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How Does Gorgias to Intercom Data Migration Perform?

You can perform records migration in a few simple actions, with our automated migration app. However, if you have unique needs or a special data structure, feel free to select a custom approach.

Step 1. Start by connecting your Gorgias and Intercom platforms

Step 2. Pick the information you want to migrate from Gorgias to Intercom or vice versa

Step 3. Match your data in Gorgias and Intercom and do the demanded if they don’t

Step 4. Check the results by initiating Free Demo Migration

Step 5. If the data migration is superior to you, continue with Full Data Migration

That’s it! Are you all set to export from Gorgias to Intercom? Choose our fully automated service to save time and assets with no affecting value.

Step 1. Contact us for customized help desk data migration

Step 2. Let our team of professionals guide you through your personalized data import

Step 3. Begin a Demo Migration to check what your data will look like once imported

Step 4. If everything is superior, go ahead your Full Data Migration

Enjoy painless, customized data migration from Gorgias to Intercom, with expert support at every stage. No worries. Help Desk Migration expert support is up for it to help you in every stage of the migration.

Help Desk Migration Is Best Business Solution When Importing from Gorgias to Intercom

Don’t empower data migration to distract you from your business

Whether you’re moving from Gorgias to Intercom, use our automated migration solution. It will allow you to import or export all your records to a chosen platform in just a few clicks. Thus, you will have your migration accomplished in a timely fashion without putting critical tasks on the shelf.

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Data migration meets security standards

The Migration Wizard will handle your data security during all phases of the migration process. To confirm the maximal protection of your support service records whether they are in import or at rest, we implement tried runthrough. There encompass conducting proper security audits, retaining our servers guarded, meeting different commands, and more.

Use the migration app that customers love

Lots of goal-achieved data exports and numerous awards and inspiring reviews can confirm the value of our migration service. Additionally, we don’t stop there. For our objective is to contain most of your migration inquirements, we keep growing our solution and constantly increase it with neat functioning.

Mapping fields window

Use intuitive mapping to cover all your needs

Free yourself from the time-consuming chore of adding missing record types or data entities amidst Gorgias to Intercom migration. So you can map standard and custom ticket fields, or otherwise transform your data import and export right away our migration service. This will keep the native structure of your records smoothly on your part.

Choose a appropriate time for data migration

Choose the most appropriate time to set up and launch the help desk data import workflow. Get going by migrating historical records and then go for the Delta option to move your most recently updated data entities. Then, relax and allow our migration service make the rest.

Scheduling window
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Work with a support representatives you can fully count on

Are you trying to cope with tasks with your Supported Platform data import and export? Our customer support agents is in place to aid you with any obstacles. With years of successful data export/import experience, they can fix any issue joined with your support service data migration or even supply guidance during the total record migration.

What Kind of Entities Can You Migrate from Gorgias to Intercom ?

With Help Desk Migration tool, you can efficiently migrate hefty volumes of varied records types to or from Gorgias to Intercom. Inspect the list of data types you can import or export implementing automated tool without any assistance from tech support team.

Do you need distinguishing Gorgias to Intercom migration demands?

Let us know about a custom data import.

Gorgias entitiesIntercom entities
Help Desk
CustomersUsers and Leads
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Intercom data migration

Prepare for Intercom data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Grow Your Gorgias to Intercom Import with These Features

Omit attachments

Does your expected help desk solution offer small data storage? Skip attachments, specially if your current support data loses none of its value without them. The data migration time will cut down greatly.

Create a extra tag to the migrated tickets

Add extra tags to the migrated tickets — just like that, you won’t mess them with those existing. You may further sort the tickets by assigning tags like ‘lost,’ ‘closed,’ or ‘stop replying.’

Apply the attachment feature to Migrate inline images

Export the images embedded into tickets as attachments. The data import and export time might take more time, but the images will be moved to a destination help desk platform.

Demo with custom data: Choose 20 entities for export

If you require to see how handpicked entities settle in the desired platform, start this free custom Demo and appoint 20 entities for a test.

What is the cost of your Gorgias to Intercom data migration?

And now to the burning question. How much will it cost to switch from Gorgias to Intercom? The price will largely depend on the business data volume you require to move, the complexity of your demands, and the features you’ll use or customizations you’ll ask for. Set a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard performance and figure out how much your data switch will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Your Help Desk Data Import and Export is Secured at Each and Every Step

With Help Desk Migration tool, don't worry about safety of business data. We frequently examine all servers and make improvements, so that your data is guarded matching to the recent requirements.

We enforce a rigid 2FA access policy

Help Desk Migration Wizard takes advantage of 2FA access. Additionally, only your company representatives with admin rights can import your Gorgias information. Collect, these safety measures prevent the risk of information leak.

We use 3-layer

Help Desk Migration enables three layers of records security. At the physical level, we shield our hosting facilities from any breach. At the app layer, we cease any illegal entry to your data on our platform. And, finally, on the network level, we protect our networks from cyber abuse.

We meet protection fundamentals

Our Help Desk Migration service fulfills to top security levels, providing maximum security for your records. We are compliant with HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other major data safety levels. And our extended compliance portfolio is getting expanded.

Reviews motivates us improve our service: Several thoughts from our clients

Complete Gorgias to Intercom Migration in a Few Clicks

Export your business records from Gorgias to Intercom with ease without confusing from what actually matters — setting right your customers’ concerns. Help Desk Migration app handles all the work behind the scenes while you simply enjoy applying your new platform.
Start data migration

More information about data migration

Want to learn more? Our help section is constantly updating information on customer service improvement and help desk platforms import and export. Check it out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Help Desk Migration provides full support during your migration. Their knowledgeable team is available to address any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and successful migration from Gorgias to Intercom. You can choose from different support plans or opt for the Concierge Migration Service for a hassle-free experience.

The duration of the migration varies based on the number of records (including attachments) and the API limits of your Gorgias and Intercom accounts. Consequently, having higher API limits will expedite your migration from Gorgias to Intercom.

Your customer service operations on your Gorgias account can proceed without interruption. Upon completing the Full Data Migration, you can initiate a Delta migration to exclusively transfer new and updated records.

To start the migration, set up your Gorgias account and proceed with migration planning. Choose a suitable date and create a checklist that specifies which should be disabled on your source platform and what settings need to be configured on Intercom. Once the planning stage is completed, you can proceed with the Demo Migration. After the migration is finished, verify that all data has been successfully transferred. For a more comprehensive guide, refer to the Intercom Data Migration Checklist.

Once you have made the final update to your Demo Migration settings, you have a 30-day window to start the Full Migration from Gorgias to Intercom. Failure to commence the Full Migration within this period will result in archiving your migration project.

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