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How Jitbit HelpDesk Data Migration Runs

Our automated migration tool empowers you import and export records in a few simple moves. If you’re managing a elaborate data structure, feel free to choose our customized approach. We’re up for it to fulfill your unique needs.

Step 1. Connect your existing and future help desk tools

Step 2. Pick the information you’d need to import

Step 3. Check whether data fields in existing and future help desk systems adjusted. Implement the needed modifications if they don’t

Step 4. Launch a Free Demo Migration to preview how your data will look after the import

Step 5. If everything is great, go your Full Data Migration

Congrats, you’ve just done with your Jitbit HelpDesk data migration. Now you can get going operating your support service from a new solution.

Step 1. Reach out to our experts to get rolling working on personalized migration

Step 2. Empower Help Desk Migration experts tailor the data import to your business data structure

Step 3. Perform a Demo Migration to see what your data will be once migrated

Step 4. Continue your Full Data Migration if a fresh setup works right to you

Congratulations on your successful Jitbit HelpDesk data migration! So, you can make the most of the functionalities of your new solution.

Why Help Desk Migration Is the Best Solution for Your Jitbit HelpDesk Migration

Perform Jitbit HelpDesk migration in a quick and secure manner

Our automated migration service provides a productive app, whether you’re migrating your customer service operations from or to Jitbit HelpDesk. With just a couple of clicks, your help desk will be ready to perform on a new platform — no need to tolerate any delay!

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Migrate your customer support data in safe

Our Migration Wizard ensures your data is safe throughout the migration process. To ensure the utmost guard of your records whether they are in migration or at rest, we use tried procedures. Here is included running frequent security scans, keeping our servers guarded, obeying many directs, and more.

Use a masterful migration solution

A collection of outstanding data imports and many awards and gratifying mentions can prove the quality of our migration service. Besides, we keep improving. Help Desk Migration team proceed to advance our Migration Wizard and deliver useful features to include measures for ensuring we’re comprising all your migration inquirements.

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Decrease manual work with vast mapping

Our app will spare you from copypasting records or making lacking fields amidst Jitbit HelpDesk migration. Our app lets you map record fields and modify your data import. You get to preserve the system of your business data with minimal work.

Exclude downtime during migration

Avoid the expectations of abandoning your customers forgotten by running your migration during low use time. Look for an option to import with no pauses at all? Take advantage our Delta function. By importing historical data up front and next migrating the recent changes, it will empower you to run your current support service platform during help desk system import.

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Greenlight our support pros guide you

Don't fret about trying to cope with challenges while doing your Jitbit HelpDesk data migration. Help Desk Migration customer service representatives is up for it to aid you with any issues. With plenty of accomplished data migration expertise, they can fin a solution to any hardship joined with your support service data migration or even provide help during the full data import.

What Kind of Data Can You Migrate to and from Jitbit HelpDesk Automatedly?

With our Migration tool, you can without trouble import sizable volumes of various data entities to or from Jitbit HelpDesk. Review the parameters of data entities you can import applying automated service without extra assistance from tech pros.

Do you look for particular Jitbit HelpDesk data migration requirements?

Let us know you need a custom data import.

Help Desk entities

  • Categories
  • Technicians
  • Companies
  • Users
  • Tickets

Knowledge Base entities

  • Categories(KB)
  • Sections
  • Articles
Download checklist

Find out the way to prepare for Jitbit HelpDesk data migration

Prepare for Jitbit HelpDesk data migration by checking an in-depth step-by-step guide

Options to Facilitate Your Jitbit HelpDesk Data Migration Even Breezier

Add an extra tag to the imported tickets

Add extra tags to the imported tickets — like so, you won’t mislable them with those remaining. You may further classify the tickets by adding tags like ‘lost,’ ‘closed,’ or ‘stop replying.’

How much does Jitbit HelpDesk data migration cost?

The price of your Jitbit HelpDesk data transfer will mostly lean on the records volume you require to migrate, the complexity of your requirements, and the options you’ll choose or customizations you’ll request. Run a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and learn how much your migration will cost.

Run a Demo to get the price

How do we protect your business records during Jitbit HelpDesk import?

We carry out migration fast and simple for you and, at the same time, highlight business data guard by committing to the chief security levels.

Two-factor authentication

Cease rookies from accessing your business data with our 2FA security function. You’ll get a code on your mobile phone every time you want to access Migration Wizard.

3-level business data security

We offer 3 layers of business records protection: physical (we secure our hosting equipment against any breach), network (we take care of our networks against cyber attacks), and application (we take care of your business records within our importing service from illegal log in).

Adhering to security standards

We protect your business data based on all required security fundamentals. Help Desk Migration possesses an extended set of compliance, and we keep expanding it. At the moment, we correspond to GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data security standards.

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Full Jitbit HelpDesk Migration in Several Hits

Migrate your records from or to Jitbit HelpDesk efficiently without confusing from what actually matters — dealing with your clients’ inquiries.
Start data migration

More tips and tricks about data import

Willing to learn more about help desk records migration and customer service upgrading? Surf our resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleanse data on your source and prepare both platforms for migration. Then, sign up with Migration Wizard and set up your JitBit Help Desk import. Run a Free Demo to understand what automated migration involves and move ahead to Full Migration if the outcomes are satisfactory.

Help Desk Migration offers flexible migration services, customizations, and support plans to meet your unique business needs. Examine the full Help Desk Migration potential before your JitBt HelpDesk import.

With Help Desk Migration, you can accomplish an automated import to JitBt HelpDesk of the following records: tickets (including private and public notes, inline images, tags, custom fields, and Created_at dates), agents, contacts, organizations, groups, and attachments.

Besides, you can export from JitBt HelpDesk such objects: tickets (including attachments, public and private notes, tags, Created_at and Updated_at dates, and custom fields), agents, contacts, organizations, agents, groups, and knowledge base articles (including inline images, attachments, and tags).

These objects are supported for the default automated migration. If you want to migrate custom records, write to us, and we’ll do our best to meet your unique needs.

Using the Delta migration service, you can continue your customer support operations without interruption while your data is being transferred. This service involves the remigration of updated tickets and articles and the import of created records during the full migration. The previous copies of records are replaced with their new versions, so there’s no risk of duplication.

The length of the data migration process is contingent upon two key factors: the volume of data being transferred and the API limits imposed by the source and target platforms. To expedite the migration, consider the following measures:

  1. Minimize the amount of data to be transferred by eliminating unnecessary or redundant information.
  2. Boost the API limits of both help desks.

By addressing these factors, you can effectively reduce the duration of the migration process.

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