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Referral Partner

Attract a broader audience to your services by offering automated data import and migration. Go into partnership with Help Desk Migration service: help your customers who are looking for data migration and earn actual money.

It's quite a journey for a business to get their customer service history to a new help desk platform. By suggesting our migration tool, you provide clients with an easy and boring way to migrate their records.


How does Help Desk Migration Referral Program work?

  • Register and fill in the form on behalf of your client
  • Your referral client pays and completes the data migration
  • Once the payout reaches $300 or more, you request and receive your payout
  • Your referral revenue collected during a quarter is paid once within the quarter

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Referral Partner?


Happens that your offerings don’t meet the customer’s requirements? With Help Desk Migration, you can help your client and get 7% for new referral clients.

Big Goals,
Big Earning

Maximize your benefits working with us. If you bring customers who migrate over $5K, be ready to get 16% for the subsequent new referral.

Product Training
and Webinars

Get early email announcements about the Help Desk Migration updates and new features. Check out our webinars and guides on recent functionality first.


Let the potential prospect know about you. Grab the advantage of writing guest posts or participating in interviews or expert roundups our marketing team runs.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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