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How Request Tracker Data Migration Goes

You can perform data export in a few simple moves, with our automated migration app. If you’re managing a unique data structure, feel free to choose our custom approach. We’re in place to meet your non-standard requirements.

Step 1. Connect your Request Tracker and targeted help desk platform to our tool

Step 2. Select the information you’d need to export to the future help platform

Step 3. Double-check you've linked the record fields properly

Step 4. Begin a trial transfer using our Free Demo

Step 5. If you’re happy with the results, proceed with the Full migration.

Ta-da! You’ve successfully migrated all your Request Tracker data to the desired solution.

Step 1. Reach out to our support team to get rolling with your personalized Request Tracker data transfer

Step 2. Empower our migration ninjas modify the export process to your company needs

Step 3. Look at how it works incorporating our Free Demo

Step 4. Move ahead your Full Data Migration if a fresh setup works good to you

Well done! Your Request Tracker records are now on the desired platform.

Why You Should Pick Help Desk Migration for Request Tracker Data Migration

Improve your Request Tracker data migration flow

Facilitate your Request Tracker data migration flow. Migrate your customer support Request Tracker data sets incorporating our automated migration service. No matter how much records you need to export, fulfill everything in a couple of button clicks without provoking time out or needing coding.

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Maintain your customer service data guarded

Help Desk Migration Wizard will keep your Request Tracker records secure before, during, and after data migration. We deliver supreme safety through regular audits, constant updates, and firm authorization requirements. We pride ourselves on our sizeable collection of compliance that’s required to constantly grows.

Benefit from a dependable migration service among fields

Having efficiently exported loads of records, we move ahead with honing our migration tool — regularly introducing fresh functionalities and supported help desk systems. Our fast growing user base, feedback from happy clients, and numerous service-related awards confirm that we are able to cater to a sizable extent of data migration inquiries. And we continue developing, with standard rollouts of fresh and improved functionalities and supported help desk platforms.

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Retain the relations amid your records with advanced mapping

Don’t get bogged down by error-prone and cumbersome copy pasting tasks during Request Tracker migration. With no trouble map standard and custom fields with our Migration Wizard. With just a couple of, you can alter your data export and figure out how to sort your data entities in the new help desk system while retaining all the connections.

Complete the migration without falling your clients

With our service, your Request Tracker migration won’t affect your support service workflow. It allows you to select the the least busy period to perform your help desk migration. Besides, you can choose to migrate company data at first, and next use the Delta feature to transfer the recent updates only. Hence, you can work using the source tool while the export is still in progress

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Count on Help Desk Migration support pros

Fighting tasks with your Request Tracker transfer? Worry not — our customer service representatives can assist you. With lots of successful data export familiarity, our support representatives are up for it to enhance the data export. You can rely on our support pros to facilitate the migration workflow hassle-free for you.

What Kinds of Data Can You Move from Request Tracker with our Service?

Help Desk Migration app allows you export a varied range of data types, all while adjusting to the standard format of the desired help desk system. Applying our automated migration platform, you can simply export from Request Tracker the following data objects.

If you have non-standard needs that weren't mentioned, reach out to us to comply with adjusted data migration.

Help Desk entities

  • Users
  • Contacts
  • Tickets
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Request Tracker data migration

Prepare for Request Tracker data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

How much does Request Tracker data export price?

The price of your Request Tracker data export will mostly lean on the records volume you want to move, the complexity of your demands, and the features you’ll select or custom work you’ll request. Run a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and figure out how much your data switch will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Export Your Request Tracker Data with Peace of Mind

Applying Help Desk Migration solution, don't worry about safety of valuable records. We commit to the latest recommendations, set proper upgrades, and unfailingly examine all systems.

Secured access

Help Desk Migration Wizard secured your records from illegal acquiring access with two-factor access. What’s more, only your company representatives with admin access rights can export your Request Tracker data. With these security functions in place, you don't worry about information leakage.

3-level data protection for your business data

You don't need to worry with three levels of protection shielding your data. At the physical layers, we secure our server hardware from digital attacks. We protect your data at the application levels by safeguarding our migration app from unauthorized log in. And we preserve our network immune to cyber attacks so your business data won’t be undefended during export.

Keeping to security standards

Obeying different instructions can drive data export more difficult. Luckily, we meet all the pilar security levels, which includes HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI (Level 1).

Your reviews inspire our team

Streamline Your Request Tracker Data Migration

Let us run your Request Tracker data export and advance your support service by getting all the opportunities of a desired help desk solution without drawbacks.
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