Concierge Migration Service

Do you want to migrate your customer service data, but have more burning tasks to do? Then, leave the data migration planning, records mapping, and data transfer to our team and Migration Wizard—we’ll handle it perfectly and automatedly for you!

Help Desk Migration Wizard

What is a concierge migration service?

Concierge migration service is a personalized option delivered by our service team. Our customer service agent will take care of setting up your help desk migration: connect Source and Target, map historical entities, add all adjustments you want, run Demo & check the results, and prepare Full Migration. With our concierge service, you save resources and time and simply keep working and delivering outstanding CX.

Why do you need a concierge migration service for your help desk switch?

Customer service data migration isn’t a life-or-death decision, but each company has specific needs and requirements to make it perfect. Nearly all of our customers have been there—searching for the most efficient and fast way to enhance their help desk switch quickly and simply. And they benefit from our concierge migration service.

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What can you get with a concierge migration service?

Concierge Migration Service

You have a considerable volume of customer service records and want to import them without extra coding, manual transfer, or changes on the current help desk. Save on effort and time and focus on business instead; we’ll help you make this requirement come true.

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If you are a company that wants to get customer service records transferred without distracting the IT team from work, or you don’t have an IT department—the concierge migration service is for you. There’s no need to outsource your migration project; Help Desk Migration handles it all.

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Every business has particular visions and plans. So if you want to continue using the Source customer service platform during the migration and avoid any changes in the workflows, we help you make it possible.

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We’ll deliver you a well-developed help desk migration plan, tune customizations, and set data transfer, so you keep supporting their clients without downtimes or breaks. Once you describe their requirements and then only check the results and continue working on the new help desk platform.

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What is the workflow of the concierge migration service?

Step 1. First meeting

Schedule an initial meeting with the Help Desk Migration team to learn more about how the concierge migration service works and all other questions you’d like to figure out.

Step 2. Get your requirements listed

Present your needs, expectations, and requirements for your data migration to our support rep. Then our team will provide you with the possible ways to deliver the best solutions and deliver you an outstanding migration experience.

Step 3. Granting access to help desks

This way, our tech team connects your Source and Target platforms to our Migration Wizard and explores the customizations or adjustments needed to meet your help desk migration requirements.

Step 4. Handle migration planning

At this point, our support agent presents you with the action plan for your data migration—what and when should be turned on or off on your Source and Target help desks and other details.

Step 5. Personalized Demo Migration

We put the value first, so your concierge will run a custom Demo and check the results with you. So you see what you are buying and if everything goes as you expected.

Step 6. Paying for your Full Migration

When the Migration Wizard is set, and all the customization is done—all you have to do is pay for your data transfer and hit the “Start” button to move our records.

Step 7. Data Migration

Once your customer service records are transferred, our concierge will help you to check the results, start your Delta Migration, or give guidance on turning on triggers on your new platform.

What customers say about concierge migration service

Concierge migration service takes the pain points of help desk migration

Help desk migration requires planning and setting—let’s admit it. Thus, apart from automating and securing the records transfer, the Help Desk Migration team can navigate you in this process by helping during the default migration or doing all the settings and migrating according to your needs.

Get your help desk migration done hands-free using the concierge migration service

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