Help Desk Migration Services for Seamless Data Transfer

Dreading endless manual data transfer? Don’t want to spend ages fixing mistakes after data import? Leave these headaches behind by moving all your help desk records with automated migration services.

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Help Desk Migration Services

Help Desk Migration Is a Perfect Fit for Every Business

Choose suitable options to customize migration for every need regardless of your company size and budget.


No coding or specific knowledge needed

No need to search for people with coding skills to handle data import. Connect platforms, map records, and run your migration.


Attachment migration is on and off

Keep your ticket attachments, or leave them behind to save storage space or migrate faster– choose the “Skip attachment” option.


Free Demo to define accurate requirements

Avoid any risk with a Free Demo—migrate 20 random tickets and 20 knowledge base articles to see if everything works fine.


Flexible pricing that fits your needs

There is no chance you overpay for Help Desk Migration services because you pay only for the data volume you want to transfer.

How Help Desk Migration Improves Your Data Import Experience and Results

Transfer every piece of data you need

Don't be afraid to lose your attachments or comments—we've got you covered and added their import as default options. But if your target platform has limited data storage, feel free to skip attachments and cut down migration time.

Data transfer

Cut down manual work with advanced field mapping

If your target platform is missing some fields, you won't be wasting time on manual copypasting anymore. Just map standard and custom fields with our Migration Wizard and arrange your records in your way with a few clicks.

Get quick responses with live chat support

Whether you set up a help desk migration, we're always there for you. Wherever you are stuck, our support agents will answer your questions or help you solve your issue in the shortest time via live chat.


Why Help Desk Migration?


All data relations stay intact

Don't worry about your records and entities' relations. They'll remain in place after the migration.


Too simple to be true

No need for coding skills or API knowledge—setting up data import is as easy as ABC.


Unlimited Free Demo runs

Rerun Free Demo to test Migration Wizard and tune your data mapping ideally before Full Data Migration.


Zero downtime

Run customer service as usual during migration. Add new and updated records later with Delta Migration.


The second try without fuss

If migration results don't cater to your needs, use the re-migration option and try one more time with adjusted settings.


Record filtering for any taste

Request filtering of your records by date, agent, and tags to migrate only the data you need.

Benefits of Help Desk Migration for Different Industries


Help Desk Migration for eCommerce

Improve your customer shopping experience by moving to advanced software.

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Help Desk Migration for IT services

Boost your IT support efficiency with a new ITSM tool.

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Help Desk Migration for Telecoms

Transfer all customer service data clean and intact to the desired help desk.

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Help Desk Migration for Healthcare

Protect patient data during migration using highly secure migration services.

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Help Desk Migration for Manufacturing

All your records move to a suitable customer support solution without hand coding.

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Business consulting

Help Desk Migration for Business Consulting

Don’t leave behind your ticket histories and preserve the structure of service data during automated import with Help Desk Migration.

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Financial Services

Help Desk Migration for Financial Services

Manage thousands of daily help requests effectively and leave data migration to a help desk platform to Help Desk Migration.

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Marketing Services

Help Desk Migration for Marketing Services

Enhance your communication with clients, partners, and employees to an entirely new level and leave the data transfer process to our automated migration service.

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Help Desk Migration for Media Companies

Don’t want to miss any customer service requests, if you use Help Desk Migration to move your records to the ticketing system of your choice.

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Help Desk Migration for Educational Institutions

Move the customer service requests from your staff, teachers, alumni, students, and parents automatedly and securely to a new help desk.

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Help Desk Data Migration for Nonprofit Organizations

Data of your donors, beneficiaries, and volunteers are safe and secure during automated and quick help desk migration using our Migration Wizard.

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Help Desk Migration for Government Services

Keep the citizens’ information secure, add required customizations, and import your help desk data automatedly.

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Choose Your Way to Migrate Data

Automated data migration

Take your help desk migration into your hands: register, set up, run Full Migration, and enjoy impeccable results.

Custom migration

Reach out to us and tell us your requirements, and we’ll provide you with the most fitting solution for your help desk migration case.

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