Disclaimer: The information on this page is of a purely informational nature and aims to familiarize visitors of the site/users of our service with GDPR and their rights according to this law.

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It takes effect on May 25 and concerns residents of the European Union and companies that collect and process their data. The GDPR expands the privacy rights of EU individuals and places new obligations on all organizations that market, track, or handle EU personal data.

What does this mean for you as the end user?

In the case, the implementation of GDPR gives you the right to:
  • Know which data is collected by the Help Desk Migration service.
  • Know why this data is collected.
  • Agree or disagree with the collection of data during the initial visit/use of our website/service.
  • Change or delete the data you provided to the Help Desk Migration service.
  • Know how we protect your personal data.
  • Know how you can change/delete/disagree to the collection of your data.

Is the Help Desk Migration service GDPR compliant?

Yes, it is. Much of the GDPR is built on the existing EU data protection framework which we are already well placed for. But we’ve also taken some measures to comply with GDPR, such as:
  • Inform the clients and the website visitors about the data we collect and the purpose of its use.
  • Inform the users on how to disable the below-mentioned tracking and not share their private information with us.
  • Provide a way to access/download/ request a delete the collected data.
  • Enable clients to unsubscribe from marketing emails or request to be removed from the database by contacting us.

How does the Help Desk Migration service collect and process your data

What kind of personal data is obtained?

When you sign up to use our service we request the following credentials:
  • name;
  • e-mail address;
  • password;
  • phone number.
When you visit, our server records the following information sent from your browser (cookies):
  • web request (e.g., date, time, etc.);
  • IP address;
  • browser type;
  • browser language;
  • one or more cookies identifying your browser.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small bits of data files widely used by separate websites and online service providers for reporting and usability purposes. As you surf the Internet, cookies record which websites you visit; they can also be used to remember the information you input in fields, i.e., autofill.

Why does the Help Desk Migration service use cookies and other tracking technologies?

Cookies are used to remember your setup, understand preferences, ease the further logging into a service and make it secure. They also help us improve the usability of our service/website and advertise to relevant audiences. You can disable cookies on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Note, that this may affect your experience with our website and service. Other tracking technologies: We may use other technologies from time to time, like Inspectlet, HubSpot CRM, etc. Using these technologies we recognize when someone has visited us and can analyze their behavior; or, in the case of web beacons, know that clients open the emails we send.

Why does the Help Desk Migration service collect your personal data?

The information mentioned above is used to:
  • Improve your experience with our website and data migration tool.
  • Successfully perform a help desk migration - to set up a migration you have to specify the URL address of your help desk, API key, email, password, etc. These credentials are necessary to perform the migration and are only used for that purpose. When the migration is complete, the credentials are automatically removed from our system.
  • Contact you – send an estimate, answer your questions, send you notifications/updates about the migration.

Data Security

How does the Help Desk Migration service make sure that your data is 100% protected?

As a Data Controller, we understand the responsibility we bear for the safety of your data. Check out our Security Policy for more detailed information on the matter.

How you can access your data

What is your data deletion and retention policy, and associated timescale?

According to GDPR, every current user of our service and website visitor can request to delete their private information by sending an email to Important note: deleted information cannot be restored. For instance, if you request to cancel your account, all information will be permanently removed, including all migrations.

Can you access your data any time you want?

By logging into your Help Desk Migration account, you can access the following information:
  • The name, email, and phone you used to sign up. You can change the name and phone by yourself, but you cannot change the email.
  • All migrations you have set up. You can edit them and review their status.
If you’d like to delete certain migrations from your account, suspend your account, download your personal data, please, contact us at

What documents/instructions does the Help Desk Migration service follow to process personal data?

The Help Desk Migration service processes your information under our Terms of Service, Security Policy, and Service Level Agreement. We also sign
  • an NDA agreement with clients who order custom migrations and grant us access to their help desk, platforms;
  • a DPA (Data Processing Agreement) which describes all details of data processing during the data migration.

Questions & Concerns

If you have any additional questions concerning GDPR or your personal data, feel free to contact us via
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