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What Is an Interval Migration? And How Can You Benefit from It?

Data migration is a complex process, but we can help you migrate your customer service data — from another platform, CSV, and databases — to the desired software with the least effort. We know the methodologies and suitable strategies to help you migrate without downtime or widespread data transfer issues from your current help desk.

When you outline your help desk migration plan, check our interval migration. This option will help you make the help desk switch easier by pausing and resuming data migration.

What is an interval migration?

Interval migration is a new option allowing you to pause your help desk data migration during the workweek and resume on weekends or any other scheduling that best complies with your business needs.

So, you avoid any customer service lags or downtime, and in tandem with the Delta Migration – all your data is re-synced after the initial migration.

How does the interval migration work?

Interval migration consists of two steps: The first step is data reading, and the second step is data transfer. Once all the entities in the Retrieved column got the green checkmark, your data was read, and Migration Wizard started transferring your data.

Help Desk Migration - data was read

Live migration refers to continuous data migration, and with an interval migration, you can set your data transfer on pause during the actual records importing process.

How many times can an interval migration be applied?

You can pause your help desk migration up to five times. Note that your transfer should be resumed after five days. The pause must stay within five days each time.

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Benefit from a free Demo and see a test migration to a desired tool.

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How actually to pause and resume migration?

Contact our sales team and discuss the timing of when to pause and later resume your Full Migration. Note: the Interval Migration option works during our operation hours. So our team can pause/resume your migration on

  • Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 12 am (UTC+2)
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 12 pm to 8 pm (UTC+2)

What is the use case of the interval migration?

The company runs the customer service from the legacy help desk to a new, live help desk instance. So the support reps are already using the new platform and can’t turn off the notifications during the data transfer migration.

What does it mean? The company can only run their help desk migration after business hours or on weekends. But with the interval migration, they can pause and resume their records importing to meet their business hours best.

If you have some questions, our skilled Help Desk Migratrion team can guide you through the help desk migration process, making it faster, smoother, and, ultimately, cheaper.

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