What is delta migration?

When migrating data, some of our customers continue using their source help desk until all the data is available in the new help desk. In this case, support agents continue receiving and resolving issues in the old system. However, new and updated tickets don’t get automatically moved to the target platform if the migration is already running.

Obviously, our customers need these newest updates on the target platform. That’s why we offer such a thing as delta migration. During this process, we remigrate the tickets that were updated and also migrate those that were created during the full migration. There is no possibility of duplicates when migrating updated tickets as our tool automatically finds the new data in the source platform. Then, the system deletes its copy from the target to move only the updated version of the ticket there.

In case of the newly raised tickets, they just normally migrate to the new system.

Also, remember that if you change the updated ticket anyhow on the target platform, these changes will be deleted. The available version of this ticket will only contain the updates made on the source help desk before the delta migration.

We can’t perform a delta migration if your target platform has an API that doesn’t allow third-party services to delete any data from the system. Currently, only Front on this list.

Delta migration is not free. If you have up to 500 new or updated tickets to migrate, it will cost you $240 (including the required configurations of your delta migration). In case you have more than 500 new records, just use our price estimator and add the configuration price mentioned above. Thus, you will get your delta migration price.

IMPORTANT Once the Full Data is complete you have 5 days to perform a Delta migration. In 5 days we remove all information about your data transfer for security purposes.

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