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What Data Can You Import from osTicket to Jira Service Management ?

With Help Desk Migration service, you can without difficulty migrate big portions of differing data entities to or from osTicket to Jira Service Management. Here’s the set of records you can import implementing automated service without extra assistance from tech support team.

Do you have certain osTicket to Jira Service Management import or export needs?

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How Does osTicket to Jira Service Management Data Migration Work?

Our automated migration service allows you export and import data in a few simple actions. If you’re trying to organize a complex data structure, feel free to select our tailored approach. We’re in place to satisfy your unique requirements.

Connect platforms

Connect your source and target platforms

Map and match data

Specify how your data should be transferred


Start a Demo to access the replication tool and its results

Full Data Migration

Start or plan your data transition

Improve Your osTicket to Jira Service Management Migrate with These Functions

  • Omit attachments

    Does your targeted help desk system deliver limited data storage? Omit attachments, especially if your historical data drop none of its value without them. The migration time will go down significantly.

  • Create a new tag to the exported tickets

    Are you going to use a existing platform during data export? To reduce mistakes, add extra tags to the imported tickets to separate them from the existing ones.

  • Migrate inline images as attachments

    Don’t want to leave behind images embedded into the tickets? You can export and import them to the new help desk platform as attachments.

  • Check out our Demo with custom records by migrating 20 entities

    If you require to look at how handpicked entities look like in the desired help desk platform, schedule this free custom Demo and hand-pick 20 entities for a export.

  • Import newest data first

    Opt for this feature to move your newest records in a chronological order, from newest to oldest. This automated option is applicable to Full Migrations.

Your Help Desk Data Import is the Whole Way Through

Employing Help Desk Migration service, you’ll never have to worry about security of critical records. We commit to the fresh recommendations, make regular updates, and unfailingly test all systems.

We enforce a strict 2FA authentication policy

Help Desk Migration Wizard uses 2FA authentication. Moreover, only your company representatives with admin access rights can import your osTicket records. Together, these security measures prevent the dangers of data leakage.

3-level data safety

Help Desk Migration delivers 3 layers of data safety. At the physical layer, we defense our data hosting equipment from logical and physical attacks. At the application layer, we cease any unsanctioned log in to your business records on our service. And, last but not least, on the network layer, we secure our networks from cyber harm.

Compliance with security principles

We take care of your records based on all integral security levels. Help Desk Migration possesses an extensive set of compliance, and we continue enlarging it. At the moment, we are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data security standards.

What is the cost of your osTicket to Jira Service Management data migration?

And now to the burning question. How much will it cost to switch from osTicket to Jira Service Management? The cost will largely depend on the records volume you want to migrate, the complexity of your requirements, and the options you’ll use or custom work you’ll ask for. Start a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and find out how much your data switch will cost.

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Reviews encourages us advance our service: Few words from Help Desk Migration customers

Complete osTicket to Jira Service Management Import in Several Clicks

Migrate your data from osTicket to Jira Service Management smoothly and with no disarranging your ultimate goal of resolving your customers’ matters.

Find out more guides about data import and export

Want to get more? Our knowledge base is packed with information on support service advancement and help desk records migration. Explore it today!

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