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How Kayako Classic Data Migration Performs

You can carry out data transfer in a few simple steps, applying our automated migration app. However, if you have unique requirements or a non-standard data structure, feel free to select a custom mode.

Step 1. Connect your Kayako Classic and new help desk solution to our data exporting solution

Step 2. Select the information you’d like to export to the expected help desk system

Step 3. Make sure you've mapped the record fields appropriately

Step 4. Take a peek at the results with our Free Demo Migration

Step 5. If you’re happy with the results, go ahead with your Full Data Migration.

Voila! You’ve successfully migrated all your Kayako Classic records to the desired support service tool.

Step 1. Contact us to begin your personalized Kayako Classic data migration

Step 2. Let our team of migration ninjas work the export process to your company inquirements

Step 3. See how it performs incorporating our Free Demo Migration

Step 4. Continue Full Migration if a fresh setup looks superior to you

Good going! Your Kayako Classic business data are now on the expected platform.

Why Is Help Desk Migration a Excellent Solution for Kayako Classic Data Migration?

Streamline your Kayako Classic data migration process

Facilitate your Kayako Classic data migration workflow. Our automated migration service lets you migrate large Kayako Classic data sets without any tech team help or time out. Transfer your customer service data with just a couple clicks!

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Maintain your records guarded

With Help Desk Migration Wizard, you can be certain about your Kayako Classic information all over of the transfer. We deliver maximum safety through constant audits, regular updates, and strict authorization regulations. We pride ourselves on our wide list of compliance that’s required to constantly grows.

Take Advantage of a trusted migration service across sectors

Having effectively migrated millions of data, we move ahead with polishing our solution — often extending new and updated features and supported systems. Loads of efficiently migrated records, a rapidly expanding user base, numerous satisfied reviews, and a multiple of service-related awards showcase the extent and excellence of Help Desk Migration Wizard. And we continue advancing, with frequent rollouts of fresh and improved features and supported help desk systems.

Mapping fields window

Prevent mistakes with sophisticated mapping

Don’t get captured by error-prone and time-consuming copy-pasting tasks during Kayako Classic transfer. Easily map standard and custom fields with Help Desk Migration Wizard. Without difficulty adjust your data export suiting to your company expectations.

Complete the migration without affecting your clients

Our tool lets you to prepare the export for low use period, so not a single user is left behind unattended. What’s more, you can choose to export company data at first, and next benefit from the Delta function to add the recent changes only. Thus, you can keep on using the source app as long as the export is still in progress

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Rely on our support pros

Dealing with difficulties with your Kayako Classic export? No worries — our support representatives can guide you. There’s no need to about tech hardships. Help Desk Migration customer support agents has the essential expertise and skills to cope with any obstacles during the export. You can rely on our customer support representatives to simplify the workflow trouble-free for you.

What Types of Data Can You Move from Kayako Classic with Help Desk Migration Solution?

Applying our Migration app, you can easily move various record types — despite what the native format of the expected help solution is. Here is a set of default data objects you can move from Kayako Classic employing our automated data migration tool.

Haven’t found exactly what you demand? Contact us for customized data export.

Help Desk entities

  • Departments
  • Staffs
  • Organizations
  • Users
  • Tickets

Knowledge Base entities

  • Top level categories
  • Second level categories
  • Articles
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Kayako Classic data migration

Prepare for Kayako Classic data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

How much does Kayako Classic data export cost?

Your Kayako Classic data export cost build upon the following points: records volume, the features you’ll need, custom work you’ll use, and data export complexity. Set a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard performance and learn how much your data transfer will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Export Your Kayako Classic Records with Peace of Mind

Help Desk Migration service offers endless migration options without compromising on security. We commit to the latest requirements, run frequent upgrades, and invariably audit all facilities.

Secured authentication

Help Desk Migration Wizard shields your business data from illegal accessing with two-factor access. Moreover, your business reps can only transfer Kayako Classic records if they ​​possess admin rights. Together, these safeguards terminate the risk of information leak.

3-layer data security for your business data

You’ll have peace of mind with three layers of safety safeguarding your data. At the physical levels, we secure our server hardware from cyber attacks. We protect your data at the application levels by shielding our migration solution from illegal access. And we keep our network resistant to cyber attacks so your data won’t be unprotected during export.

Keeping to security standards

We don’t come to any weakens in relation to data security. Luckily, we follow all the pilar security standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI (Level 1).

Your feedback is what keeps us going

Streamline Your Kayako Classic Data Export

Let us run your Kayako Classic data migration and advance your customer service by having all the capabilities of a desired help desk solution without delay.
Start data migration

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Explore our knowledge base to figure out more about Help Desk Migration’s capabilities, data export, and customer service advancement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Successful migration to Kayako is possible with thorough migration planning. Once you’re done with the prep work, get down to setting up your automated Kayako import:

  1. Create an account on Help Desk Migration.
  2. Provide your source and destination credentials to connect them to Migration Wizard.
  3. Tick objects to migrate and map data fields. This step includes mapping and creating custom fields.
  4. Run a Free Demo and examine the migration results.
  5. Continue to payment and launch Full Migration.

If you want to pass your Kayako Classic import to experts, check Concierge migration services. Plus, Delta migration service keeps your ongoing customer conversations uninterrupted.

Help Desk Migration provides an automated export of Kayako Classic knowledge base articles, including inline images, attachments, and tags. You can try it out with a Free Demo with no strings attached.

You can run an automated export of such Kayako Classic objects:

  • Tickets with custom fields, attachments, public and private notes, Created_at and Updated_at, inline images, and tags)
  • Contacts
  • Agents
  • Organizations
  • Groups
  • Knowledge base articles with attachments and inline images

Need to migrate objects that are missing from this list? Contact us and tell us your requirements.

Help Desk Migration is a SaaS that enables hassle-free data import and export across help desks, IT desks, and service desks and supports data transfer from CSV and database files. It provides an automated switch between over 60 platforms, intuitive data mapping, Free Demo, built-in customizations, re-migration, Delta migration, and more.

Help Desk Migration is the best way to migrate data because it allows you to

  • Set up the migration without technical expertise.
  • Receive a detailed report that outlines the imported data.
  • Evaluate the migration results through a test import before purchasing.
  • Retain control over the data you wish to import.
  • Ensure data integrity and prevent any loss during the Kayako Classic migration process.

Help Desk Migration offers a set of technical and organizational security measures to safeguard your data. We prioritize data protection and comply with all necessary security standards, including ISO ISO/IEC 27001:2013, GDPR, and PCI DSS. Our Data Protection Officer oversees the implementation of these measures and has access to the source code, ensuring stringent data security practices are upheld.

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