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The User-friendly and Issue-free HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk Data Import Tool You'll Discover

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Encrypted dialogues, secure servers, newest authorization methods
Automated approach, never get time-out, reduced workflow pauses
Reasonable pricing to guarantee a function + charge balance
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How HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk Data Migration Goes

You can perform data import in five simple steps, applying our automated migration service. However, if you have specific demands or a distinct data structure, feel free to go with a custom mode.

Step 1. Get going by connecting your HubSpot Service Hub and Zendesk platforms

Step 2. Select the data you need to import from HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk or vice versa

Step 3. Double-check the data fields align andfix up if required

Step 4. Set up a Free Demo Migration to preview how your data will look after the import

Step 5. If everything is superior, move ahead your Full Data Migration

Voila! Ready to import from HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk? Go with our fully automated solution to save time and resources with no damaging excellence.

Step 1. Contact our support team to initiate working on customized data migration

Step 2. Allow Help Desk Migration migration ninjas lead you through your custom data migration

Step 3. Perform a Demo Migration to look at what your data will be once migrated

Step 4. Go with your Full Data Migration if a fresh setup is right to you

Does your HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk migration case demand a special needs? Don’t fret. Help Desk Migration savvy support reps is ready to help you in every part of the workflow.

Help Desk Migration Is Your Best Solution When Exporting from HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk

Stay focused on your major goals. We'll take the heavy lifting

Whether you’re importing from HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk, apply our automated migration service. It will permit you to migrate all your data to a targeted help desk system in just a few clicks. Thus, you can get your import finished quickly without putting critical tasks on the back burner.

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Data import and export meets security standards

The Migration Wizard will covers your data security during all phases of the migration process. To ensure the supreme safety of your help desk data whether they are in import or at rest, we apply tested runthrough. Here is included controlling proper security scans, keeping our servers safe, complying with several instructions, and more.

Select the migration app that clients praise

With thousands of outstanding data import and exports done by our service, Help Desk migration service has earned many service-linked awards and favorable commentaries. Besides, we enlarge our feature list. We go ahead to develop our tool and introduce novel options to take care of we’re comprising nearly all of your data import requests.

Mapping fields window

Enjoy straightforward mapping to cover all your needs

Our app will rescue you from copy-pasting records or setting missing data types amidst HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk migration. Now you can map regular and custom-made fields, or otherwise adapt your data import right away our tool. This will keep the original structure of your records smoothly on your part.

Pick a appropriate time for data import

Pick the most appropriate time to launch the help desk migration operation. Start by exporting historical data and continue with move ahead to the Delta migration feature to move your most recently updated tickets. Then, relax and greenlight our migration app make the rest.

Scheduling window
Support illustration

Work with a support team you can fully be sure of

Don't fret about experiencing challenges when doing your Supported Platform data import and export. Greenlight Help Desk Migration service agents check over your issue. With years of experience moving support data, Help Desk Migration team are well-equipped to guarantee a well-done import/export of your records.

What Sorts of Records Can You Import from HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk ?

With our Migration tool, you can simply import or export sizable amount of various data entities to or from HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk. Review the selection of record types you can migrate applying automated service without any assistance from tech support agents.

Do you want particular HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk migration requirements?

Let us know you need a personalized data import.

HubSpot Service Hub objectsZendesk objects
Sub CategoriesSections
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Zendesk data migration

Prepare for Zendesk data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Advance Your HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk Import with These Functionalities

Skip attachments

Does your desired support service platform present definite data storage? Bypass attachments, especially if your existing customer support records doesn’t suffer a loss of its value without them. The data import and export time will scale down significantly.

Add a additional tag to the migrated tickets

Are you going to work a source platform during data migration? To exclude mistakes, apply tags to the imported tickets to differentiate them from the remaining ones.

Import inline images as attachments

Import the images set in into tickets as attachments. The data import time might be longer, but the images will never disappear along with the current a new help desk solution.

How Much Would You Pay for HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk Data Migration?

The pricing of your HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk data import will mainly depends on the data sets you need to migration, the complexity of your requirements, and the points you’ll put into action. Receive a accurate calculation, check out this video.

Select your current platform and the future one
Number of records in your current platform
Help Desk Record — every single Agent, Group, Contact, Company and Ticket. If you have 10 Agents, 10 Contacts and 40 Tickets, then you have 60 help desk records.
Knowledge Base Record — every single Article, Category and Folder. If you have 5 Articles, 6 Categories and 4 Folders, then you have 15 knowledge base records.
Let's get connected
Select how you want to proceed
Option #1: fully automated process
Automated data migration
According to the platforms you've selected, you can migrate:
Option #2: Tailored to meet your needs
Customized data migration
Fulfill any specific requirements you have: filter data, migrate tickets the way you need, reassign agents and more.
What kind of customization do you need?
Please describe your needs as detailed as possible

Thanks for your request!

We'll get back to you as soon as we have the estimate ready.

Your Help Desk Data Import is Protected at Each Step

Help Desk Migration service provides endless import functions without compromising on security. We constantly scan all servers and make updates, so that your data is safe based on the up-to-date standards.

We use a rigid two-factor access policy

Our Migration Wizard applies two-factor access. On top of that, only your agents with admin rights can export your HubSpot Service Hub records. Combined, these security measures avoid the risk of information leak.

We employ 3-layer

Help Desk Migration offers three levels of business data safety. At the physical level, we shield our data hosting equipment from logical and physical intrusion. At the application layer, we forbid any unlawful log in to your business data on our platform. And, finally, on the network layer, we secure our networks against cyber harm.

We fulfill protection levels

We take care of your data based on all required security levels. Our Help Desk Migration service carries an broad set of compliance, and we keep expanding it. Presently, we meet the demands and requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data safety principles.

Feedback motivates us elevate our solution: Few thoughts from our customers

Full HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk Migration in a Few Clicks

Migrate your business records from HubSpot Service Hub to Zendesk effortlessly with no disturbing from what really matters — setting right your clients’ inquiries. Our tool takes on all the work behind the scenes while you simply enjoy applying your new platform.
Start data migration

Get more tips and tricks about data migration

Willing to learn more about help desk records import and export and support service ​​enhancement? Surf our blog.

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