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Tips On How to Improve Customer Service in 2022

A good helpdesk that meets the needs of your company is a significant productivity booster. It can help take the tedious tasks out the way, reply to customers faster, and improve customer satisfaction.

However, the quality of your service depends not on the helpdesk alone. It’s the people behind it who make the magic happen. They are the ones who deliver good customer service. They are your blood life.

So, today we’re talking about a couple of basic but essential things you can do to improve help desk customer service on the people side.

1) Learn to write informative ticket notes

Clear, comprehensive ticket notes play a significant role in delivering great customer service. Think of them as a narrative that tells you all about the actions already taken to resolve the issue.

Working on the request, agents often loop in teammates from other departments. So make sure the more detailed your narrative is, the better result you’ll get. Informative ticket notes will help the person taking over the case as well as document the solution in case you need to revisit it in the future.

A formula for an informative ticket looks something like this:

  1. Who and when spoke to the customer.
  2. Ticket ID.
  3. A list of taken measures and their outcome.
  4. Advice on what the person taking over the case should do or who to talk to resolve the problem
  5. When the helpdesk staff should update the customer.

But except for writing informative notes, make sure that everybody on the support team reads them.

2) Handle calls like a pro

It may come as a no-brainer, but the first words and the tone agents use to answer the call set the mood for the whole conversation. However, answering the call the right way is just one part of the play. While talking to the customer, certain phrases can escalate the problem in no time. For instance:

  • “There’s nothing I can do.” If you work at a helpdesk department, there is always something that you can do. Even if you can’t offer a solution right away, you can hand over the case to another specialist, who could be of assistance.
  • “I can’t find any record on your purchase/account.” Great, now what? Remember, your job is to solve a problem, not create it. So, instead of using this destructive phrase, start asking questions. For instance, maybe the customer made an order under a different name/address/phone number, etc.
  • “I’m so sorry. I am very sorry. I am so very sorry.” Acknowledging your mistake is great, but again you have to work your way towards the solution. Instead, say something like this: “I’m sorry that you had this experience, we’ll do our best to make everything right during the next couple hours.”
  • “Unfortunately, no…” If you can’t provide a requested service, offer an alternative instead.
  • “Let me check.” This phrase is too vague. Explain exactly what you’re going to do to communicate with the customers.

3) Train Agents to Solve Complex Cases

Perhaps the most crucial of them all is to teach your people to handle complex work. Not because it will help you solve stuff faster but because it will breed a healthy environment among your workers. A happy worker is a more productive worker, and therefore, more valuable in the long run.

You don’t have to worry that your customers will be left in the blue. Many help desk solutions have a pretty robust AI system that will handle some of the more involved issues just fine. Once your staff is more trained, they will be prepared to fix stuff that neither I nor newbies will be able to fix. Invest more time into people and you’ll see incredible results soon enough.

If you have no idea how to train your people, Harvard Business Review defines seven types of company representatives. Your core focus is to develop a type that is known as the Controller rep. This is a type of representative that will go out of his comfort zone to deliver a fast, easy to follow service. Something that is very valued by information-saturated customers.

4) Help Desk Social Network Integration

Next, you need to establish a powerful social presence. And the best way to do it is through a dedicated help desk social network integration. Now for those of you who are uninitiated, most help desk solutions (if not all) have a proper social media integration system that will allow your agents to view multiple messages, from multiple platforms using a single entry point.

Multichannel Zoho

For example, in Zoho Desk, all the customer requests arrive in a unified inbox. You can distinguish which channel the request has arrived through by the special icons near each of them. - Source 

In today’s world, every customer is typically well versed and knows what they want but the thing is, most of them are inpatient. Everyone wants a fast and accurate response, and more importantly, they want you to be accessible on every social media at the same time.

In other words, the best customer service is when someone wants to reach you and can do so wherever they feel like. Whether it is email or social media, you have to be present everywhere and ready to handle stuff. This is where social media help desk integrations come to help. These tools build customer loyalty, as well as facilitate customer feedback, something that your existence as a business relies on.

5) Help Desk Video Recorder

Online video content went from a distant dream to a mainstream way of promoting your business and ideas. It is one of, if not the best way to advertise just about any product or service. Naturally, help desk solutions will follow suit. If you own a modern help desk tool and don’t have a video recorder set up or enabled, we suggest that you do it right away.

Video content facilitates face-to-face communication and this is true but the point is, video is faster than something akin to a live chat.

Customers don’t have to write long messages nor do they have to describe stuff in great detail. They can just show what is bothering them and what kind of trouble they have. This will streamline work and improve customer relationships making it more personal at the same time.

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6) Run an internal knowledge base

Customers are not the only ones who can benefit from an in-depth knowledge base. As your company grows, the amount of processes employees should follow and things they should know increases to a point where having a proper knowledge base isn’t an option but a necessity.

Investing the time and money into creating an internal information hub can speed up the workflow and help onboard new employees faster. What we mean is that all your information will be sorted out and already prepared to be consumed by new people. Here are four pillars of a powerful and functional internal knowledge base:

  • Carefully prepared info
  • Reliable software
  • Efficient Information Structure
  • Feedback platform

At glance, all of this is nonsense but if we take each component and stack them on top, then it all becomes pretty clear. Indeed, get rid of redundant or “nice to have” info, leave only the core. Then provide a proper viewing system so that your employees won’t have to use multiple info-stacks to find things. Ensure structure and order also makes a lot of sense. If your data is presented in first socks then toothbrush then shower structure, then it will only slow down your staff. Make sure you have a toothbrush, shower, and socks structure. Lastly, make room for feedback and you’ll be good.

knowledge base

Having a good internal knowledge base takes time but it will return you the favor almost immediately. Whenever someone on your customer service team bumps into a problem, they can research the documentation before reporting it as a problem. Or, having newcomers, you can much quicker introduce them to all the vital processes inside so that they can spend more time on customer service skills. It will save time and money on training, and improve your customer relationship at the same time. A win-win.

7) Develop a Quality First Culture

Great customer service can be achieved through rigorous training and continuous work. However, that is not all. You can improve your customer service skills by establishing a healthy, quality-first culture. Now what we mean is that explain to your staff what is good service and what is excellent service.

Tell them that good customer service is when you bring your broken phone to the warranty center and they gladly accept it, whereas excellent customer service is when they not only fix it but send it out to you back free of charge. This mindset will help you improve your customer relationships and help you form a positive public image which in itself is free positive marketing. Your staff will be able to go above and beyond more often. Your consumers will surely notice the jump in customer service.

Make sure your customer service team follows this mantra. Take the time to explain the key differences between excellent and great customer service, and you’ll be enjoying better engagement and sales in time.

8) Establish a Feedback Loop

Last but not least, another good way to improve your customer service is to set up a constant customer feedback loop. Now it is important to recognize that your customer service is something that cannot be handled on a case-by-case basis, even if you are not working on a scale. However, setting up a simple feedback form can help you learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly in a much more streamlined fashion.

Your objective is to learn as much as possible about the customer experience, regardless of whether the data comes through a phone call or an email. We suggest that you employ a help desk system that has a strong social component. Why? Cause most people don’t bother to provide feedback but there’s always a vocal minority that’ll pour all the bad on your social media pages, where new people will go to learn more about your business. See where this is going?

feedback loop

You might argue that you can moderate comments but that doesn’t seem like a good strategy as it is censorship. And we all know how people view such actions. A help desk solution that’ll redirect the comment to an appropriate response comment to an appropriate response form will make sure that the person complaining will be able to disclose the issue more specifically. Not to mention be questioned for some extra details. All of this will improve your customer experience and help you maintain a good reputation.

Concluding notes

The tips mentioned above are fundamentals, something that we believe can significantly streamline the workflow and improve your customer service.

However, great customer support requires continuous improvement, efficient systems, and skillful people. When all these are in sync, your business will have an efficient and productive helpdesk which would help in raising the levels of customer satisfaction.

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