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How Does TeamSupport Data Migration Go?

Our automated migration app lets you export and import data in a few simple moves. However, if you have specific needs or a special data structure, feel free to select a custom route.

Step 1. Link your existing and new help desk systems

Step 2. Choose the information you’d like to migrate

Step 3. Check the data fields align in both help desk platforms and fix up if needed

Step 4. Begin a Free Demo Migration to test how your records will look after the import

Step 5. If everything looks great, move ahead the Full migration

That’s it! You’re all accomplished your TeamSupport data migration. So now, you can move your processes to your targeted help desk solution.

Step 1. Contact us to initiate working on customized migration

Step 2. Greenlight our team of professionals work on data data migration that corresponds your special data structure

Step 3. Set up a Demo Migration to look at what your data will look like once migrated

Step 4. Proceed Full Data Migration if a new setup looks right to you

You’ve just accomplished your TeamSupport data migration! Get the benefits of your new system.

Why Help Desk Migration Is the Right Option for Your TeamSupport Migration

Go for a fast and simple TeamSupport migration

Our automated migration service provides a powerful tool, whether you’re moving your customer support operations from or to TeamSupport. With just a couple of clicks, your support service solution will be up and running on a destination platform — no need to suffer any holdback!

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Highlight business data security

The Migration Wizard includes measure for ensuring your data security during all phases of the migration process. We keep maximal business data protection applying established procedures, containing regulatory compliance, established server maintenance, and constant security scans.

Drive a reliable migration app

Lots of successful data imports and a lot of awards and approving feedback can confirm the high quality of our migration service. And our aim for quality does not hold there. We go ahead to grow our tool and offer fresh features to ensure we’re including most of your migration requirements.

Mapping fields window

Take advantage of vast mapping capabilities

Help Desk Migration service will rescue you from copypasting help desk data or adding lacking fields during TeamSupport migration. Now you can map starting and custom data fields, apart from that tweak your data import right in our Migration Wizard. You retain the structure of your data with minimal effort.

Start data import excluding downtime

Migrate your support records during off-peak time so your customers aren't left behind ignored. Need to import with no time out at all? Benefit from the Delta feature. This way, the source help desk platform will still be functional whilst you finish the help desk solution import.

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Empower our support agents help you

Are you confronting issues with your TeamSupport migration? Greenlight Help Desk Migration customer support agents examine your task. With years of familiarity importing support data, Help Desk Migration experts are well-equipped to confirm a successful migration of your records.

What Data Types Can You Migrate to or from TeamSupport Automatically?

With Help Desk Migration Wizard, you can efficiently migrate massive amount of differing data types to or from TeamSupport. Review the selection of data types you can migrate applying automation without extra guidance from tech experts.

Do you require specific TeamSupport migration inquirements?

Let us know you need a custom data migration.

Help Desk entities

  • Groups
  • Users
  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • Tickets

Knowledge Base entities

  • Categories
  • Folders
  • Articles
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for TeamSupport data migration

Prepare for TeamSupport data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Options to Boost the Efficacy of Your TeamSupport Data Migration

Apply an extra tag to the migrated tickets

Are you going to work a existing platform during data migration? To exclude mess, take advantage of extra tags to the migrated tickets to highlight them from the remaining ones.

What is the TeamSupport data migration cost?

The cost of your TeamSupport data transfer will largely depend on the records volume you require to migrate, the complexity of your specifications, and the features you’ll choose or customizations you’ll request. Start a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard work and find out how much your migration will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

How do we protect your records during TeamSupport migration?

We cope with migration quick and easy for you and, at the same time, concentrate on business data guard by committing to the highest security fundamentals.

2FA authentication

Exclude strangers from receiving access your business records with our 2FA security function. You’ll get a code on your mobile device every time you try to access Migration Wizard.

Three-layer data protection

Help Desk Migration delivers three layers of business records safety. At the physical level, we defense our data hosting facilities from logical and physical attacks. At the application level, we forbid any unlawful access to your data on our service. And, finally, on the network layer, we protect our networks against cyber abuse.

Keeping to security standards

Help Desk Migration commits to top ranking security fundamentals, delivering maximum protection for your data. We correspond to HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other essential data protection standards. And our wast compliance list continues getting extended.

Your review motivates our team

Packed TeamSupport Migration in Several Clicks

Migrate your business data from or to TeamSupport easily without disorganizing from what truly matters — fixing your clients’ matters.
Start data migration

Find out more information about data migration

Want to learn more? Our help section is providing information on support service enhancement and help desk records migration. Explore it today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

TeamSupport migration is importing data from a source help desk platform to TeamSupport or exporting data from TeamSupport. The automated TeamSupport migration involves selecting objects to migrate, mapping data, running Free Demo, and proceeding through Full Migration.

The duration of your TeamSupport import is determined by the number of records you wish to import and the API limits of your source and destination platforms.

Use these tips to accelerate the process:

  1. Cleanse data on your source before migrating.
  2. Ask your TeamSupport vendor to increase the API limits during the data import.

Help Desk Migration service automates the data migration process between help desk, service desk, and IT desk platforms. It supports migration between 75+ tools and enables CSV import and export.

You can benefit from Help Desk Migration because:

  1. It aligns with security standards (ISO/IEC 27001:2013, GDPR, PCI DSS).
  2. It is suitable for non-technical people.
  3. Free Demo allows you to try our the Migration Wizard and check migration results before purchasing.
  4. Intuitive data mapping prevents mismatches and helps you adjust data to your new tool.
  5. Custom automation ensures a flexible migration process.
  6. The Delta migration service allows you to maintain uninterrupted customer service during the migration.
  7. If you have other urgent tasks, you can entrust the migration to our tech team.

Help Desk Migration enables you to export all your TeamSupport knowledge base articles with attachments, inline images, and tags. You can accomplish this with Migration Wizard: first, run a Free Demo to see how it works and then proceed with the Full Migration of your knowledge base objects.

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