5 Best Help Desk Solutions for BigCommerce

The fast and personalized service can be the reason for your customers to consider buying from you again. Besides, the outstanding buying experience spurs clients to share it with friends and family. If we imagine your online shop as a resume, then customer experience shared on social media (or some other way) is like a personal recommendation. It is excellent proof of your excellence.

So, the help desk software might be the right way to go when you're looking to improve your customer service. However, you don’t need to strain yourself with it - many help desks have the sophisticated requirements set by the eCommerce industry.

Once you have figured out what features to focus on, it’s time to look closer at the functionality offered by the available software. Speaking of a help desk for BigCommerce, great solutions integrate and comply well with business needs. And without further ado, let’s take a quick look at them.

#1 Zendesk

Being a well-known help desk platform, Zendesk offers various plans with different feature sets within each. Therefore, you can select the most suitable combination for your support service and budget. Overall, the solution unites all support channels in a single place to ensure fast and quality ticket management.

Among the main features, the following can be of good use to your support team:

  • multi-channel support
  • triggers to automate everyday tasks
  • self-service for designing the knowledge base and FAQ section
  • live chat, email templates customization
  • analytics to collect data on your KPIs and other metrics

Cost: starting from $5 per agent per month

#2 LiveChat

A significant advantage of this help desk for BigCommerce is the possibility of its simultaneous usage by both sales and support teams. In addition, LiveChat enables it to improve the quality of your customer service and staff efficiency.

Within the significant functionality of LiveChat, you get:

  • a chat in real-time
  • a custom look of our chat window
  • possibility of customization using CSS code
  • reports to track KPIs and other metrics
  • chat surveys for collecting additional data for sales and support staff

Costs: going up from $16 per agent per month

#3 Help Scout

Personalized customer support woos your customers and wins their hearts. Help Scout helps you to focus on delivering an outstanding experience for your clients. The solution allows for managing multiple inboxes as well as brands. Along with the organization and tracking of customer interactions, various filters, and robust analytics, you receive an agent collision detector (helping to ensure two or more agents handle no ticket at once).

To prove you’ll get the most bang for the buck, here is a short list of the major features offered by Help Scout:

  • personalized email designs
  • a knowledge base that you can build from scratch or upload your HTML or text files
  • real-time reporting by four categories: conversation, productivity, team, and happiness
  • workflow automation and collision detection
  • in-chat auto-replies to keep a customer from leaving before a support agent gets into a conversation

Costs: starting from $8 per agent per month

#4 LiveAgent

Ideally, you expect your help desk for BigCommerce to address customers’ pain points on the spot, improve NPS scores and strike more deals. LiveAgent will be a great asset in achieving these goals. This help desk provides a support ticketing system, customer portals, universal inboxes, Facebook and Twitter monitoring, and a built-in live chat.

With LiveAgent, you will reduce the time spent doing tedious routine work and focus on what’s important. Such features as:

  • ticketing and ticket distribution will handle the emerging tasks
  • customers will appreciate customer portals with a knowledge base and a forum for providing quick answers
  • detailed analytics can potentially optimize KPIs tracking and performance improvement.

Costs: starting from $9 per agent per month

#5 Re:amaze

Re:amaze helps you to deal with multi-channel customer requests that may come from a chat, email, social media, and mobile. So, every conversation will be in a shared team inbox, and your team will be on the same page regarding all customer interactions. Re:amaze has a neat UI and comes with a scalable system that can grow along with your business.

Plus, it offers:

  • consolidation of customer requests channels: email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, knowledge base, customer feedback, live chat
  • agent collision detection
  • event tracking
  • role-based access
  • analytics for quick insights into performance
  • running multiple brands within a single account

Costs: starting from $20 per agent per month


So, with the right help desk software and intelligent planning, fewer customer issues can damage your reputation, and the overall customer experience will be improved. If you have ideas about what features might help your team improve their performance, then pay close attention to the above solutions to find what you’re looking for. Then, make sure you run a trial and try a help desk for BigCommerce. Catch your chance to gain more loyal customers with impeccable service!

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