How It Works

Migrate help desk data in a fast, reliable way between help desk platforms or import from any other source. Help Desk Migration helps you to save your time, efforts, and customers’ loyalty. Check out how you can do it code-free without software downtime.

Why Help Desk Migration?

Quick onboarding with an intuitive Wizard

Migration Wizard takes a few steps to set up your records switch. You don't need coding skills or specific knowledge to migrate your help desk tool with us. Also, you can import your records from CSV or any database to enrich your database or improve analytics performance.

Create custom fields while mapping

The custom field creation got enhanced to a click. Create identical custom fields on your target platform right from Migration Wizard. Having a clear view of what fields are missing on your target platform, you can quickly improve your data mapping.

Partnership with leading help desk vendors

We are recognized partners of Zendesk, Freshworks, Kayako, Help Scout, and many more. They recommend us as their official data migration partner. Learn more about how to become our partner.

Tune up ticket fields mapping

Migration Wizard fetches default and custom fields available on a source help desk for you to match agents and groups and map fields properly on a target solution. So you control and choose how to match your agents and groups and move ticket values.

Schedule data migration

Choose a date and time for running your help desk migration. You can set up the legacy data for transition first and use the Delta migration option to transfer the latest records.

Free Demo and custom demo migration

Any website user can give a test drive to our service using a Free Demo* migration. This way, you transfer random 20 tickets and 20 knowledge base articles. Or you can request a Custom Demo to switch handpicked tickets.

Out-of-the-box customization

Take control over customization* and tailor your data migration painlessly.

  • Add tags to tickets for better managing new and legacy data on your new platform
  • Choose tags you'd like to have in your tickets after the migration
  • Migrate the inline images as ticket attachments
  • Skip attachments to speed up your data switch

*Supported for a shortlist of platforms. Contact our representative for details. Other help desk systems are under the hood yet.

Value of Delta migration

For companies with a huge amount of data, we recommend setting up and starting data switch earlier and use Delta migration to update the most recent changes. No downtime, consistent workflow, and fast data migration.

Caring about data safety

Security policy includes regular audits, a reliable storage center, and three security layers: physical and electronic attacks, natural disasters, and any data breaches. We also keep increasing the number of our security compliances.

How to migrate help desk data?

Step 1. Register your account

Sign up on our Wizard via email or use social media account. No credit card required.

Be sure to use a valid email to reach out for you in case of any updates. Also, leave a valid phone number so we can reach out to you faster.

Step 2. Connect your current platform or source

Choose your source help desk tool and provide access to your account. The requested credentials depend on the type of platform.

To set up a Demo or Full data migration, your account must have admin rights to this platform.

We don’t change or delete anything on the source platform. Read here why we request access to your account.

We don`t share any data with their parties and guarantee data security according to our Security Policy.

Step 3. Connect the desired platform

Check if your account has admin rights to the destination platform. Then select the target help desk platform, and provide access credentials to connect your account to Migration Wizard.

To prevent getting updates during the data migration, disable automation rules in your new help desk.

Step 4. Select data for migration

Use our migration tool to switch Tickets, Contacts, Agents, Groups, Companies, and Knowledge Base records (i.e., articles, categories, and sections.)

The object list available for a migration depends on your source and target platforms. So it can vary from the enlisted entities.

Step 4.1 Match your team [New]

To map your support managers, click "Match items.” It leads you to a menu where you see all available agents on the source platform and choose them on the target from the drop-down menu.

The group matching option is available for help desk platforms that support such an option. It works the same way as agent matching. You match your groups between source and target platforms.

If you got no support agent profiles on your target yet, Migration Wizard fetches the instance owner’s email and makes them a default agent.

Create agents and groups right within Wizard using the "Add the same staff/group on the target" option. (On condition, your target platform supports such an option.)

Step 4.2 Map ticket fields

Control how your data is migrated via mapping ticket fields and Knowledge Base articles. Click "Match fields" and set the preferred mapping, add missing fields right in Migration Wizard.

Out-of-the-box mapping of default and custom fields is our exclusive feature. The key benefit is preserving the correct relation structure of data on your target help desk tool.

Step 5. Try Free Demo migration

Connect your platforms, select required entities, map and match staff and ticket entities, and start your Free Demo migration. That’s the best way to see how Migration Wizard works. It takes only a few minutes to migrate 20 random tickets and Knowledge Base articles with all related records, and your migration preview is ready.

Go ahead to your destination platform to check the result of your Demo.

Step 6. Run your Full Data migration

Results of your test migration look great, so you proceed to the payment. Once it’s complete, you can go back to Migration Wizard and start your Full migration.

To avoid data loss or scattering, don’t change or delete any of the migrated records while your data migration is running.

Your data migration is running on our servers, so you can close the Wizard tab. The migration time depends on the number of records and usually takes a few hours to a few days. Once everything is done, you receive an email notification to check the results.

What are the extra benefits you can get?

Each data migration platform is unique, and you need some extra help along with the process flow. Choose the best suitable support offering for your business needs.



9/5 Support


Help via email, phone & chat


Regular SLA response time (within 24 hours)


Data re-migration


Delta migration

PREMIUM (+ $199)


16/7 support


Help via email, phone & chat


High priority response time


Senior support team


1 data re-migration within 5 days


Delta migration

SIGNATURE (+ $499)


16/7 support


Help via email, phone & chat


Off-hours urgent (up to 2 business hours)


Dedicated tech support on weekends/holidays


1 data re-migration within 10 days


1 delta migration within 10 days

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