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Currently, Help Desk Migration has stopped accepting guest posts.
When we start accepting posts again, you will find the updates on this page.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for writers, full of unique ideas and expertise in data migration and customer support. We do not have a strict limitation when it comes to your occupation. Our team welcomes journalists and freelance writers who investigated such topics and can offer our readers useful insights and updates. However, being a support manager or team-lead of the support department would be a benefit. 

We know what you might be thinking - writing a gripping article on data migration or customer support takes a lot of effort and time. It is true to some extent. But the end results are definitely worth the hard work. You’re not simply contributing an article to be lost in the ocean of other writers. We will make sure that your work will be acknowledged by our readers by promoting the article extensively on all our social media channels.

Moreover, our team is focused on talent and knowledge rather than the experience you have. Everyone has to begin somewhere and we will make sure to provide a great starting point for you. If you’re a first-timer and don’t know all the subtleties or nuances no need to worry. Once your outline has been accepted, our team will provide you with constant support and much-needed advice.

Kinds of articles we publish

The topics on our blog vary, but we mostly tend to publish the following types of content:

  • Help desks platforms reviews and face-to-face tool comparison;
  • Detailed guides on how to use certain help desks and their features;
  • Data migration tips;
  • Customer support, including tips and tricks, opinions, and guides.

Get to know the topic range on our blog.

What we won’t publish

There are certain points we find essential to mention to avoid any misunderstanding in the future:

  • Plagiarism. We think it’s pretty self-explanatory, but you have to have to be the author of the articles you want to pitch in.
  • Articles that are already published somewhere. We’re looking for unique content that will be written especially for our website.
  • Articles on topics that are outside of our subject matter. 
  • Articles with an obvious attempt at content marketing. If you work for another company, we would highly appreciate it if you won’t push it too hard promoting your products.

Note: In each case, we reserve the right to refuse in further cooperation.

Who are we publishing for?

CEOs, CTOs, operations managers, technicians, and IT specialists who deal with data migration on a daily basis form the great percentage of our readers. Mostly, these people represent various online businesses, starting from online stores and educational organizations to software engineering and providers. Our help desks platforms reviews help them make an informed decision for data migration.

You can view the ‘Success Stories’ section on our website to have a better understanding of our client base.

Our guidelines

  • Original content
  • Starting from 2000 words
  • No promo links (your website link can only be put once in your author bio)
  • The use of pictures, graphs, tables, and useful links would be a plus. Note that each picture in the article should be linked to its source.

How to pitch the article

In case you already have a draft that meets our guidelines, send it to marketing@help-desk-migration.com with the subject ‘Guest Post for Help Desk Migration’.

If you don’t have a ready-to-go draft but an idea or simple outline instead, contact us through email anyways. Just make sure to include the following:

  • Article title
  • A short generalized description of what the article will be about. Write a few paragraphs summarizing the main idea you would like to convey along with the proper arguments on how we could benefit from the potential article. These arguments should be clear and concise for us to correctly understand your idea.
  • Whom the article is aimed for
  • Article contents
  • Background and short personal information

How the process will go

Send us the email with your proposed outline along with the few words about yourself so that we can get acquainted with you and the ideas you've brought to our table.
Our editor will try to review your submission as soon as possible. If your ideas are worthy, someone from our team will contact you to discuss the prospects of collaborative work. Feel free to ask any questions along the way.
Send us your draft for review, so we can see if any alterations are needed. Don't be alarmed as it happens in most cases for our readers to enjoy the best content. As soon as remarks are done, we'll inform you when your piece is ready for publication.
If so, after the final touches, the article will be scheduled to go live. Your work will be rewarded with an honorarium and full credit.
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