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One Time Demo with Custom Data: Migrate Hand-Picked Tickets & Articles

Demo Migration is a great way to test our Migration Wizard and check how your records will look like on a new help desk platform. By default, we offer to import a small portion of data: 20 random tickets and 20 random knowledge base articles. But today, we announce adding a new, free option: One time Demo with custom data.

What Is One Time Demo with Custom Data?

One time Demo with custom data helps you to choose records you want to import in a free Demo Migration by adding their IDs within the Migration Wizard. In simple English, it is a free custom Demo you set up by yourself. You can add a couple of records IDs but not more than 20.

To get a better experience and test-drive of our Migration Wizard, you can hand-pick records that have

  • many attachments
  • inline images in the tickets
  • call recording
  • and others depending on your specific business needs

How Does One Time Demo with Custom Data Work?

Everything is simple: you choose up to 20 tickets and 20 articles you want to import during a Demo Migration. It’s a free one-time option available for source help desk platform:

* Other help desk systems are under the hood at the moment.

When you choose this automated option, ensure that you haven’t overrun the offered number of record IDs. During one time Demo with custom data, your records migrate with all related data.

You can choose this option for both tickets and articles. If this option is active and you haven’t added a record ID, you will get the system message and can’t proceed to the next step. So if you want to use this option, then add at least one record ID. If you want to continue without it, uncheck the box of this option and go on with setting up your Demo.

We recommend you choose preferable ticket and article IDs before setting up your Demo Migration.

How to Launch a Custom Demo Migration?

Step 1. Choose Zendesk or Freshdesk as your source platform.

Step 2. Pick your target platform and fill in the access credentials.

Step 3. Choose to migrate tickets, then map ticket fields.

One Time Demo With Custom Data

Step 4. One time Demo with custom data is found under the Tickets section. Check to activate the option, and add the chosen record IDs in the field and separate them by commas.

Step 5. Select to import articles, then map article fields. The new option is under the Article section. To test it, add the required record IDs.

One Time Demo With Custom Data Selected

Step 7. Undergo the mandatory steps as agent and group matching.

Step 8. Set up a Demo migration to check if Migration Wizard imports the selected records.

Step 9. Check the results of Demo Migration by downloading the reports for tickets and articles.

Let’s Set up a One Time Demo with Custom Data

This option aims to improve your experience with our Migration Wizard and Demo Migration results. If you got any questions related to the option or just data migration in general, drop a line to our support team.

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