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Your business needs a quality help desk solution that allows providing outstanding customer service. And, Help Desk Migration helps you make the transition process fast and simple. Here’s how.

Have a complete history of interactions
with your customers in the new help desk

When repeat customers come to you with a new issue or question, all the conversation history should be at your fingertips to deliver outstanding service. Help Desk Migration service gives you the freedom to choose a help desk that meets your needs best without losing valuable customer data.

How to migrate help desk data

Step 1. Sign up your account

The first thing you need to do is register on our website with an email or using social media. When signing up with an email be sure that the email address is valid so we can reach out for you in case of any updates. Also, don’t forget to leave a valid phone number. It helps us to reach out to you even faster.

No credit card required. Secure and safe. Free limited data migration forever.

Step 2. Connect the platform you’re using now

Choose your current help desk and provide access to your account via a secure form. The credentials we request depend on the type of platform you choose. Also, make sure that your account has the admin rights to this platform, otherwise, you won’t be able to run your Free Demo.

Remember, that we don’t change or delete anything on the source platform. Read why we request access to your account.

We don`t share your access credentials with parties and guarantee the safety of your data according to our Security Policy.

Step 3. Connect the destination platform

The same way, you will need to make sure that your account has the admin rights, select the platform you would like to migrate to and provide the credentials to your help desk account.

Disable any automation rules you have on in your new help desk to avoid updates being sent during the migration.

Step 4. Select data for migration

Now that you’ve connected both of your accounts, you need to choose what data to transition. Using our migration tool you can migrate Tickets, Contacts, Agents, Agent Groups, Companies, Replies, Notes, Attachments, and even Knowledge Base articles.

The list of the data that is possible to migrate depends on your source and target platform and can differ from the described earlier.

Step 4.1 Map ticket fields

While deciding what records to migrate, you should also review the mapping of ticket filds; and statuses of Knowledge Base articles. Out-of-the-box mapping of standard AND custom fields are an exclusive HDM feature. With it, you can be sure that everything preserves correct relation structure on your future help desk.

Step 5. Start Free Demo Migration

When you’re ready, start your Free Demo Migration to see how it works before migrating all help desk data. It takes only a couple of minutes. Our service will choose 20 Tickets and migrate them to the platform you had chosen.

Learn how to check the result of the demo.

When the preview is ready, just head over to the target platform. Make sure that all records migrated correctly.

Step 6. Proceed to the Full Data Migration

If you’re satisfied with your test migration, you now have to proceed to the payment. After you complete the payment process, go back to the Migration Wizard and start the migration.

Once started, don’t change or delete any of the migrated records, otherwise, some data may be lost or scattered!

Now, you can leave the migration running and wait for the results. The process usually takes from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the number of your records. As soon as the migration is over, you will receive an email notification and will be able to evaluate the outcome.

Why use Help Desk Migration?

We care about data safety

Three security layers and regular security audits ensure that your data is stored in a safe and reliable storage center. Protection from physical and electronic attacks, natural disasters, and any data breaches - all these are about our security system.

*Read our security policy for more info

Free Demo Migration

Any website user can set up a Free Demo Migration before paying a penny! Just connect your current and target platforms, choose the data to migrate and check the results in just a few clicks.

*What is demo migration and how it works?

We are partners with leading help desks

Help Desk vendors like Zendesk, Kayako, Freshworks, Help Scout, and many more recommend us as their official data migration partner.

*About our partners

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