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What Kind of Data Can You Import from Lansweeper to Zendesk ?

With our Migration app, you can with ease import or export massive amount of varying records entities to or from Lansweeper to Zendesk. Take a look the details of data entities you can import incorporating automation without extra assistance from tech pros.

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How Lansweeper to Zendesk Data Migration Runs

Our automated migration solution greenlights you import and export data in a few simple steps. If you’re managing a unique data structure, feel free to go with our customized mode. We’re up for it to comply with your unique needs.

Connect platforms

Connect your source and target platforms

Map and match data

Specify how your data should be transferred


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Full Data Migration

Start or plan your data transition

Boost Your Lansweeper to Zendesk Export with These Functions

  • Bypass attachments

    Does your new help desk system deliver compact data storage? Bypass attachments, particularly if your historical data doesn’t suffer a loss of its value without them. The data import and export time will shorten considerably.

  • Choose a new tag to the imported tickets

    Are you going to run a source help desk platform during migration? To lessen mess, apply extra tags to the exported tickets to separate them from the left ones.

  • Give a try to our Demo with custom records by moving 20 entities

    Avoid any guessing. Prove that you comprehend entirely how the entities will look like at the end of you’ve migrated them. Help Desk Migration’s Demo with custom data empowers you pick 20 entities for a test export.

Your Help Desk Data Import or Export is Protected at Every Stage

Help Desk Migration app enables endless migration features without damaging on safety. We commit to the up-to-date requirements, run constant updates, and invariably scan all systems.

We apply a firm two-factor authentication policy

Help Desk Migration Wizard shields your records from illegal acquiring access with 2FA authentication. Besides, your company representatives can only export Lansweeper records if they ​​possess admin rights. With these security features in place, you won’t have to worry about information leakage.

We use Three-layer

Help Desk Migration comes with 3 levels of business records security. At the physical level, we defense our hosting equipment from logical and physical intrusion. At the application level, we block any unauthorized entry to your business data on our service. And, finally, on the network layer, we secure our networks against digital attacks.

Fulfill safety fundamentals

We protect your records based on all critical security principles. Help Desk Migration service carries an broad portfolio of compliance, and we are growing it. These days, we are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1), and other data safety principles.

How much does Lansweeper to Zendesk data migration cost?

How much will you need to invest in the switch from Lansweeper to Zendesk? The cost will mostly build upon the business data volume you need to transfer, the complexity of your specifications, and the options you’ll select or custom work you’ll request. Start a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and figure out how much your data transfer will cost.

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Import your business records from Lansweeper to Zendesk without trouble and without disturbing your ultimate goal of resolving your customers’ issues.

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