What is a Demo Migration?

Demo Migration is a great way to test our Migration Wizard and check how your records will look on a new help desk platform. By default, we offer to import a small portion of data: 20 random tickets and 20 random knowledge base articles. But today, we announce adding a new, free option: One time Demo with custom data.

How does the Free Demo Migration work?

Free Demo Migration goes exactly as the Full Data Migration. Yet, the Migration Wizard randomly chooses twenty tickets and knowledge base articles (if you select this data for a test transfer) and migrates them to your Target platform along with contacts, comments, attachments and other related records. Usually, the Demo Migration takes up to five minutes.

Note: the way your records migrated in the test Demo, the same way they'd be transferred in the Full Data Migration. If you have questions or want to improve your Demo results, be sure to contact our support team for some help.

What is a Free Custom Demo Migration?

Free Custom Demo option allows you to handpick records you want to import in a test migration by adding their IDs within the Migration Wizard. You can add a couple of record IDs but not more than 20. The option works for tickets and articles. So if you want to use this option, then add at least one record ID. If you want to continue without it, uncheck the box of this option and go on with setting up your Demo.
One Time Demo With Custom Data Selected

To get a better experience and test-drive our Migration Wizard, you can hand-pick records that have

  • many attachments
  • inline images in the tickets
  • call recording
  • and others depending on your specific business needs

Take the Migration Wizard for a spin and give it a thorough test drive. Get behind the wheel and harness the power of the Custom Demo option to migrate carefully selected tickets and KB articles.

Simply input the ticket IDs and knowledge base article IDs into their respective fields, and let the magic happen as you initiate your complimentary Demo Migration. Don't forget to consult the handy table below, which outlines the source platforms that fully embrace this remarkable feature.

* Other help desk systems are under the hood at the moment.

What to do after the Free Demo is completed?

After running the Free Demo Migration, you will be able to review the migrated records in your target help desk. You must thoroughly check the result to ensure it works for you.

Visit this help section to learn how to check the result of the demo for each particular platform.

Overall, you should carefully look through each transferred ticket and check if the Type, Source, Status, Priority, Custom Fields, Requester, Agent, and Tags migrated correctly. Additionally, if you’re migrating the Knowledge base, check the status of articles.

Help desk migration can be done easy

Find out more about help desk migration services and run a test import to it in action. Want a personalized Demo?

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Important specs of the Free Demo Migration

1) If you want to rerun your Demo Migration, go back to the previous step, make the necessary changes and rerun the Demo.

Migration Wizard - Edit Migration Setup

Our service will automatically remove the previously migrated tickets to avoid duplicates.

2) Once you start the Full Data Migration, our service will remove the tickets transferred during the Demo to avoid duplicates.

3) You can request a Custom Demo Migration. If you want to transfer specific tickets to check how our service handles them, just drop us a line specifying the IDs of those tickets. But remember that you can transfer only 20 tickets!

Will the skipped/failed records in the Demo Migration be skipped/failed in the Full Data Migration?

The skipped or failed records usually lack essential data, such as contact or inactive support agent. In Demo Migration, the Migration Wizard takes 20 random tickets for migration. So if some of that tickets get skipped, it doesn’t mean the same amount would be during your Full Data Migration as the number of tickets is larger.

To reduce the number of skipped/failed records, you can download a Demo report to figure out the issues with those tickets. Or you can choose the Signature support plan and get the skipped/failed records checked and migrated.

How to restart my suspended Demo Migration?

There are many reasons why your test migration may be suspended. You can reach out to our support team for help. If you have failed records in the report, you can fix them and restart your Demo.

Migration Wizard - Demo Suspended

Take advantage of the Help Desk Migration report option, and check what records have caused your Demo Migration suspended. Once you have fixed those records, restart your Demo.

Migration Wizard - Failed Tickets

If you have any other questions about the Demo Migration, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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