built to get more feedback from your customers with personalized CSAT, NPS, and CES surveys. Apart from surveys’ look and content customization, you can set goals and track KPIs, and generate reports.

NiceReply App Screenshot

Example of  Nicereply Application's Interface


Surveys to measure your clients' satisfaction

Being a customer feedback platform, #19 SmileBack will help you to improve customer retention and increase their satisfaction. The one-click on a smiley face survey after every single interaction prompts the user for a short comment. It is quite difficult to get people to rate the customer service, but this app improves the response rate with a simple and understandable design.

SmileBack App Screenshot

Example of  SmileBack Application's Interface


#20 SimpleSat allows you to add CSAT surveys into the solved ticket email notification, and then post the positive feedback into website testimonials. This app is a good solution for dealing with clunky surveys and old testimonials. Moreover, it will collect feedback you need to retain clients, and social proof to attract more.

SimpleSat App Screenshot

Example of  SimpleSat Application's Interface


#21 SurveyMonkey adds surveys into your tickets the same way you would add the default satisfaction survey. With SurveyMonkey, you can choose immediate feedback or questionnaires for deeper insights when a ticket is resolved or closed or with every ticket.
SurveyMonkey Screenshot

Example of  SurveyMonkey Application's Interface


Note that built-in Freshdesk surveys will go along with the SurveyMonkey app. Therefore, you need to disable the Freshdesk Satisfaction Survey from Admin Customer Satisfaction settings in your Freshdesk account if you plan on improving your customer service with SurveyMonkey.

What else?

After covering the apps in the three aspects, you understand that there is much more space to analyze and improve. Even though Freshdesk top features solutions are good, you will still need to move out of the native feature box one day. There is a great deal of Freshdesk account apps you can select in the marketplace. Thus, you should define the area of your business or performance you want to improve. Equip your team with a shared language and useful tools to overcome “blah-blah” and deliver quality customer experience through both marketing communications from Freshdesk and third-party apps.

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