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osTicket Data Migration Straight Away

Encrypted chats, secure servers, leading authorization methods
Automated process, no downtime, reduced workflow breaks
Deal charging to ensure a function + charge balance
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How Does osTicket Data Migration Make It?

You can carry out records import in five simple actions, using our automated migration tool. However, if you have special requirements or a unique data structure, feel free to choose a custom mode.

Step 1. Connect your existing and new help desk platforms

Step 2. Pick the data you’ll be moving

Step 3. Ensure whether record fields in source and target platforms adjusted. Bring about the necessary alterations if they don’t

Step 4. Launch a Free Demo to see how your data will look after the import

Step 5. If everything is good, continue your Full Data Migration

Congrats, you’ve just completed your osTicket data migration. So now you can begin driving your customer support from a new system.

Step 1. Reach out to our service team to start working on custom migration

Step 2. Allow Help Desk Migration professionals work the data import to your company data structure

Step 3. Run Demo Migration to look at what your records will be after the migration

Step 4. Continue your Full Migration if a new setup is excellent to you

Congratulations on your well-done osTicket data import! So now, you can make the most of the features of your new system.

Why Help Desk Migration Is the Right Solution for Your osTicket Migration

Perform osTicket import quickly and easily

Our automated migration service provides an efficient solution, whether you’re moving your help desk operations from or to osTicket. With just a few clicks, your help desk system will be ready to perform on a targeted system — no need to tolerate any break!

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Migrate your help desk data securely

Help Desk Migration Wizard handles your records is safe throughout the migration process. We provide highest data defence applying tested practices, including regulatory compliance, established server safeguarding, and proper security tests.

Use an excepted migration service

With thousands of goal-achieved migrations done by our service, Help Desk migration service has earned plenty of service-associated awards and inspiring commentaries. And our aspiration for value does not cease there. We go to get better our tool and offer new features to take care of we’re including nearly all of your data migration needs.

Mapping fields window

Minimize grunt work with extended records mapping

Rescue yourself from the challenging task of adding wanted data types or business data during osTicket migration. So you can map starting and custom data fields, or otherwise transform your data migration right away our migration service. You retain the structure of your business data with minimum work.

Exclude downtime amidst data import

Migrate your customer service records during off-peak time so your customers aren't left behind neglected. Put away pauses together with our Delta function that imports historical data since the recent changes. So, the existing support service platform will still be active when you finish the help desk software import.

Scheduling window
Support illustration

Depend on our support agents

Are you facing tasks with your osTicket migration? Permit our customer support team look at your setback. With years of successful data migration mastery, they can sort out any hardship linked with your customer support migration or even provide assistance during the total migration.

What Kind of Data Can You Import to or from osTicket Automatedly?

With our Migration app, you can easily import sizable volumes of different records entities to or from osTicket. Review the list of data entities you can migrate implementing automated tool without any assistance from tech representatives.

Do you look for peculiar osTicket migration requirements?

Schedule a call and tell us about a personalized data import.

Help Desk entities

  • Groups
  • Agents
  • Users
  • Tickets

Knowledge Base entities

  • Categories
  • Folders
  • FAQ's
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for osTicket data migration

Prepare for osTicket data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

How Much Does osTicket Data Migration Cost?

Our osTicket data migration price depends on the next parts: data volume, the opportunities you’ll demand, and data migration difficulty. Check out this video to get a accurate calculation.

Select your current platform and the future one
Number of records in your current platform
Help Desk Record — every single Agent, Group, Contact, Company and Ticket. If you have 10 Agents, 10 Contacts and 40 Tickets, then you have 60 help desk records. Knowledge Base Record — every single Article, Category and Folder. If you have 5 Articles, 6 Categories and 4 Folders, then you have 15 knowledge base records.
Let's get connected
Select how you want to proceed
Option #1: fully automated process
Automated data migration
Read more about support plans.
Start Free Demo
Free Demo allows you to transfer 20 tickets along with all relations at no cost.
OPTION #2: FOR ENTERPRISE OR COMPLEX PROJECTS ENTERPRISE DATA MIGRATION Enhanced data migration to meet specific customization requirements, large record volume transfer in a secure and automated way, avoided service time-out and saved operations costs. Learn more What we have to offer:

Dedicated secure local AWS server
Onshore data migration is done easily: we provide a dedicated secure AWS server located in your country or state.

Custom Development
Additional features or some specific record or entity to transfer can be developed to enhance and meet the requirements of your migration project.

Migration to any platform
Your source or target platform isn’t on the supported list? We can develop a custom migration for you on the platforms of your choice.

Guided migration setup
Our support service team will guide you on every data migration stage to get the process ideally tailored to your needs.

Highest priority support
Our talented senior support agents take your requests – by email, live chat, or phone call – as the top priority.

Migrating multiple instances
Fast and secure merging of your instances or data transferring from several instances to a single one.

Any other feasible requirest or customization of data migration.
Contact Us
What kind of customization do you need?
Please describe your needs as detailed as possible
Start new estimation

Thanks for your request!

We'll get back to you as soon as we have the estimate ready.

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How do we protect your records during osTicket migration?

We carry out import quick and easy for you and, at the same time, give precedence to business data security by fulfilling to the leading security principles.

Two-factor access

If you need to terminate the risk of intruders receiving access to your business records, start the two-factor authentication. It will deliver an extra security layer by delivering a code to your mobile phone each time you log in to Migration Wizard.

3-level data safety

Help Desk Migration comes with 3 layers of business data protection. At the physical level, we cover our hosting equipment from logical and physical breach. At the application level, we cease any forbidden log in to your data on our service. And, finally, on the network layer, we secure our networks against digital attacks.

Adhering to security standards

We protect your business data based on all critical security principles. Our Help Desk Migration service has an broad portfolio of compliance, and we are enlarging it. Presently, we meet the demands and requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data protection standards.

Your feedback motivates our team

Full osTicket Migration in Several Clicks

Migrate your business records from or to osTicket easily without disorganizing from what truly matters — addressing your customers’ concerns.
Start data migration

More useful guides about data migration

Interested to get more? Our knowledge base is full of information on support service improvement and help desk business records import. Explore it today!

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