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How SherpaDesk Data Migration Goes

Our automated migration solution greenlights you import and export data in five simple actions. If you’re trying to organize a complex data structure, feel free to select our tailored route. We’re in place to follow your special requirements.

Step 1. Link your current help desk platforms with your target help desk platforms

Step 2. Select the data you’d like to migrate

Step 3. Make sure whether data fields in existing and future help desk systems adjusted. Implement the required changes if they don’t

Step 4. See the outcomes by launching Free Demo

Step 5. If the import is excellent to you, go with your Full Migration

Congrats, you’ve just finished your SherpaDesk data migration. Now you can get going working with your support service from a future platform.

Step 1. Reach out to our support team for a customized migration

Step 2. Let Help Desk Migration migration ninjas customize the data migration to your data structure

Step 3. Set up a Demo Migration to see what your data will be once imported

Step 4. If everything is excellent, initiate Full Migration

Congratulations on your successful SherpaDesk data migration! So, you can make the most of the functionalities of your future platform.

Why Help Desk Migration Is the Excellent App for Your SherpaDesk Migration

Go for a quick and easy SherpaDesk migration

Our automated migration tool provides an effective solution, whether you’re importing your help desk operations from or to SherpaDesk. With just a couple of clicks, your help desk platform will be ready to perform on a new platform — no need to bear any holdback!

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Select data security

Help Desk Migration Wizard ensures your records is secure throughout the migration process. We maintain maximal business records defence using tried modes, which includes regulatory compliance, accepted server safekeeping, and regular security analysis.

Drive a proven migration service

With numerous goal-achieved migrations done by our Migration Wizard, our migration service has gained plenty of service-related awards and gratifying mentions. And our goal of high standard does not end there. As long as Help Desk Migration's mission is to include all your migration inquirements, we keep refining our app and constantly advance it with useful functioning.

Mapping fields window

Cut down on legwork with extended mapping

Our tool will spare you from copypasting help desk data or creating wanted fields amidst SherpaDesk migration. So you can map standard and custom-made data fields, apart from that modify your data migration right in our Migration Wizard. This will preserve the original structure of your records without difficulty on your side.

Avoid downtime along migration

Import your customer service data during low use hours so your customers aren't abandoned unattended. Look for an option to migrate without time out at all? Benefit from the Delta migration opportunity. This way, the existing help desk platform will still be functional while you accomplish the help desk software migration.

Scheduling window
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Greenlight Help Desk Migration support representatives help you

Are you experiencing difficulties with your SherpaDesk migration? Our service team is in place to guide you with any problems. With lots of well-done data migration involvement, they can fin a solution to any hardship joined with your support service data migration or even supply assistance throughout the total migration.

What Data Entities Can You Import to and from SherpaDesk Automatically?

With our Migration app, you can with no trouble migrate large volumes of differing data entities to or from SherpaDesk. Check out the set of data entities you can move implementing automation service by yourself from tech representatives.

Do you look for especial SherpaDesk migration inquirements?

Let us know about a nonstandard data migration.

Help Desk entities

  • Classes
  • Technicians
  • Accounts
  • End Users
  • Tickets

Knowledge Base entities

  • Top level categories
  • Second level categories
  • Articles
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for SherpaDesk data migration

Prepare for SherpaDesk data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

How much does SherpaDesk data migration price?

The price of your SherpaDesk data switch will mostly depend on the business data volume you want to migrate, the complexity of your requirements, and the options you’ll choose or customizations you’ll ask for. Start a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and learn how much your migration will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

How do we protect your data during SherpaDesk migration?

Our goal is not just to carry out your help desk import fast and simple but also safe. This is why we regularly keep our data protection bar high.

Two-factor access

Avert intruders from accessing your business records with our 2FA security opportunity. You’ll get a code on your mobile device every time you want to log in to Migration Wizard.

Three-layer business data protection

Help Desk Migration offers 3 levels of business records security. At the physical level, we safeguard our data hosting equipment from any intrusion. At the app layer, we cease any illegal log in to your business records on our platform. And, last but not least, on the network layer, we protect our networks against digital attacks.

Adhering to security standards

Help Desk Migration service corresponds to top security fundamentals, providing maximum protection for your data. We meet the demands and requirements of HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other crucial data security principles. And our extended compliance list is getting expanded.

Your feedback encourages our team

All-packed SherpaDesk Migration in a Couple Hits

Migrate your records from or to SherpaDesk with no trouble and without disrupting your top goal of addressing your customers’ requests.
Start data migration

Get more useful guides about data import

Interested to get more? Our blog is providing information on customer service improvement and help desk records migration. Take a look at it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Help Desk Migration empowers you to import to SherpaDesk the following data: tickets (including attachments, public and private notes, inline images, Created_at, Updated_at, and Closed_at dates), Created_at comments, comment author, contacts, agents, organizations, groups, and knowledge base articles (including inline images and attachments).

Also, you can export from SherpaDesk such records as tickets (including attachments, tags, public and private notes, inline images, Created_at, Updated_at, and Closed_at dates), contacts, agents, organizations, groups, and knowledge base articles (including inline images and attachments).

If you need to import custom objects to SherpaDesk, be sure to let us know.

To export your SherpaDesk knowledge base articles in bulk, sign up with Migration Wizard and set up a Free Demo. check the results on your target platform, and if satisfied, proceed with Full Migration.

Note that Custom Data Migration allows you to select specific articles for export or import. If that’s what you need, write to us.

The time of your SherpaDesk import depends on the size of the data to be migrated and the API limits of your source and target platforms. You can speed it up by asking your SherpaDesk vendor to increase the API limits during migration.

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