The Simplest Route to Telecom Help Desk Migration

Looking to stay competitive by changing your help desk software for telecommunication? Help Desk Migration lets you transfer your customer service data the way you want, without the hassle. Support your customers better, starting today!

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When telecom providers need help desk migration


Get a help desk system that fits your customers

Transferring your data to a more advanced help desk system boosts your customer service opportunities. Whichever new platform you choose, Help Desk Migration is the number-one automated migration tool to help you switch.

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Store detailed customer data for more personalized service

McKinsey research shows that companies that excel at personalization generate 40 percent more revenue from those activities than average players. Data filtering, field mapping, inline image migration, and other features of our Help Desk Migration service let you carry all your valuable data with you when you migrate.

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Transfer data
Keep the integrity

Drop the shared inbox

Is your Gmail, Outlook, or other shared inbox solution slowing down your workflow? Move from a shared inbox to proper help desk software with our fast and hassle-free Help Desk Migration solution. Once you start enjoying the benefits of an efficient help desk platform, you'll wonder what kept you so long!

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Consolidate your help desk systems

Running multiple help desk instances has a host of disadvantages—you have trouble scaling and analyzing performance, and might even miss some legal requirements. Our Migration Wizard lets you migrate telecom data to a single instance, giving you a more consistent customer service offering.

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Merge two help desk accounts
Move from the sunsetting customer service platform

Switch from sunset to a new solution

When you’re faced with moving from a sunsetting customer service system, Help Desk Migration has you covered. Test-drive our Migration Wizard with a Free Demo, choose your telecom data import requirements, and transfer records automatically. Need concierge data migration or tips on telecom help desk migration planning? We’re here to help.

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Automated data migration between top industry platforms

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What migration opportunities does Help Desk Migration offer?


Streamlined service onboarding

Set up your telecom help desk data migration in just a few clicks with our Migration Wizard. No need for coding skills or extra software installation!


Zero service downtime

Continue giving seamless customer service while your help desk data for intercom is migrating. Afterward, transfer updates and new records created during migration with our Delta Migration service.


Default and custom field mapping

Map data from your Source and Target platforms with an easy-to-use interface. If you don’t have all the necessary fields in your Target, add them directly via our Migration Wizard without disrupting migration.


Ready-to-roll options for tailoring your transfer

Customize your ticket import with our pre-built options: migrate inline images in a snap, add extra tags that guide your support team, skip ticket attachments to streamline migration, move call recordings, and migrate knowledge base article translations. Or contact us to discuss your specific migration adjustments.


A Free Demo to test the waters

Want to see how our Migration Wizard works and if it meets your telecom help desk migration needs? You can run a sample migration with random records or activate our one-time custom demo to test-drive our solution and see 20 hand-picked tickets and articles on your destination platform. Both options are free.


Concierge data migration

Want to tweak our automated migration further, or don’t want to migrate your data on your own? We can take the process of help desk migration for telecom—including planning and transfer—off your shoulders. Together with our representative, you will connect Source and Target, map data to import, discuss suitable customizations, then come to check the results.


A choice of support packages

Not all migration is the same. We offer a range of support packages to fit different cases, whether you’re an SMB running an eCommerce store, a multinational company, or somewhere in between. Each package provides unique features to make migration as smooth as possible.


Top-notch security and compliance

Rest assured that every aspect of your help desk transfer will be securely protected against hacker attacks, leakages, and natural disasters. Help Desk Migration’s security policy includes regular audits and upgrades, in addition to storage center protection and a wide portfolio of industry compliances.

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