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5 Help Desks that Address the Needs of eCommerce

Initially, customer support was a channel to deal with customers’ problems and complains. Help desk solutions set it to a new level, and customer support took a role of strategic point for broader sales opportunities. eCommerce can derive a lot of advantages from using help desk to the utmost.

First and foremost task this software handles is resolving customer queries. Additional, but not least vital features represent the following capabilities for you: build and maintain customer relationship, cherish loyalty what spurs existing customers to come and buy again, apply analytics to generate more leads from queries, provide the ground for developing competitiveness as well as compliance with the market needs.

The landscape of help desk software is varying and even overwhelming on the market. However, there is a number of solutions that will address your requirements almost on a full scale.

In this brief review, you may find tools that are suitable for small business and some more catering the enterprises. Also be ready to meet some help desks that are strong in a specific aspect and others that pay equal attention to various features and problems you may have. The last one is with the more general approach to dealing with customer service. Apart from that, you will find a kind of universal option that offers the best value for the money you are going to spend. So, in no particular order, here is the list of help desk platforms to consider.

#1 Zendesk

If you have already made some searches on the help desk software, you have definitely met the mentions about Zendesk. This solution has been helping many companies to run their customer service and provide outstanding customer experience for years.

Zendesk enables its users with efficient help desk tools for eCommerce customer support. Along with this software, you will deal with customer emails, social media support, live chat and phone support efficiently. Working with customer requests will be a piece of cake for your support agents.

Sounds great. Thus, you may say that the overwhelming functionality is not for your store and you are looking for a help desk that is not so expensive. Don’t rush to throw Zendesk away. The solution comes with different pricing plans with different tools offered inside. So, you can select the best fitting content of customer support tools your eCommerce business craving for.

Almost left out one more important aspect - Zendesk can integrate with leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, BigCommerce, Magento, and WordPress. This option allows you to run customer support (via emails or social media channels) on a single screen. In that way, you can save time and productivity on the level without jumping between the two apps.

#2 xSellco

xSellco help desk gives itself a title of a “purpose-built help desk for online sellers.” This help desk facilitates the customer support by collecting the customer queries from social media, email, and sales channels into one place. Fast access and data ordering make it easier to manage customer requests within eCommerce requirements.

The solution enables you with a workflow feature to streamline the process of handling issues and responding to the customer requests. In case you have a team that includes different types of employees such an option is beneficial for tasks distributing an assignment.

As an eCommerce help desk, xSellco offers you data integration with a list of leading shopping carts and marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Newegg and Allegro) as well as social media channels (precisely Facebook and Twitter).

Concerning pricing, xSellco enables with a couple of flexible options in pricing plans. Besides, the free 14 days trial and no credit card for testing the eCommerce help desk in action.

#3 Freshdesk

Freshdesk gets a lot of praise on the internet due to its functionality, attractive UI, and a free plan to use. And these features are hard to deny. The help desk is intuitive and simple UI (Yet, pay attention that different users differently evaluate these options.) Freshdesk may be a choice of small business and big enterprise as well. Due to the balance of the most required feature sets, this solution is considered to provide the efficient complexity of a service desk and simplicity of basic help desk toolset.

Instead of enumerating a list of “standard” help desks functionalities, it is worth to mention the ability to keep the pulse of all customer queries. Freshdesk offers a single dashboard for assigning tickets, setting prioritization, sorting the requests, and roughly speaking don’t miss a ticket or a request from your sight. With a phone, email, live chat, a self-service portal your customers will see that you care about their customer experience round the clock.

Such options as workflow automation and customization allow dealing with the workload volume without the rush. The solution will scale up to your eCommerce needs what is quite important if you need expanded support for one day.

The working day of a support agent is stressful and in some cases reminds a routine. Apply gamification features to level up the motivation of your team. Make them feel excited instead of stressed when they are trying to get the milestone done.
Benefiting from multiple perspectives, Freshdesk provides the integration with the popular shopping carts (Shopify, BigCommerce, CS-Cart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento) and API integration. Still, for the second you need a tech team to manage the task.

#4 LiveAgent

There dozens of help desk solutions that try to catch your attention. In the search for the perfect support, service tool take a look at the LiveAgent. This help desk for eCommerce may be just the job for your requirements. So, let’s peek up at a feature this solution offers.

One of the most important is a ticketing module. The UI is fairly clear, and reference ID numbers track every assignment. The help desk also has an automated ticket assignment option what is a big plus. Live chat with a customization ability and file sharing is another “checked” for a great help desk and LiveAgent supports it on a high level. Some customers prefer to talk to a human while others want to find the answer themselves. This help desk enables phone support and customizable knowledge base.

The integration with the social media (Facebook and Twitter) brings the messages right away to the dashboard. No jumping between the windows. Coming next is the integration with shopping carts (Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, 3DCart, Shopify, CS-Cart, BigCommerce, Actinic, Volution, X-Cart). In brief, this is an excellent solution at a reasonable price.

#5 Help Scout

Ask yourself what support your eCommerce needs most of all. If you consider that email support makes your customer feel heard and satisfied than Help Scout is a right choice. This help desk solution helps to streamline the process of online support without stress and a routine.

What companies choose Help Scout? Well, roughly speaking of all shapes and sizes. It is useful and easy for freelancers and SMBs and offers some tech features appreciated by the software companies.

You may ask: Does it fit for eCommerce? Instead of an answer, then its features will illustrate. The help desk enables a single dashboard with all customer’s data (profile, orders, previous requests, and interaction history). Your support agents will be on the same page and see the current interaction in real time. So the two agents won’t reply to the same customer. Plus, the analytic reports will show the workload, team performance, and overall customer support efficiency. Sounds like a good help desk for eCommerce.

Help Scout supplies its users with live chat integration, as well as with shopping carts (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, etc.)

Get a suitable help desk

The recipe for ideal solution starts with figuring out what your eCommerce business needs most of all. Including the analysis of customer requests and team preferences to facilitate and streamline their performance. Once collected and analyzed this data, you will make a list of the features you require. And then our shortlist of help desk for eCommerce will come in handy.

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