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What Data Can You Import from Freshdesk to Jira Service Management ?

With Help Desk Migration app, you can smoothly migrate massive piles of various records entities to or from Freshdesk to Jira Service Management. Here’s the set of data entities you can migrate incorporating automation service without extra help from tech pros.

Do you require peculiar Freshdesk to Jira Service Management import demands?

Let's discuss your requirements for a nonstandard data import.

Freshdesk entities Jira Service Management entities
Help Desk
Agents Users
Companies Organizations
Contacts Customers
Tickets Issues
Knowledge Base
Categories Categories
Folders Folders
Articles Contents
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How Freshdesk to Jira Service Management Data Migration Works

Our automated migration service greenlights you import and export records in a few simple actions. However, if you have special demands or a non-standard data structure, feel free to select a custom way.

Connect platforms

Connect your source and target platforms

Map and match data

Specify how your data should be transferred


Start a Demo to access the replication tool and its results

Full Data Migration

Start or plan your data transition

Grow Your Freshdesk to Jira Service Management Export with These Opportunities

  • Omit attachments

    Does your expected help desk system enable small data storage? Leave behind attachments, especially if your historical support service data doesn’t suffer a loss of its value without them. The data import and export time will go down significantly.

  • Create a new tag to the imported tickets

    Are you going to use a existing platform during data migration? To lessen chaos, apply extra tags to the exported tickets to separate them from the existing ones.

  • Import inline images as attachments

    Don’t want to leave behind images fixed into the tickets? You can export and import them to the new help desk system as attachments.

  • Take a look our Demo with custom records by transferring 20 entities

    If you need to see how particular entities settle in the targeted help desk solution, start this free custom Demo and choose 20 entities for a export.

  • Import newest data first

    Opt for this feature to transfer your newest records in a chronological flow, from newest to oldest. This automated capability is applicable to Full Migrations.

Your Help Desk Data Import or Export is the Whole Way Through

Using Help Desk Migration app, don't worry about security of valuable records. We properly analyse all facilities and make updates, so that your data is protected matching to the recent requirements.

We enforce a firm two-factor access policy

Help Desk Migration Wizard uses two-factor access. What’s more, your company representatives can only import from Freshdesk records if they ​​possess admin access. With these safety functions arranged, you don't worry about data leakage.

Three-layer business data security

We enable 3 layers of data safety: physical (we protect our data hosting equipment against physical and logical breach), network (we secure our networks against cyber harm), and app (we take care of your data within our data importing solution from forbidden access).

We follow safety principles

Our Help Desk Migration service corresponds to leading security levels, providing utmost greatest protection for your business data. We are compatible with HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other key data protection standards. And our broad compliance portfolio continues getting large.

What is the cost of your Freshdesk to Jira Service Management data migration?

And now to the burning question. How much will it cost to switch from Freshdesk to Jira Service Management? The cost will mostly depend on the business data volume you want to migrate, the complexity of your requirements, and the options you’ll use or customizations you’ll inquire. Run a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard performance and figure out how much your data transfer will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

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Find out the way to prepare for Jira Service Management data migration

Prepare for Jira Service Management data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Complete Freshdesk to Jira Service Management Import in a Couple Clicks

Import your records from Freshdesk to Jira Service Management without trouble and with no disrupting your utmost objective of fixing your clients’ issues.

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