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How do I check the result of the Free Demo Migration?

We’ve implemented a feature that allows checking which records were imported during the Demo Migration and easily find them.

Once the preview is complete, you will see the following summary:

Click on “View 6 records” to see which tickets where migrated:

You will then see the IDs of migrated tickets in your old and new help desk systems:

All IDs are clickable:

The link will take you to the Ticket in your new or old help desk, depending on which ID you click:

When checking the result of the Demo Migration make sure that the following were transitioned properly:

  • - Tickets (Type, Source, Status, Priority, Custom Fields);
  • - Requester;
  • - Agent;
  • - Tags;
  • - Statuses of Knowledge base articles.

If you’re happy with the outcome of the trial import, launch the Full Data Migration.

What is a Free Demo Migration?

Demo Migration is a process when we transfer 20 Tickets with related records free of charge and estimate the cost of your Full Data Migration. This procedure allows you to understand how our service works and check the quality of data transition.

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