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How Kustomer to Freshservice Data Migration Flows

You can perform records import in a few simple actions, with our automated migration service. If you’re dealing with a elaborate data structure, feel free to choose our customized way. We’re all set to follow your distinct demands.

Step 1. Connect your Kustomer and Freshservice solutions

Step 2. Select the data you need to migrate from Kustomer to Freshservice or vice versa

Step 3. Map your data in Kustomer and Freshservice and do the required changes if they don’t

Step 4. Check the results by running Free Demo

Step 5. If the migration looks superior to you, move ahead with your Full Migration

That’s it! Are you searching to migrate your business data from Kustomer to Freshservice? Use our secure and automated data migration platform.

Step 1. Reach out to our support team to get rolling working on custom migration

Step 2. Let our team of migration ninjas modify on data import that corresponds your special data structure

Step 3. Begin a Demo Migration to look at what your data will be once imported

Step 4. If everything looks superior, perform Full Migration

Does your Kustomer to Freshservice migration case demand a distinct approach? No worries. Help Desk Migration qualified support service is in place to help you in every part of the process.

Help Desk Migration Is Business Intact Service When Exporting from Kustomer to Freshservice

Don’t allow data migration to throw off you from your business

Our automated migration tool offers an efficient tool, whether you’re migrating your customer service operations from Kustomer to Freshservice. With just a few clicks, your support service platform will be live on a new solution — no need to tolerate any holdback!

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Data import and export with security standards

Help Desk Migration Wizard handles your data is safe throughout the import or export process. We offer supreme customer service data safety incorporating established procedures, added to regulatory compliance, established server safekeeping, and proper security tests.

Use the migration tool that clients love

A collection of successful data migrations and lots of awards and inspiring commentaries can confirm the excellence of Help Desk migration service. And our aim for quality does not cease there. Help Desk Migration team proceed to get better our app and offer neat options to include measures for ensuring we’re covering most of your data migration requirements.

Mapping fields window

Benefit from clear mapping to deal with your most complex needs

Set yourself free from the time-consuming chore of adding nonexistent data types or help desk data amidst Kustomer to Freshservice migration. Help Desk Migration app lets you map entities and transform your data import and export. You preserve the structure of your records with minor work.

Pick a suitable time for data import

Get going by the help desk data migration anytime it fits into your business processes. Moreover, our Delta opportunity will greenlight you to import the freshly changed entities after the historical customer service data was migrated. Then, relax and greenlight our service take care of the rest.

Scheduling window
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Work with a support pros you can completely be sure of

Don't fret about confronting challenges whilst performing your Supported Platform data import and export. Help Desk Migration customer service pros is in place to aid you with any issues. With plenty of familiarity moving data, Help Desk Migration team are well-skilled to confirm a successful migration of your records.

What Data Can You Import from Kustomer to Freshservice ?

With Help Desk Migration service, you can with ease migrate sizable piles of varied records entities to or from Kustomer to Freshservice. Inspect the list of data types you can import making use of automated service without extra help from tech pros.

Do you need exclusive Kustomer to Freshservice import inquirements?

Let's discuss your requirements for a customized data import.

Kustomer entitiesFreshservice entities
Help Desk
Knowledge Base
Sub CategoriesFolders
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Freshservice data migration

Prepare for Freshservice data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Elevate Your Kustomer to Freshservice Migrate with These Options

Transfer knowledge base articles translations

Get your multilingual help center to your target help desk platform easily! Choose our “Migrate content translations” option and transfe translated language versions of each article automatedly.

Leave behind attachments

Does your future help desk platform provide compact data storage? Leave behind attachments, specially if your historical data drop none of its value without them. The data migration time will trim significantly.

Apply a additional tag to the imported tickets

Are you going to use a current platform during data migration? To get rid of mistakes, add tags to the exported tickets to distinguish them from the existing ones.

Migrate inline images as attachments

Don’t want to leave behind images inserted into the tickets? You can import them to the new help desk platform as attachments.

Give a try to our Demo with custom records by migrating 20 entities

Don't waste your time on doubts. Ensure you comprehend absolutely how the entities settle after you’ve migrated them. Help Desk Migration’s Demo with custom data greenlights you choose 20 entities for a test migration.

Move newest data first

Choose this castomization to move your most recent records in a chronological flow, from newest to oldest. This automated capability is applicable to Full Migrations.

What is the cost of your Kustomer to Freshservice data migration?

And now to the burning question. How much will it cost to switch from Kustomer to Freshservice? The cost will mostly depend on the business data volume you require to move, the complexity of your specifications, and the options you’ll use or customizations you’ll ask for. Start a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and learn how much your data transfer will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Your Help Desk Data Import is the Whole Way Through

Employing Help Desk Migration tool, don't worry about security of critical records. We commit to the fresh requirements, run proper upgrades, and unfailingly check all facilities.

We employ a strict two-factor authentication policy

Help Desk Migration Wizard applies two-factor authentication. Moreover, your agents can only import from Kustomer records if they have admin rights. With these security functions in order, you don't worry about information leak.

Three-layer data security

We enable three levels of business data protection: physical (we protect our data hosting equipment against any breach), network (we protect our networks against cyber abuse), and app (we protect your data within our importing and exporting platform against forbidden access).

We meet security levels

Help Desk Migration service accomplishes to upmost security fundamentals, providing utmost greatest security for your business data. We meet the demands and requirements of HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other required data safety standards. And our broad compliance portfolio continues getting enlarged.

Reviews encourages us upgrade our service: Several words from our clients

Packed Kustomer to Freshservice Import in a Couple Clicks

Import your records from Kustomer to Freshservice effortlessly without disordering from what actually matters — putting right your clients’ matters. Our solution manages all the work behind the scenes when you simply enjoy working with your new platform.
Start data migration

Get more helpful insights about data import

Willing to know more about help desk business data import and support service upgrading? Surf our help section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Migrating from Kustomer to Freshservice? Follow these steps: audit and cleanse Kayako data, select records to migrate, deactivate interfering triggers/notifications, configure Freshservice settings, seek Help Desk Migration assistance, and verify migrated IDs with reports.

The duration of the data migration process is determined by the volume of data to be migrated and the API limits of both your Kustomer and Freshservice accounts. Faster migration can be achieved with higher API limits.

Once a Free Demo is complete, you’ll see a summary table with results. Open every report for migrated, skipped, and failed records and verify if data migrated correctly. To do so, copy IDs for the source and target platforms and compare them on ServiceNow and Freshservice. The reports for failed records include the exact errors so you can fix them before re-migrating data. As for skipped records, contact our team for more details.

Before migrating your help desk data, set up custom fields and agent profiles on Freshservice that mirror those on Kustomer. Then turn off email notifications for tickets on Freshservice. After that, disable workflow, scenarios, automations, and closure rules. Finally, deactivate the Priority Matrix. Note that you can turn on all these features once the Full Data Migration is complete.

By default, you can’t transfer organizations, ticket inline images, and tags for knowledge base articles from Kustomer to Freshservice. Howeve, you can request a Custom Migration to import all required data. For more details, reach out to our team.

To begin the migration process, go to Migration Wizard and select Kustomer as your source platform and Freshservice as your target platform. Follow the provided instructions, and the Help Desk Migration team will guide you through the steps to successfully migrate your data.

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