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What does “Demo migration is suspended” Mean?

You’re moving through your demo migration stages, filling out all the necessary fields with correct credentials and, finally, setting up your demo to check out the result. But suddenly, the Migration Wizard stops you saying that your demo migration is suspended.

Demo Migration Suspended

Want to know what happened and why? Keep reading then.

The website recommends waiting for the support team to contact you as soon as possible and help you fix the problem.

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We’ll explain why this is the only option for you and why you can’t go back to the previous step later in this article. But for now, let’s overview and explain the reasons that cause data migration to fail.

Why Demo Migrations Is Suspended

Many errors can cause your migration to fail. And all of them depend on the peculiarities of both source and target help (or service) desks that are engaged in your migration process. That’s because every platform has its own structure and approach to data organization that is different from any other.

So, when you try to move your records from the source platform with structure and requirements that differ from the target platform and you haven’t prepared for this, your demo migration might fail. For your better understanding, we’ll present some examples of such errors:

  • When migrating your Knowledge Base to Zendesk, you have to make sure you have your Zendesk Guide feature activated. Otherwise, you won’t be able to choose the knowledge base during the mapping stage.
  • Another case concerns duplication. Some platforms restrict their users to create records or fields with identical parameters. For example, Salesforce Service Cloud doesn’t allow to create categories with the same name, and Gorgias doesn’t allow to create two User Contacts with the same phone numbers.
  • Platforms that use OAuth identification will require an access token to reach and use your API for data migration. In case your access token has expired or you refreshed it, our tool simply won’t be able to make an API connection that is necessary for the migration.
  • Invalid or suspended contacts cannot be processed and created on the target platform by our tool as well.

As you can see, the errors that can cause the migration to fail are strictly dependant on the platforms you choose.

What you can do about it

If your Demo Migration is suspended, you will not be able to return to the previous stage. It’s done to save your time from trying to find a solution without knowing the exact reason for the failure.

That’s why you should better wait for the support team to contact you and inform about the error that caused the demo failure. They receive the full info about the problem that occurred and can tell you what happened.

Note: If your case is urgent, you can ping us in live chat, to speed up the resolution.

Our support team will also explain how exactly you can fix the problem and continue with your migration a soon as possible.

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