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How Vivantio Data Migration Performs

You can run data migration in five simple actions, using our automated migration solution. If you’re dealing with a elaborate data structure, feel free to choose our adjusted method. We’re up for it to follow your distinct needs.

Step 1. Connect your source and future help desk systems

Step 2. Select the records you’d need to migrate

Step 3. Double-check the record fields adjusted in both help desk platforms and make fixes if necessary

Step 4. Set up a Free Demo to preview how the data will look after the import

Step 5. If everything is excellent, move ahead the Full Data Migration

That’s it! You’re all done with your Vivantio data migration. Now, you can start your processes to your expected help desk.

Step 1. Get in touch with our support team to get rolling working on customized migration

Step 2. Let our migration ninjas work on data migration that fits your non-standard data structure

Step 3. Set up a Demo Migration to check what your data will look like once migrated

Step 4. Go with Full Migration if a fresh setup looks excellent to you

You’ve just done with your Vivantio data migration! Gain the perks of your new platform.

Why Help Desk Migration Is the Best Choice for Your Vivantio Migration

Go for a fast and simple Vivantio migration

Whether you’re moving from or to Vivantio, make use of our automated migration service. It will permit you to migrate all your data to a new platform in just a couple of clicks. Thus, you can get your migration finished quickly without putting important works on the shelf.

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Prioritize records security

The Migration Wizard covers your data security during all phases of the migration process. We keep maximal records protection applying valid runthrough, alongside regulatory compliance, suitable server safekeeping, and constant security analysis.

Work with a dependable migration service

With thousands of efficient data import under our belt, Help Desk migration service has earned numerous service-linked awards and gratifying commentaries. Additionally, we enlarge our feature list. Help Desk Migration team move ahead to get better our app and introduce novel functioning to ensure we’re meeting all your migration requests.

Mapping fields window

Put to good use broad records mapping opportunities

Set yourself free from the laborious work of adding missing fields or records during Vivantio migration. Our app allows you map fields and modify your data import. This will sustain the original structure of your records with no effort on your side.

Set up migration avoiding downtime

Migrate your records during off-peak hours so your users aren't left behind neglected. Set aside downtime together with our Delta function that migrates company data since the recent updates. This way, the current support service platform will still be working while you complete the help desk solution import.

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Permit Help Desk Migration support pros help you

Are you dealing with hardships with your Vivantio data import? Allow Help Desk Migration service agents search into your issue. With years of familiarity importing records, Help Desk Migration experts are well-seasoned to confirm an accomplished import of your support data.

What Data Entities Can You Import to and from Vivantio Automatically?

With our Migration service, you can without trouble migrate big volumes of differing data types to or from Vivantio. Take a look the parameters of record types you can move applying automation service without any assistance from tech service reps.

Do you want exclusive Vivantio data migration needs?

Schedule a call and tell us about a personalized data migration.

Help Desk entities

  • Groups
  • Users
  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • Incidents

Knowledge Base entities

  • Top level categories
  • Sections
  • Articles
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Vivantio data migration

Prepare for Vivantio data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

How much does Vivantio data migration price?

The price of your Vivantio data switch will mostly depend on the data volume you need to migrate, the complexity of your demands, and the features you’ll select or customizations you’ll request. Run a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and find out how much your data transfer will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

How do we protect your business data during Vivantio migration?

We deal with import fast and simple for you and, at the same time, prioritize business data security by committing to the leading security standards.

Two-factor access

If you need to prevent the risk of rookies getting your business records, activate the 2FA authentication. It will enable an additional guard layer by sending a code to your mobile phone each time you log in to Migration Wizard.

3-layer business data protection

Help Desk Migration offers 3 levels of data protection. At the physical level, we safeguard our data hosting facilities from logical and physical breach. At the application level, we forbid any forbidden access to your records on our platform. And, finally, on the network layer, we protect our networks from digital harm.

Meeting security standards

We secure your data based on all crucial security levels. Our Help Desk Migration service possesses an extended set of compliance, and we keep growing it. Presently, we are compatible with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data safety fundamentals.

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Full Vivantio Migration in a Few Hits

Migrate your business data from or to Vivantio without trouble and without disrupting your top aim of putting right your customers’ requests.
Start data migration

Get more guides about data import

Willing to learn more about help desk business data migration and customer service enhancement? Surf our help section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you prepare your source help desk system–audit and cleanse data–start migration planning. Include settings to activate/deactivate on your source and target help desks and arrange data migration time with the Help Desk Migration team. Once the migration is over, download and check the reports.

Help Desk Migration supports automated data migration from/to Vivantio. You can:

  • import tickets (including attachments, custom fields, private & public notes, and inline images), contacts, organizations, agents, attachments, and knowledge base articles with attachments and inline images
  • export tickets (including attachments, Created_at, Updated_at, Closed_at, custom fields, private & public notes, and inline images), organizations, agents, contacts, groups (departments), and knowledge base articles with attachments and inline images

We provide technical and organizational precautions to secure your data during Vivantio migration. Our Data Protection Officer has direct access to all source code and takes measures to keep data protected. Also, Help Desk Migration complies with critical data protection standards like ISO/IEC and GDPR. Read more about our security policy.

Help Desk Migration lets businesses run a SaaS transfer between help desk software in an automated way. It aims to make data migration painless by reducing manual work and errors. Here’s what you can do with Help Desk Migration:

  • Migrate between 60+ help desk software and run automated CSV import and export
  • Map data and add custom fields with several clicks
  • Run a Free Demo and check migration results before purchasing
  • Secure data with Help Desk Migration security measures and certifications
  • Customize data migration to your specific requirements
  • Request Delta migration to run customer service operations during the migration with zero downtimes
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