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What Types of Data Can You Import from Freshservice to Zendesk ?

With our Migration service, you can with ease migrate huge volumes of diverse data types to or from Freshservice to Zendesk. Examine the parameters of records you can migrate incorporating automated service without extra guidance from tech pros.

Do you need certain Freshservice to Zendesk import needs?

Let's discuss your specific needs for a personalized data migration.

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How Freshservice to Zendesk Data Migration Works

You can do data migration in a few simple actions, using our automated migration solution. However, if you have specific demands or a special data structure, feel free to select a custom approach.

Connect platforms

Connect your source and target platforms

Map and match data

Specify how your data should be transferred


Start a Demo to access the replication tool and its results

Full Data Migration

Start or plan your data transition

Enhance Your Freshservice to Zendesk Migrate with These Features

  • Bypass attachments

    Does your destination help desk system offer limited data storage? Skip attachments, specially if your historical support service data lose no track of processes without them. The data import time will trim significantly.

  • Choose a new tag to the imported tickets

    Apply tags to the moved tickets — this way, you won’t misinterpret them with those existing. You may further arrange the tickets by qualifying tags like ‘lost,’ ‘closed,’ or ‘stop replying.’

  • Employ the attachment feature to Import inline images

    Don’t want to lose images set in into the tickets? You can import them to the new platform as attachments.

  • Demo with custom data: Pick 20 entities for import

    Avoid any guessing. Ensure you comprehend exactly what the entities settle at the end of you’ve copied them. Our Demo with custom data allows you select 20 entities for a test migration.

  • Transfer newest data first

    Choose this feature to move your most recent records in a chronological flow, from newest to oldest. The option is applicable exclusively to Full Migration.

Your Help Desk Data Import and Export is Protected at Every Stage

Applying Help Desk Migration solution, don't worry about security of valuable records. We constantly examine all facilities and make updates, so that your business data is protected matching to the up-to-date recommendations.

We apply a strict two-factor authentication policy

Our Migration Wizard uses two-factor authentication. Moreover, only your business reps with admin access rights can export your Freshservice information. Linked, these security measures avoid the risk of data leak.

We apply Three-layer

Help Desk Migration provides 3 levels of data safety. At the physical level, we defense our data hosting facilities from any breach. At the application level, we block any unlawful entry to your records on our service. And, last but not least, on the network level, we secure our networks against cyber harm.

Compliance with protection regulations

We protect your business data based on all integral security fundamentals. Help Desk Migration service carries an extended set of compliance, and we are growing it. Currently, we are compatible with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data protection principles.

How much does Freshservice to Zendesk data migration cost?

How much will you need to invest in the switch from Freshservice to Zendesk? The cost will mostly depend on the records volume you require to move, the complexity of your requirements, and the features you’ll select or customizations you’ll request. Run a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and figure out how much your data transfer will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Feedback encourages us improve our service: Few thoughts from Help Desk Migration customers

Mastering the Zendesk Import Process

Importing data to Zendesk shouldn't be a headache. With the right strategy, you can master the Zendesk import process effortlessly. Here's how:

  • Preparation: Before you start, organize your data and ensure it's in the right format. Our Zendesk data importer tool supports various file types, including CSV, making it easy to get your data ready.
  • Automation: To save time and reduce errors, consider Zendesk import automation. Our Zendesk import solutions include automation features that can handle recurring imports, so you don't have to worry about manual updates.
  • Execution: Use our step-by-step guide to execute the Zendesk CSV import smoothly. Our Zendesk data import experts are available to assist you every step of the way.
  • Quality Assurance: After importing data into Zendesk, perform a thorough quality check to ensure everything is in order. Our Zendesk data import tool includes validation features to help you spot and correct any issues.
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Find out the way to prepare for Zendesk data migration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data migration from Freshservice to Zendesk depends on such factors: 1) the volume of migrated records; 2) the number and size of attachments; 3) the API limits of Freshservice and Zendesk. So the higher your API limits, the faster your Freshservice to Zendesk migration can go.

Set up a Free Demo Migration to test how Migration Wizard works and how your data will look on Zendesk. You can try a Demo with custom data to transfer specific tickets and KB articles IDs from Freshservice to Zendesk.

To begin the Freshservice to Zendesk migration, prepare your Freshservice account and then move on to migration planning. Select an appropriate day and create a checklist outlining what needs to be disabled on your Source and what settings should be configured on Zendesk. Once you have completed the planning stage, proceed with the Demo Migration. Once it is complete, check if everything migrated correctly. For a more detailed guide, check the Zendesk Data Migration Checklist.

Help Desk Migration lets you migrate from Freshservice to Zendesk such records:

  • Tickets
  • Groups
  • Agents
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Ticket attachments
  • Ticket private and public notes
  • Inline images
  • Ticket custom fields
  • Organization custom fields
  • Contact custom fields
  • CC in tickets
  • Created_at, Updated_at, Closed_at
  • Knowledge base articles with folders and categories
  • Knowledge base tags
  • Inline images

If you need to migrate other data types, let’s discuss the customization options to adjust the Freshservice to Zendesk migration to your needs.

Before starting Freshservice to Zendesk migration, apply the following settings:

  • Create custom fields corresponding to the Freshservice ones
  • Setup saved replies (macros) on Zendesk
  • Create the same agent profiles you have on Freshservice
  • Activate the Zendesk Help Center to migrate the knowledge base data
  • Turn off triggers and automation on Zendesk
  • Deactivate ticket conditions on Zendesk

Try out a Free Demo Migration to see how your data will look on Zendesk after the Freshservice to Zendesk transfer. Once the Demo is complete, you'll get a table with the migration results for migrated, skipped, and failed records. Check the reports for issues and copy record IDs to ensure everything is landed on Zendesk properly. If everything looks good, you're ready for the Full Freshservice to Zendesk Migration.

Help Desk Migration provides three support options: Standard, Premium, and Signature. The Standard package is free and includes assistance from our team via email, phone, and chat from Monday to Friday, with a response time of up to 24 hours. The Premium and Signature packages offer 16/5 support on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends through email, phone, and chat. And these paid support offerings have a list of extra options to make your help desk migration painless and easy. Check them out here to learn all the details.

All-packed Freshservice to Zendesk Import in a Couple Clicks

Migrate your records from Freshservice to Zendesk effortlessly without disordering from what really matters — putting right your customers’ matters. Our Wizard takes on all the work behind the scenes when you simply enjoy applying your new platform.

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