How to Migrate Custom Fields?

Custom ticket fields allow collecting information that is unique to your business. Using our service, you can transfer this information along with other records.

1. To transfer custom fields you have to create them in your new help desk before starting the migration.

When creating the fields consider the following:

  • For better convenience, name the fields like they are named in the old help desk. You can edit the title later.
  • The types of fields should remain the same. You can map the fields with identical types only, i.e., Text - Text, Drop-down - Drop-down, etc.

2. Having the fields created, go to and start setting up the migration. When choosing the records, click the "Map fields".
How to migrate custom fields

3. Scroll to the bottom of the mapping to find custom fields and map them:

4. Click the "Save mapping" button and continue the migration.

Types of custom fields and their uses

The types of custom fields you can add to the Ticket differs from platform to platform. But the most common are:

Custom field type Example use-cases
Single line text Customer name, company name.
Multiline text Additional descriptions, addresses, notes.
Checkbox Subscriptions, Agreements.
Number Order ID, Phone number, etc.
Dropdown Quantity, Size, etc.
Date Purchase date, complaint date etc.
Decimal Percentage values.

If you're having trouble mapping your fields, contact our team and we'll help you out or map the fields for you.

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