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How Does Freshchat Data Migration Go?

You can perform records migration in a few simple actions, applying our automated migration solution. If you’re managing a complex data structure, feel free to go with our custom approach. We’re ready to fulfill your special demands.

Step 1. Connect your existing help desk systems with your future help desk tools

Step 2. Pick the data you’ll be importing

Step 3. Check the data fields align in both desk systems and make fixes if needed

Step 4. Check the results by setting up Free Demo Migration

Step 5. If the migration is superior to you, go ahead with Full Data Migration

That’s it! You’re all completed your Freshchat data migration. So now, you can move your customer support to your expected help desk solution.

Step 1. Get in touch with us for a personalized data migration

Step 2. Empower our team of experts tailor on data data migration that corresponds your special data structure

Step 3. Carry out Demo Migration to look at what your records will be after the migration

Step 4. If everything is superior, perform your Full Data Migration

You’ve just completed your Freshchat data migration! Enjoy the benefits of your targeted platform.

Why Help Desk Migration Is the Right Solution for Your Freshchat Migration

Complete Freshchat migration quickly and easily

Our automated migration service provides an effective tool, whether you’re moving your customer support operations from or to Freshchat. With just a few clicks, your support service solution will be ready to work on a targeted platform — no need to bear any delay!

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Migrate your customer support data securely

Our Migration Wizard includes measures for ensuring your support service data is safe throughout the migration process. We maintain highest customer service data guard applying valid modes, including regulatory compliance, established server safeguarding, and constant security tests.

Make use of an approved migration service

With numerous outstanding migrations done by our service, Help Desk migration service has obtained many service-associated awards and positive mentions. And our pursuit of quality does not hold there. Following our purpose is to take in all your migration requests, we remain improving our solution and regularly strengthen it with novel options.

Mapping fields window

Take advantage of extensive mapping functions

Spare yourself the time-consuming mission of adding missing record types or data entities at the time of Freshchat migration. So now you can map typical and custom data fields, or else change your data migration right in our migration service. You retain the structure of your records with minimum effort.

Set up data import with no time-out

Lessen the expectations of leaving your clients left by planning your migration during the least busy period. Need to import with no pauses at all? Take advantage the Delta feature. By migrating business data first and afterwards importing the recent changes, it will permit you to run your source help desk solution during help desk software import.

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Be sure of our support team

Don't fret about confronting hardships while performing your Freshchat data import. Help Desk Migration customer support pros is ready to aid you with any setbacks. With lots of involvement importing support data, our pros are well-seasoned to provide a successful migration of your business data.

What Data Entities Can You Migrate to or from Freshchat Automatedly?

With our Migration tool, you can easily import significant amount of varied records types to or from Freshchat. Examine the details of data entities you can move implementing automation without extra help from tech support team.

Do you require particular Freshchat migration requirements?

Schedule a call and tell us about a personalized data import.

Help Desk entities

  • Users
  • Contacts
  • Conversations
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Freshchat data migration

Prepare for Freshchat data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

How much does Freshchat data migration cost?

The price of your Freshchat data transfer will largely build upon the data volume you require to move, the complexity of your specifications, and the features you’ll select or custom work you’ll inquire. Start a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard performance and find out how much your migration will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

How do we guard your business records during Freshchat migration?

We cope with migration quick and easy for you and, at the same time, prioritize business data guard by accomplishing to the foremost security standards.

Two-factor authentication

If you need to terminate the risk of rookies receiving access to your business data, begin the two-factor authentication. It will offer an additional protection layer by sending a code to your mobile phone every time you access Migration Wizard.

3-level data safety

We ensure three levels of records protection: physical (we secure our hosting equipment against physical and logical intrusion), network (we take care of our networks against cyber attacks), and app (we secure your business data within our data migration platform against unlawful access).

Keeping to security standards

We take care of your records based on all crucial security fundamentals. Help Desk Migration possesses an comprehensive list of compliance, and we are expanding it. These days, we meet the demands and requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data security principles.

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All-packed Freshchat Migration in Several Clicks

Import your business records from or to Freshchat with no bother without disrupting from what actually matters — sorting out your clients’ matters.
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Get more tips and tricks about data migration

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