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How Does SmarterTrack Data Migration Perform?

You can perform data export in five simple actions, using our automated migration tool. If you’re managing a complex data structure, feel free to go with our customized route. We’re in place to comply with your non-standard demands.

Step 1. Link your SmarterTrack and new help desk platform to our tool

Step 2. Choose the data you need to migrate to the destination help platform

Step 3. Check you've mapped the data fields suitably

Step 4. Start a test transfer applying our Free Demo Migration

Step 5. If you’re happy with the Free Demo Migration results, go with the Full Data Migration

Ta-da! All your SmarterTrack data are are migrated to the desired platform.

Step 1. Contact our experts for a personalized SmarterTrack data export

Step 2. Empower our migration ninjas to work the migration course, so it’s just right for your company

Step 3. Preview how it runs incorporating our Free Demo Migration

Step 4. If it corresponds your demands, proceed your Full Data Migration

Well done! Your SmarterTrack records are now on the desired system.

Why Is Help Desk Migration a Ideal Tool for SmarterTrack Data Export?

Speed up your SmarterTrack data migration flow

Enhance your SmarterTrack data export flow. Our automated migration tool enhances you export significant SmarterTrack data volumes with no tech team help or halts. Move your company data with just several button clicks!

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Preserve your business data guarded

With Help Desk Migration Wizard, you can be certain about your SmarterTrack records all over of the transfer. We guarantee utmost safety through frequent audits, recurrent updates, and uncompromising authorization regulations. We are proud of our capability to comply with a solid collection of security requirements and our list of compliance constantly enlarges.

Take advantage a tried and tested migration service across areas

Having effectively migrated piles of data, we keep on honing our platfrom — regularly adding new functions and supported platforms. Our promptly enlarging client base, reviews from happy customers, and numerous service-related awards indicate that we are able to fix up to a sizable range of data transfer inquiries. And we work on improving, with standard rollouts of fresh functionalities and supported platforms.

Mapping fields window

Keep the connections amid your data with advanced mapping

Never mind irksome and ​​fault-prone copy pasting to map system and custom fields during your SmarterTrack migration. With our Migration Wizard, it needs you just a couple of clicks to outline the road of your records while retaining all the connections between them. Painlessly adjust your data migration matching to your support service requirements.

Run the migration without falling your customers

With Help Desk Migration app, your SmarterTrack migration won’t impact your workflow. It lets you to select the off-peak period to launch your help desk migration. Besides, you can select to move customer support data firstly, and afterwards take advantage the Delta opportunity to move the recent changes only. Thus, you can run customer support using the current platform as long as the migration is still taking place.

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Be sure of our support agents

Having tasks with your SmarterTrack transfer? Don’t fret — Help Desk Migration service pros can aid. Don't worry about migration hardships. Our support representatives has the essential proficiency and skills to handle any issues during the transfer. You can count on our customer service pros to enhance the migration workflow hassle-free for you.

What Groups of Data Can You Migrate from SmarterTrack with our Solution?

Using our Migration tool, you can painlessly migrate different record types — no matter what the default format of the targeted help desk system is. Using our automated migration tool, you can painlessly export from SmarterTrack the following data objects.

If you have non-standard demands that weren't mentioned, contact us to meet customized data export.

Help Desk entities

  • Groups
  • Agents
  • Users
  • Tickets
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for SmarterTrack data migration

Prepare for SmarterTrack data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

What is the SmarterTrack data export cost?

The cost of your SmarterTrack data export will largely lean on the data volume you want to move, the complexity of your specifications, and the features you’ll choose or custom work you’ll inquire. Run a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard work and figure out how much your migration will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

Migrate Your SmarterTrack Records with Peace of Mind

Applying Help Desk Migration app, don't worry about security of business records. We commit to the recent standards, make constant advancements, and unfailingly examine all servers.

Safe authentication

Our Migration Wizard guards your information from unauthorized acquiring access with 2FA access. Moreover, only users with admin access rights can export your SmarterTrack information. Combined, these safety measures terminate the dangers of data leak.

Three-layer data safety for your data

We shield your records at three layers: physical — the physical safety of the facilities engaged in the SmarterTrack export workflow, network — the safety of your records when it’s in migration, and application — the safety of the code and records within our export app.

Security compliance

Meeting numerous directs can make data migration more challenging. Luckily, we comply with all the major security levels, which includes HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI (Level 1).

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Accelerate Your SmarterTrack Data Export

SmarterTrack just won’t cut it anymore. Level up your customer service by migrating to an all-encompassing help desk platform. Leave us to manage the migrate automatedly.
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Tips and tricks you might find handy

Excited to figure out more about Help Desk Migration? Explore our resources for more tips about our data migration features and support service upgrading possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Start with migration planning: Develop a detailed import plan for RepairShopr to ensure a seamless platform transition. Review data on the source and decide on the records to be transferred. Experience the benefits of automated data import by running a Free Demo. Import all data from SmarterTrack with Full Migration.

If you lack time to set up the SmarterTrack import on your own, hand this work over to our team using the Concierge migration services.

The Delta migration option empowers you to continue your customer support processes on SmartTrack while migrating data to the target platform. Our tool re-migrates the updated tickets and articles and imports the newly created records during the Full Migration so that only fresh data lands on your target.

Help Desk Migration cares for your data safety and implements technical and organizational means to ensure data protection, including regular audits, secure AWS hosting, disaster recovery protocols, network security, and compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Help Desk Migration provides automated import/export between help desk, service desk, and IT desk systems and supports data import from/to a CSV or database. It offers diverse migration options to align data transfer with your business goals, including migration planning, scheduling options, concierge services, and more.

Count on Help Desk Migration if you want to

  • Set up your SmarterTrack export without tech skills
  • Check migration results before purchasing
  • Run customer support operations on SmarterTrack during migration
  • Have data relations preserved after data export
  • Choose a support package which suits your needs perfectly
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