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How Does Kayako to Zendesk Data Migration Run?

Our automated migration solution lets you export and import data in five simple moves. However, if you have distinct demands or a distinct data structure, feel free to select a custom route.

Step 1. Begin by connecting your Kayako and Zendesk systems

Step 2. Choose the data you want to export from Kayako to Zendesk or vice versa

Step 3. Double-check the data fields placed and correct matches if necessary

Step 4. Launch a Free Demo Migration to see how the data will look after the export

Step 5. If everything is superior, continue the Full Data Migration

That’s it! Ready to import from Kayako to Zendesk? Gain more value from our automated and secured data migration solution.

Step 1. Get in touch with us concerning personalized help desk migration

Step 2. Allow Help Desk Migration experts you through your personalized data import

Step 3. Carry out Demo Migration to check what your data will look like after the export

Step 4. Go with Full Data Migration if a new setup works great to you

Does your Kayako to Zendesk migration case demand a unique requirements? No worries. Our professional support agents is all set to help you throughout the process.

Help Desk Migration Is Your Perfect Option When Moving from Kayako to Zendesk

Don’t let data migration to lead away you from your business

Our automated migration tool delivers an efficient tool, whether you’re importing your customer service operations from Kayako to Zendesk. With just a few clicks, your support service solution will be up and running on a future platform — no need to tolerate any stoppage!

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Data import with confidence

Our Migration Wizard handles your business data is secure throughout the import or export process. We keep highest customer service data defence incorporating established modes, which includes regulatory compliance, suitable server preserving, and proper security analysis.

Select the migration service that customers recommend

Thousands of efficient migrations and a lot of awards and approving reviews can assure the high quality of our migration service. And our aspiration for high standard does not drop there. We go to advance our app and present novel features to ensure we’re including all your import and export needs.

Mapping fields window

Apply intuitive mapping to deal with your most complex needs

Rescue yourself from the long-lasting work of adding lacking record types or data entities throughout Kayako to Zendesk migration. So you can map regular and custom-made ticket fields, or else adjust your data import right away our tool. This will keep the original structure of your data straightforwardly on your part.

Select a convenient time for data migration

Get going by the help desk data migration anytime it fits into your operations. On top of that, our Delta migration function will greenlight you to import the currently updated data after the historical customer support data was imported. Then, relax and greenlight our service make the rest.

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Work with a support agents you can fully rely on

Don’t worry about experiencing challenges just as running your Supported Platform migration. Help Desk Migration service pros is in place to guide you with any obstacles. With lots of accomplished data export/import mastery, they can settle any task associated with your help desk data import or even offer assistance throughout the total data migration.

What Types of Records Can You Migrate from Kayako to Zendesk ?

With our Migration Wizard, you can painlessly import and export solid amount of various records types to or from Kayako to Zendesk. Review the selection of records you can import incorporating automation without extra help from tech service reps.

Do you want nonstandard Kayako to Zendesk import needs?

Let us know about a nonstandard data import.

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Knowledge Base

Emphasizing Automation and Streamlining Zendesk Import

At Help Desk Migration, we revolutionize Zendesk data import with automation and precision. Our platform is designed to simplify the Zendesk import process, utilizing an intuitive Zendesk data importer. Whether it's Zendesk CSV import, custom user field, custom organization field, or adhering to specific business rules for email addresses, we've honed the art of data migration.

Experience the ease of our CSV import feature, ensuring seamless handling of extensive datasets. Tailor import types and options to match your unique requirements. Our bulk user import feature is engineered for swift user migration, while the bulk organization import feature guarantees an efficient organizational data transfer.

Automate your Zendesk import process with Help Desk Migration. Leverage the potential of CSV data files for actual imports, and explore a range of import types and options. From ticket imports to comprehensive Zendesk import automation, we deliver results beyond expectations.

Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Zendesk data migration

Prepare for Zendesk data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Enhance Your Kayako to Zendesk Move with These Options

Import knowledge base articles translations

Move your multilingual knowledge base to your target help desk app effortlessly! Apply our “Migrate content translations” option and transfe translated versions of each article automatedly.

Bypass attachments

Does your destination support service platform provide limited data storage? Bypass attachments, especially if your existing customer support records lose no track of processes without them. The migration time will shorten remarkably.

Choose a additional tag to the imported tickets

Are you going to work a existing help desk tool during migration? To lessen mess, add tags to the migrated tickets to distinguish them from the left ones.

Employ the attachment option to Migrate inline images

Import the images fixed into tickets as attachments. The data export time might take more time, but the images will be moved to a new customer service tool.

Demo with custom data: Pick 20 entities for migration

Avoid any guessing. Make sure you know fully what the entities settle after you’ve exported them. Our Demo with custom data lets you appoint 20 entities for a test import.

How much does Kayako to Zendesk data migration cost?

How much will you need to invest in the switch from Kayako to Zendesk? The price will largely lean on the business data volume you require to migrate, the complexity of your specifications, and the features you’ll choose or custom work you’ll inquire. Start a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard work and learn how much your migration will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Your Help Desk Data Migration is Protected at Each Stage

Help Desk Migration app provides every migration features without compromising on safety. We commit to the up-to-date requirements, run constant updates, and consistently test all facilities.

We apply a stringent 2FA authentication policy

Our Migration Wizard applies 2FA authentication. Additionally, your agents can only export Kayako records if they ​​possess admin rights. With these safety features in order, you won’t have to worry about information leakage.

We apply 3-layer

Help Desk Migration provides three layers of data security. At the physical level, we shield our hosting facilities from logical and physical attacks. At the app level, we block any unsanctioned access to your business data on our service. And, finally, on the network layer, we protect our networks against digital harm.

We fulfill industry-standard regulations

Help Desk Migration commits to upmost security standards, providing maximum protection for your records. We correspond to HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other required data protection principles. And our extensive compliance list is getting expanded.

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All-packed Kayako to Zendesk Migration in a Couple Clicks

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Find out more tips and tricks about data import

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to migrate your data from Kayako to Zendesk, you should follow a few steps to ensure a smooth migration.

First, you need to audit and cleanse data on your Source—Kayako—to eliminate any duplicates. Then, decide which records you want to migrate and deactivate triggers and notifications that can interfere with the data migration. Next, configure settings on Zendesk for the migration to ensure everything is set up correctly. You can also use the Help Desk Migration team to assist you in planning for an accurate data import.

After the migration, it is important to download reports and verify that the migrated IDs match the original records. For step-by-step guides, refer to the following checklists:

With Help Desk Migration, you can easily migrate a wide range of records from Kayako to Zendesk, including tickets, groups, agents, contacts, companies, and more. You can also transfer ticket attachments, notes, custom fields, and other important data points. In addition, knowledge base articles, including folders, categories, tags, and attachments, can be seamlessly migrated.

Typically, the duration of a Kayako to Zendesk migration depends on the volume of records, the size of attachments, and the API limits of your Kayako and Zendesk accounts. Having higher API limits can make the migration process faster. Therefore, it's recommended to optimize your API limits to ensure a smooth and timely migration from Kayako to Zendesk.

To ensure a successful migration from Kayako to Zendesk, it is essential to follow a checklist of steps. The following tips will guide you in preparing for the migration:

  1. Create a checklist of tasks you need to complete before the migration.
  2. Recreate the same custom fields that you have on Kayako.
  3. Set up saved replies (macros) on Zendesk to ensure consistent responses.
  4. Create agent profiles that correspond to the ones in Kayako to maintain consistency in your support team.
  5. Enable the Help Center to transfer knowledge base records.
  6. Turn off triggers and automation on Zendesk to prevent interference during migration.
  7. Deactivate ticket conditions on Zendesk.

Following these tips, you can prepare for a successful Kayako to Zendesk migration.

If you need help with your Kayako to Zendesk migration, several support options are available. You can select from the following support packages:

  • Standard plan
  • Premium plan
  • Signature plan

Each package offers varying levels of support to assist you with the migration process. Alternatively, you may opt for the Concierge Migration Service, which provides step-by-step guidance for the effortless migration from Kayako to Zendesk. Choose the package best suits your needs and preferences to ensure a smooth and successful migration.

To ensure a successful migration from Kayako to Zendesk, it's essential to use available resources to prepare. Before starting the migration process, check out the following data migration checklists:

These resources provide valuable information on preparing for the migration and what to expect during the transfer.

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