Help Desk Provider Program

Open the door to more opportunities for your customers with your help desk. Offer them a simple way to import their data. With Provider Partner program you get a professional data migration tool, priority support, and other benefits.


Grow your user base

Use Help Desk Migration to motivate prospects to start using your platform without losing their support records, contacts and relationships.


Get partner discounts

Other than giving prospects a simple way to move to your platform, please them with a 10% discount for their data transfer.



Spread awareness

Promote your business to Help Desk Migration users with co-marketing activities which include but are not limited to guest posts, interviews, case studies, newsletters, etc.


Get dedicated support

Every email is important to us. But we pay special attention to partners and your message will be sent to the front of our support queue.



Offer more with less

We’re continuously working on adding new platforms, new features, improving UI to offer our users an effective but easy-to-use tool.


We have a good company here

Help Desk Migration is recommended by some of the biggest players on the market. Join this list today!

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