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How Database Data Migration Goes

You can perform records import in five simple moves, with our automated migration tool. If you’re trying to organize a elaborate data structure, feel free to go with our customized approach. We’re ready to follow your unique requirements.

Step 1. Link your source and expected help desk tools

Step 2. Choose the data you’ll be moving

Step 3. Check whether record fields in existing and future help desk systems adjusted. Bring about the required changes if they don’t

Step 4. Initiate a Free Demo to check how the records will look after the import

Step 5. If everything looks excellent, move ahead your Full Migration

Congrats, you’ve just done with your Database data migration. Now you can get going driving your customer support from a future platform.

Step 1. Reach out to our service team to begin working on personalized migration

Step 2. Allow Help Desk Migration professionals adjust the data migration to your data structure

Step 3. Launch Demo Migration to see what your historic records will be after the migration

Step 4. Go ahead with your Full Migration if a fresh setup works right to you

Congratulations on your well-done Database data import! So, you can make the most of the features of your future platform.

Why Help Desk Migration Is the Right Way for Your Database Migration

Perform Database import in a quick and secure manner

Whether you’re migrating from or to Database, apply our automated migration solution. It will allow you to migrate all your data to a new help desk platform in just a couple of clicks. Thus, you will have your migration accomplished in a timely fashion without putting pivotal processes on the shelf.

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Move your help desk data securely

Help Desk Migration Wizard includes measures for ensuring your support service data is safe throughout the migration process. We keep utmost customer service data safety using valid runthrough, added to regulatory compliance, proper server safeguarding, and constant security tests.

Put into action a reliable migration tool

Myriads of efficient migrations and countless awards and gratifying mentions can assure the quality of our migration service. Additionally, we don’t stop there. We go ahead to refine our solution and deliver fresh options to include measures for ensuring we’re involving most of your data import needs.

Mapping fields window

Reduce legwork with comprehensive mapping

Help Desk Migration tool will rescue you from copypasting business data or making wanted data types during Database migration. Help Desk Migration service enables you map fields and adjust your data migration. This will leave unchanged the original structure of your data without difficulty on your side.

Exclude downtime during migration

Reduce the promises of abandoning your customers ignored by preparing your migration during low use time. Put away time out together with the Delta feature that imports company data since the latest updates. By migrating company data first and next importing the latest updates, it will allow you to use your source help desk during help desk system migration.

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Depend on our support team

Are you confronting hardships with your Database migration? Help Desk Migration customer service representatives is ready to guide you with any problems. With years of successful data migration expertise, they can fin a solution to any task related to your help desk data migration or even offer assistance throughout the whole migration.

What Kind of Data Can You Import to and from Database Automatedly?

With Help Desk Migration app, you can with no trouble import big amount of different records entities to or from Database. Review the details of record types you can move implementing automated service without extra assistance from tech support agents.

Do you have peculiar Database migration demands?

Let us know you need a unique data import.

Help Desk entities

  • Groups
  • Staffs
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Tickets

Knowledge Base entities

  • Categories
  • Sections
  • Articles
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Database data migration

Prepare for Database data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

What is the Database data migration price?

Your Database data transfer cost lean on the suceeding points: records volume, the features you’ll want, custom work you’ll use, and transfer complexity. Start a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard performance and learn how much your data switch will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

How do we protect your records during Database import?

We make import fast and simple for you and, at the same time, give precedence to business data protection by fulfilling to the highest security levels.

2FA access

If you demand to prevent the risk of intruders obtaining your records, begin the two-factor authentication. It will enable an extra security level by delivering a code to your mobile device each time you access Migration Wizard.

3-layer business data security

Help Desk Migration enables 3 levels of records safety. At the physical level, we shield our hosting equipment from logical and physical attacks. At the app level, we cease any unlawful entry to your business data on our service. And, finally, on the network layer, we secure our networks against cyber attacks.


Our Help Desk Migration service corresponds to top ranking security levels, delivering maximum safety for your business data. We meet the demands and requirements of HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other integral data protection principles. And our extensive compliance list continues getting large.

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Packed Database Migration in a Few Hits

Migrate your business records from or to Database conveniently without disrupting from what truly matters — dealing with your clients’ requests.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Migration Wizard supports data migration to and from an SQLite database. To import data to a .DB file, proceed through these steps:

  1. Sign up in the Migration Wizard and start a new migration.
  2. Select your source platform and connect it to the Migration Wizard.
  3. Select database as your destination.
  4. Pick objects you want to be transferred to the database and map data.
  5. Launch the migration.
  6. After the migration, you’ll receive an archive with a .db file containing the migrated data.

To export data from a database, accomplish the following:

  1. Initiate a new migration in the Migration Wizard.
  2. Select database as your source.
  3. Choose your target platform and provide the access credentials.
  4. Select which data to export from the database and map the fields.
  5. Click Continue to start the Free Demo.

To ensure your data migration runs smoothly, prepare a migration plan - it will make the process twice easier and faster. If your agenda is too busy, hand the migration over to our team and get it done perfectly.

A .db file stores data in a structured format and can include tickets, categories, folders, contacts, groups, and articles. You can open a .db file with a web tool that enables viewing or editing .db files, such as SQLite Viewer.

Help Desk Migration cares for your data protection. It provides a range of security measures, including continuous data monitoring, network security protocols, AWS hosting, and compliance with ISO/IEC, GDPR, and PCI DSS. Find more details in our security policy.

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