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Make the migration process boring with Help Desk Migration. We are the ideal data migration service for help desk vendors who strive to attract more clients. Our approach is automated and easy to follow. You focus on serving your clients while we take care of data migration.

Gear up your vendor’s offerings and get extra interest in your services. How, you ask? We can customize the migration, run the process onshore, add extra tags to sort out migrated records, move the inline images or skip ticket attachments, run Delta migration or even remigrate records. Help Desk Migration works with you as a team.


Grow your user base

Offer your prospects to start using your platform without losing their records, contacts, and relations. Make their transfer to your solution a boring task: connect platforms, select objects, map data, set up Demo, run a Full, and keep working as usual. Easy.


Get partner discounts

Help your buyers lower their operational expenses and offer your prospects 10% off on their data migration using the Help Desk Migration service. Add one more action to your customer care list that proves - you actually want to help them out and not merely chase profits.



Spread awareness

Promote your business to Help Desk Migration users with co-marketing activities. Apart from tried-and-tested guest posts, interviews, and case studies, we can suggest a spot in a newsletter, a dedicated post on our social media, a short video interview, or something specific to your niche, solution, or event.


Get dedicated support

Some aspects of data migration are hard to escape (some specifics or customization of customer’s legacy systems.) This is where you can use the expert knowledge of our support service team. Also, we offer a dedicated account manager to concierge your requests to the top of the support queue.



We Have an Amazing Company Here

Help Desk Migration is recommended by some of the biggest players on the market. We are proud to be partners and invite you to join this list today!

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Data migration should be boring. Customer support with your service should be easy. Let’s make the migration to your software unlike the stuff keeping your customers awake at night.

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