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How Does SysAid Data Migration Perform?

Our automated migration service greenlights you transfer records in a few simple actions. However, if you have unique requirements or a unique data structure, feel free to select a custom approach.

Step 1. Link your SysAid and targeted help desk platform to our tool

Step 2. Pick the data you’d like to migrate to the targeted help desk

Step 3. Link the record fields appropriately

Step 4. Start a trial transfer using our Free Demo

Step 5. If you’re happy with the Free Demo results, continue with your Full Data Migration

Voila! All your SysAid data are now on the desired software.

Step 1. Contact our service team for a personalized SysAid data migration

Step 2. Allow our professionals modify the data migration flow to your requests

Step 3. Check out the service does its magic with Free Demo

Step 4. Move ahead Full Data Migration if a new setup is fine to you

Way to go! Your SysAid customer support records are now on the new system.

Why You Should Pick Help Desk Migration for SysAid Data Migration

Simplify your SysAid data migration process

Run your SysAid data migration workflow Migrate your business SysAid data volumes using our automated migration service. Despite the amount of data you want to export, perform everything in a couple of clicks without triggering downtime or needing coding.

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Preserve your support service data guarded

Help Desk Migration Wizard will preserve your SysAid information secure all over data export. We provide maximum safety through recurrent audits, rigorous updates, and strict authorization requirements. We pride ourselves on Help Desk Migration broad collection of compliance that’s committed to constantly grows.

Take advantage a dependable migration service across fields

Having effectively moved millions of records, we move ahead with polishing our tool — oftentimes adding fresh options and supported customer support solutions. Our quickly growing client and partner base, feedback from happy clients, and ​​multiple service-related awards show that we are able to meet to a huge range of data export needs. And we work on improving, with constant rollouts of fresh and improved functions and supported customer support solutions.

Mapping fields window

Keep the relations amid your records with advanced mapping

Never mind tedious and error-ridden copy-pasting to map default and custom fields during your SysAid migration. With our Migration Wizard, it needs you just a couple of clicks to outline the route of your records while preserving all the connections between them. With just a couple of, you can revamp your data transfer and determine how to order your data in the targeted platform while preserving all the connections.

Perform the export with no affecting your customers

Our service lets you to run the export for off-peak period, so not a single customer is abandoned ignored. What’s more, you can select to migrate business data first, and after that benefit from the Delta feature to add the latest updates only. So, you can continue using the current tool as long as the export is still underway

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Permit Help Desk Migration support representatives help you

Fighting difficulties with your SysAid export? Worry not — Help Desk Migration customer support agents can guide you. Don't worry about tech difficulties. Help Desk Migration customer support professionals has the essential proficiency and skills to address any tasks during the migration. You can lean on our customer support agents to make the process trouble-free for you.

What Kinds of Records Can You Migrate from SysAid with our App?

Using Help Desk Migration tool, you can simply export diverse data entities — no matter what the default format of the targeted help desk system is. Here is a list of default data objects you can move from SysAid with the help of our automated data migration platform.

Haven’t seen wholly what you require? Contact us for tailored data migration.

Help Desk entities

  • Groups
  • Administrators
  • Companies
  • End Users
  • Service Requests
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for SysAid data migration

Prepare for SysAid data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

What is the SysAid data export price?

Your SysAid data export cost depend on the next aspects: records volume, the features you’ll want, customizations you’ll use, and data export complexity. Start a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard performance and learn how much your data switch will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Migrate Your SysAid Data with Peace of Mind

Help Desk Migration solution enables every export features with no damaging on safety. We frequently examine all facilities and make advancements, so that your data is safe according to the recent standards.

Safe access

Help Desk Migration Wizard secured your business data from unauthorized accessing with 2FA access. Moreover, your agents can only transfer SysAid records if they got admin access. Together, these safeguards terminate the dangers of data leakage.

Three-layer data protection for your data

We secure your data at three levels: physical — the physical security of the equipment involved in the SysAid migration process, network — the safety of your records when it’s in migration, and application — the safety of the code and records within our export platform.

Security compliance

We don’t make any endangers when it comes to data protection. You can rest assured that we are satisfying all key principles, along with PCI (Level 1), CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Your feedback inspire the Help Desk Migration team

Accelerate Your SysAid Data Migration

SysAid just won’t cut it anymore. Improve your customer service by exporting to an all-encompassing support service platform. Leave us to manage the migrate easily.
Start data migration

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Prepare your current platform (audit data and delete outdated and duplicate records).
  2. Set up your SysAid (turn off necessary triggers, notifications, and automation).
  3. Sign up in the Migration Wizard and connect both systems.
  4. Choose objects to migrate and map fields.
  5. Run the migration.
  6. Download the reports and check the IDs.

Help Desk Migration offers flexible customer support in three support packages: Standard, Premium, and Signature. The Standard package provides 9/5 support via chat, email, and phone within 24 hours. The Premium package includes daily support via email/chat/phone. The Signature package provides daily email/chat/phone support and urgent response within 2 hours. You can check the Help Desk Migration work hours in our SLA.

Also, you can use the Concierge migration service and leave your SysAid data migration to our experts.

Help Desk Migration guarantees your data security with thorough data monitoring, AWS hosting, network security, disaster recovery, security audits, and other technical and organizational measures. For more details, check our security policy.

You can import to Help Scout the following data: tickets (including private & public notes, tags, Created_at, and Closed_at), contacts, organizations, agents, groups (teams), attachments (skip, if necessary), and knowledge base articles with inline images, tags, and attachments.

You can export from Help Scout the following data: tickets (including attachments, private & public notes, tags, custom fields, Created_at, Updated_at, and Closed_at), contacts, organizations, agents, groups (teams), and knowledge base articles with inline images, tags, and attachments.

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